4 Easy Methods to Retrieve Deleted Notes on iPad

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Help! Please! I just looked at my "Notes" app on my iPad running iOS 10.3, and one of my notes has vanished and I think I deleted it mistakenly. It's about a year's worth of work. Can you retrieve deleted notes from iPad? Is there any way I can?

This question I came across on Apple Communities is not rare, accidentally deleting Notes on the iPad is not uncommon. Notes are important which is why it can be terribly inconvenient to lose the notes. Retrieving the missing notes is however not impossible. This article will provide you with four potential solutions.

1 Recover Recently Deleted Notes on iPad

On the Notes app of you iPhone or iPad, notes will not be gone immediately after you remove them from the list. Rather, they will be saved in the device for another 30 days before they are deleted permanently. And before that, we can get the deleted notes back direclty from the device as long as they are in the 30-day period. Here is how to recover recently deleted notes on iPad:

Step 1. Open the Notes app on your iPad, and go to the folder screen by tapping on the Back arrow.

recover notes from ipad

Step 2. Tap on the Recently Deleted folder, select Edit, and press on the note you want to recover to select.

recover notes from ipad

Step 3. Tap on Move To button, then choose the Notes folder, and you will see the deleted note has been retrieved to the Notes folder.

2 Retrieve Missing Notes on iPad Using Email

If you have associated your Notes app with your email account, the nots may have synced with your email. Follow these simple steps to check.

Step 1. Log in your email account on the web and check whether the notes are accessible from the account's Web interface.

Step 2. If you find your notes, go to iPad Setting - Mail, Contacts, Calendars. Select the exact email account, and then toggle the Notes setting to On.

Step 3. If the Notes is already on under the email account, just turn it off and then turn it back on to re-sync the notes.

retrieve deleted notes via email

And your notes should be back on your iPad again. if you don't sync your notes with email account but you have iTunes/iCloud backup of the deleted notes, you can try the third method to retrieve notes on iPad.

3 Restore Lost Notes on iPad From Backup

If you have ever backed up your iPad on iCloud or iTunes, you may try restoring your notes from either backup. But before restore, you should check whether your deleted notes have been successfully backed up on iCloud or iTunes before. Here is how to check:

Step 1. If you are using iOS 10.3 or later, go to Settings > Your Name > iCloud. Tap on Manage Storage > Backup on iOS 11, and tap on iCloud Storage on iOS 10.3. If you are using iOS 10.2 or earlier,go to Settings > iCloud > Storage > Manage.

icloud backup

Step 2. Tap on the device name, and check the date of the last backup. After that, you may restore your data from iCloud backup.

icloud backup

If you have an iTunes backup, you may go to the summary page of iTunes, and check the latest backup time, and then restore your iPad from a backup to retrieve deleted iPad notes.

restore ipad from itunes backup


    All the current data on your iPad will be replaced when you choose to restore an iTunes or iCloud backup file. So be careful before you use the method.

4 Recover Notes on iPad without Backup

If you do not have an iTunes/iCloud backup file, you can still manage to recover your lost notes with third-party tools. iMyFone D-Back is one of such tools that is capable of finding back deleted notes on iPad easily without the backup file. Meanwhile, even if you have iTunes/iCloud backup files, this tool also provides users a better approach than iTunes or iCloud in which they can preview deleted notes on their iTunes/iCloud backup and extract them selectively.

Read on to learn how to get back your notes on iPad back without using backup files.

Step 1. Run iMyFone D-Back on your computer. From Recover from iOS Device tab, click start to proceed.

Launch iMyFone D-Back on Your Computer

Step 2. Choose Note from the list and connect your iPad to the computer.

Choose Notes and Connect Your iPad

Step 3. After a few minutes' scanning, iMyFone D-Back will find and list all the recoverable notes, including the deleted ones on your iPad for your preview. You can check the specific content of these notes. After you check all the notes you need, click on "Recover" button to store these notes. If you want to retrieve notes from backup, other two recovery modes are also easy to follow with similar steps.

preview all the recoverable notes

Try It FreeTry It Free

One of the three methods above should help you easily recover deleted notes on your iPad. iMyFone D-Back for Mac version iPad data recovery/iMyFone D-Back for Windows version iPad data recovery offers a free trial version. Just download and try it.


This article has introduced four ways to recover deleted notes on your iPad Air/mini/Pro. Even if your notes have been permanently deleted from your device, and you do not have iTunes or iCloud backup to retrieve them back, you still have iMyFone D-Back to help you out. It can get your lost notes back from iPad/iPhone with or without any backup files.

  • Rogers S. Mulk

    I used the free trial version, but it cannot find my notes which were deleted three weeks ago. What am I doing wrong? Please advice.

    • Have you turned off your iPhone after deleting these notes, Rogers? If so, I’m afraid that your deleted notes have been overwritten. Anyway, you can try one more time to scan your iPhone and confirm whether your notes can be found.