Three Ways to Export Contacts from iPhone

Q: How do I export contacts from iPhone?

My goal is to make a back up of my iPhone contacts, preferably I can print the list. I tried by myself to go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar >iCloud. I have Contacts "On" (but have not done an iCloud backup because I am not sure my data is less than 5gb). Doing this alone does not help.

Can anyone advise me of the best way to export iPhone contacts without making a big mess? Thanks in advance.

Here is the question I found in Apple Communities and actually there are lots of users have the same question. iTunes and iCloud are not always helpful and we need some better ways for iPhone exporting contacts. And here in the article, three ways about how to export contacts from iPhone will be discussed and go on with it to get what you need.

Way 1. Export Contacts on iPhone to Windows Contacts

  1. Open iTunes on your computer which you sync it to and connect iPhone with computer. Open Window's Contacts program.
  2. Back to iTunes, click on the iPhone icon and go to Info. Check Sync Contacts with and then pick Windows Contacts from the menu. Then click Apply at the bottom right on the interface.
  3. Then it will ask you to merge or replace. Select MERGE or it will delete your contacts on iPhone.

sync contatcs with windows contacts

That’s it. Now you can check your Contacts application on your computer and the iPhone contacts should be there.

Way 2. Export All Contacts from iPhone to Gmail

Similar with the first way, you can also do iPhone contact exporting via your Gmail.

For that, you can open your iTunes. Select Info and check Sync Contacts with Google Contacts.

After you click Configure, and then log in your Gmail account and click Apply, your contacts will be exported to your Gmail account directly.

sync contatcs with gmail

These two ways are easy to operate and cost no money, which is good to users. But we still note that not everyone use Windows Contacts. And plenty users don’t user Gmail account. Is there a more flexible solution to export contact list from iPhone? See whether the third way will satisfy your demand.

Way 3. Export Contacts from iPhone to PC/Mac Flexibly

There are lots of iOS data transfer tools on the market which can export data directly from your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to your computer and relieve your worry about losing data. And we will recommend one excellent transfer tool and show how to export iPhone contacts to your computer.

Tool We Need:

iMyfone D-Back iPhone Contacts Transfer for Windows, or iMyfone D-Back iPhone Contacts Transfer for Mac if you use Mac.

Windows version Mac version

The download links are totally safe.


Your iPhone, one cable, your PC or Mac.

Guide for iPhone Contact Exporting

1 Select Contact and Connect iPhone

Run iMyfone D-Back. From Recover from iOS Device, check Contact and then click Next to connect your iPhone.

select contact from ios

2 Scan and Preview iPhone Contacts

Click Scan and iMyfone D-Back will detect all the contacts stored on your iPhone. And you can select Show only the deleted ones to preview old deleted iPhone contacts. Yes, iMyfone D-Back can also recover your data.

preview contacts from ios

3 Copy Selected Contacts to Your PC/Mac

After you check all the contacts you need to transfer, just click on Recover and create one path to store these contacts on your computer for your use.

So with just a few minutes, your contacts are copied to your PC as certain file which allows you to view or print conveniently.

What’s more, iMyfone D-Back for Windows and iMyfone D-Back for Mac can export more than 20 types of files, such as text messages and photos, on your iPhone, iTunes backup and iCloud backup to your computer. It also offers the free trial version for customer to confirm which data they need to export. Isn’t it pretty thoughtful?

Windows version Mac version

And I hope any one of the three ways is useful for you and if you know other answer for export contact list from iPhone, please leave a comment and we will really appreciate that.

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