Accidentally Deleted Viber Messages on iPhone? How to Get Them Back

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Viber is yet another cross-platform instant messaging application that is gaining moment and popularity across the globe. It not only helps in sending media files but also builds an effect of communication through voice and video calls. Losing any of the conversation from the application on your iPhone will only make it awkward for a user. The current article discusses the retrieval of accidentally deleted Viber messages on iPhone.

Before learning about the steps of extraction, as a user, you can check for the following points:


  • If you have created a backup that also consists the data of Viber application, you can then restore it using the same backup file from iTunes or iCloud.
  • If you did not create a backup and lost useful conversation from Viber application, then ensure that you do not use the application. Using that will only cause the device to rewrite data on the deleted content making it impossible to retrieve. If you fall into this scenario, continued to read the following paragraphs that explain the process of retrieving deleted messages from Viber application on your iPhone.

Recover Deleted Viber Messages from iPhone using iMyfone D-Back

iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery Win or iPhone data recovery Mac rose to prominence in a short period due to its ability to recover lost or erased data from iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The potential of the application lies in its ability to perform a deep scan of the device and retrieve as much information as possible and at a faster rate. Another characteristic that makes the software ahead of others is retrieving information irrespective of the reason behind the loss. Additional features include:

imyfone d-back iphone data recovery

iMyfone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery

  • Identification of over 22 file formats and several third-party instant messaging applications such as voice memos, videos, photos, contacts, WhatsApp messages, Kik messages for quick and easy retrieval of data.
  • Helps in recovering data from iTunes backup, iCloud backup, and iOS device in a few simple steps.
  • Lets you to preview all the recoverable files in the preview interface of the free trial version.
  • Assists in fixing bugs present in the iOS system of an iOS device without restoring or losing data.

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Steps to Retrieve Accidentally Deleted Viber Messages from iPhone

The following steps are useful for users who did not create a backup of the device and lost valuable conversations from the Viber application. For users who created a backup using iTunes or iCloud, they can follow this guide which explains about the retrieval of deleted Viber messages using iMyfone D-Back.

Step 1: Install iMyfone D-Back after downloading the trial version from the official site. The installation procedure is simple and consumes a few matters. Launch the software by double-clicking the icon appearing on the desktop. As soon as the iMyfone D-Back window surfaces, you will notice the options towards the left pane of the screen. From the options, choose "Recover from iOS Device" option.

choose Recover from iOS Device option

Step 2: Upon clicking the Start button, iMyfone D-Back will open a new window where you will have to select Viber as the file format for retrieval. Make the selection and press the Next button at the bottom.

select Viber as the file format

Step 3: Establish the connection between iPhone and computer. iMyfone D-Back will identify the device automatically and will display the information in the window.

Establish the connection between iPhone and computer

Step 4: Upon pressing the Scan button beneath the image of the device, iMyfone D-Back initiates the scanning process. The scanning will take place only for Viber messages as selected in the previous step. The time required to complete the process depends on the total size of the application, as it even retrieves previously deleted conversations along with the media files. After completion of the scan, the software will display all the recoverable conversations along with the media files in its preview screen.

You can click on a particular conversation or a media file to see the content in the window. Based on your level of importance, you can mark all the important conversations and media files, and press the Recover bottom to extract the same from the device.

preview all the recoverable viber messages

Step 5: A small window opens asking for the destination folder. Choose the saving location and allow the program to complete the process before browsing the folder.

Now try the free trial version of iMyfone D-Back iPhone data recovery Win or iPhone data recovery Mac to find you deleted Viber messages!

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