Police are law enforcement agencies that have the right to ask for any data for security purposes. Many people hide their information in terms of photos or text messages from the police. However, police can effortlessly recover deleted Photos/Text/WhatsApp messages and almost everything from iPhone/Android. In this article, we will see the tool that can help police recover the data from smartphones.

Can Police Recover Deleted Photos/Text/Messages from iPhone/Android

Part 1. Can Police Recover Deleted Photos/Pictures from iPhone/Android

1.1 Is it Possible for Police to Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone/Android

Yes. Police can recover deleted photos from iPhones/Android. Photo or image recovery is not impossible. There are many data recovery tools that not only police but also the general public can access to recover their lost data. As far as the police are concerned, they use a high-end data recovery tool that works phenomenally and recovers every data that a person has hidden or deleted.

People usually consider the iPhone the safest device. But what people don't know is that an iPhone in the hands of police can expose you. Once you delete the photos on your iPhone, it goes to a "Recently Deleted" folder. Here, the photos stay for about 30 days. The user can permanently delete these photos or recover them if they want. However, if you permanently delete the pictures, they can only be recovered using a data recovery tool.

Coming to Android, Google Photos stores images for 60 days. After 60 days, these images are permanently deleted. The user can recover pictures within 60 days or permanently delete the photos before waiting for 60 days. The same is the case with Android; if you permanently delete the illustrations or photos, you can only recover them using a data recovery tool. D-Back for Android can help you with this data recovery problem.

1.2 How to do Police Recover Deleted Photos iPhone/Android

Although police can use any data recovery tool to recover deleted photos from iPhones, there is a specific app for data recovery for iPhones, iMyFone D-Back. It is a data recovery tool that can help police to recover permanently deleted photos, whether photos/text/WhatsApp messages or anything. Even if the police want to recover data from iTunes or iCloud, this tool offers that recovery.

With iMyFone D-Back Police can recover data in all scenarios, including deleted data, factory reset, damaged phone, or even if the iPhone is lost. iMyFone D-Back can recover data from the different social applications as well. It supports various file types and helps the police find the data they are looking for.

Let's take iMyFone D-Back to recover photos from iPhone as an example:

Step 1. Firstly, go to this link and download iMyFone D-Back. It will take a few seconds to download. Install the tool and open it. You will see all of the options on the left-hand side of the device.

d back guide 3

Step 2. Click on "Recover from iOS Device" and connect your iPhone to the computer. As the tool detects your phone, click on "Next" to proceed. Here, the user can select the data he wants to recover. Click on "Photos" if you're going to recover photos, and then click on "Scan.

d back recover from ios device

Step 3. After scanning, you can preview the data you want to recover. Select the photos and click on "Recover" to recover the images successfully.

preview file from iOS tab

Part 2. FAQs

2.1 Can police recover deleted photos from iCloud

Yes. iMyFone D-Back also provides this feature to police to recover deleted photos from iCloud. You need to click on "Recover from iCloud." The app will ask for your iCloud login credential; enter it. Next, you need to select the data category, select "Photos," and hit "Scan." The scan will take place, and you will be presented will all the photos that the tool has recovered. Now, you can select the images that you want to heal.

2.2 Can the police get photos from iPhones

We know that Apple claims to have the best security for its users. However, this security can be breached. But this breaching should only be for the police. iMyFone D-Back offers different kinds of data recovery from iPhones. You can recover data from iPhone, iTunes, and even iCloud with a single click.

2.3 Can be deleted WhatsApp messages be recovered by police

Yes. With iMyFone D-Back, the police can recover WhatsApp messages. While selecting the category of recovery, police can click on WhatsApp. Then the tool will only recover WhatsApp data.

2.4 Can police recover deleted text messages from iPhone

Yes. As mentioned before, police can recover every type of data, whether messages. There are recovery tools available, but iMyFone D-Back is the simplest. You only need to click on letters, and it will start the recovery process. However, bear in mind that breaching others' data is a crime. Police are allowed to access data to investigate the case. You can recover your data but never try to recover data from a lost/found iPhone.


Data recovery is now straightforward, thanks to technology. There are plenty of third-party data recovery tools available that people can find online. However, the data recovery tool that the police use is the best of its kind as it recovers all of the data. Such a tool is iMyFone D-Back and iMyFone D-Back. It recovers every data that an iPhone can hold. It can recover photos/messages/WhatsApp chats, and other social media app data iMyFone D-Back, has a trial version available that people can download and check out the recovery success rate before purchasing the license.