Export Data Free & Selectively

iMyFone iTransor Lite can easily transfer your data from iOS devices, iTunes backup and iCloud backup onto a PC or Mac for further use.

Export Data from iPhone Directly

Export Data from iPhone Directly

iMyFone iTransor Lite iOS data exporter can transfer data from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to your computer for extra security.

Export Data from iTunes Backups

Export Data from iTunes Backups

With iMyFone iTransor Lite you can view and extract data in iTunes backups without restoring the backup to an iOS device.

Download Data from iCloud Backups

Download Data from iCloud Backups

iMyFone iTransor Lite can help you download and view data from all backups in your iCloud account without any hassle.

Support to Export 18+ Types of Data

This iOS data exporter supports to export data from 3rd-party social apps as well as built-in apps.

  • Photos


  • Videos


  • Messages


  • Contacts


  • Notes


  • Voice Memos

    Voice Memos

  • WhatsApp Messages

    WhatsApp Messages

  • Kik Messages

    Kik Messages

  • WeChat Messages

    WeChat Messages

  • Viber Messages

    Viber Messages

  • Line Messages

    Line Messages

  • Call History

    Call History

  • Calendar


  • Reminders


  • Safari Bookmarks

    Safari Bookmarks

  • Safari History

    Safari History

  • App Photos

    App Photos

  • App Videos

    App Videos

Not Just a Simple Data Export

View before Exporting

View before Exporting

iMyFone iTransor Lite supports to view specific data on your iPhone, iTunes backups and iCloud backups before export so that you can export exactly what you need.

Save in Different Formats

Save in Different Formats

The iOS data exporter can save text conversations as .HTML, .XLS, or .CSV, while photos, videos and audios files will be saved in their original formats.

Export from Encrypted Backups

Export from Encrypted Backups

With the password entered, iMyFone iTransor Lite can decrypt your encrypted iTunes backups, then view and export data from them to your computer.

A Better Way to Backup & Restore iPhone/iPad/iPod

Selectively Back Up Your iOS Devices

Back up only WhatsApp, contacts, messages or WeChat on device.

Back up all the data and settings on device.

Selectively Restore Devices from Backups
(with the Pro Version)

Restore a full backup or partial backup made by iTunes/iCloud/iMyFone.

Restore only WhatsApp, contacts, WeChat or messages backup without affecting the other data.

iTransor Lite VS. iTransor

iTransor Lite and iTransor are two different products. You need to download and purchase them separately.

Main Features iTransor Lite iTransor
  • Back up all data & settings on device
yes yes
  • Back up only Messages/Contacts/WhatsApp/WeChat
yes yes
  • Export data from iOS device
yes yes
  • Preview data in backup files
yes yes
  • Extract data from backup files
yes yes
  • Restore iTunes/iCloud backups
no yes
  • Restore only WhatsApp/Contacts/SMS/WeChat
no yes
  • Merge data in backup with data on device
no yes
  • Choose the Correct Version

Listen to Other Customers' Voices


Honestly one of the best and stable apps to export WhatsApp chat which I want to backup. Would like to give a 5 star to it. Also tried another app do have similar feature but that app crashes so often to the point that it is unusable.

By Cristina Koke

User Reviews

I transferred all Kik conversations and contacts to my PC in less than 20 minutes and I can view them on PC now! Goooood! The best transfer tool I have ever used! Thank you so much iMyFone D-Port!

By Andrew McGill

User Reviews

Pretty easy to use and the whole process went well. No obstacle or any part unclear. I suggest very iUser who have important data on device to use this. Transferring data from iPhone to PC as backup is really necessary.

By Imral Lathif

User Reviews


What is the difference between iMyFone iTransor Lite and iMyFone iTransor?

iMyFone iTransor Lite can back up iOS devices fully or selectively, export data from iOS devices and iTunes/iCloud backups. iMyFone iTransor can do what iMyFone iTransor Lite can do. Besides, it can selectively restore iOS devices from iTunes /iCloud/iMyFone backups.

How to use the 1-Month Free License of iMyFone iTransor Lite?

You will receive an email with the free license after sharing the product on Facebook or Twitter. Download iTransor Lite from the download link in the email or by clicking the download buttons in this page. Then register it with the email & license to enjoy the 1-Month Free usage. The license will be invalid after the expiration.

What is the difference between the backup and export functions within iTransor Lite?

The backup function can selectively or fully back up your data and the backup files can be used for export and restoration. The export function can export 18+ data types from devices and backups to computer for viewing, editing, printing and more. But the exported data can’t be restored to device.

How to upgrade from iTransor Lite to iTransor?

You can upgrade to iTransor from iTransor Lite by getting the license from the page. Take note that iTransor Lite and iTransor are two different programs and you need to separately download them.

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