How to Retrieve Deleted Photos from iPad Easily

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Have you accidentally deleted some important photos and videos? Did you go on a bender and find some important presentation files missing from your iPad in the morning and have an important presentation coming up to worry about? Don’t fret! You can now retrieve deleted photos from iPad without any hassles regardless of how they were deleted! Sounds too good to be true? Well, go on with the article to test and verify!

So How to Retrieve Deleted Photos on iPad?

If you want to retrieve photos from iPad backup file saved in:

iTunes - you can connect your iPad to your computer and use iTunes to restore your device back to the last saved backup from a list of previous backups saved.

iCloud – you can log in to your iCloud account and then restore your device back to the last saved backup from a list of previous backups saved online.

iDevice – you can connect your device to your computer and then directly use iTunes to select a backup file saved on your device.

However, if you’ve just deleted some photos, and want to recover only some of them that you have accidentally deleted, you need to find a solution that is more advanced and will allow you to retrieve deleted photos on iPad that you exactly need. That’s where iMyfone D-Back iPad recovery Windows and iMyfone D-Back iPad recovery Mac comes in.

How to Retrieve Photos from iPad Using iTunes Backup

Windows version Mac version

1 One of the simplest ways to retrieve deleted iPad photos from iTunes backups is to simply download and install iMyfone D-Back and then select the suitable mode of recovery and file types you need. And multi selection is also allowed.

select photo from itunes backup

2 Then pick the iTunes backup you would like to restore from and pick the Scan button. The program will start deep scan to search your deleted photos.

select itunes backup to retrieve deleted photos from ipad

3 You will be able to see the photos and files you want to restore once the scan is over. You can review them and check them prior to recovering them so select the ones you want to get back.

preview from itunes

Just click on Recover and your selected files will be restored!

Retrieve Deleted iPad Photos from iCloud Backups

1 The method for retrieving photos from iPad using iCloud backup is similar. Once you have installed iMyfone D-Back just select Recover from iCloud, choose the files you want, and then log in to your iCloud account. At the screen, just click Start and choose the files you want to recover.

select photo from icloud for retrieving deleted photos from ipad

2 Select the iCloud backup file you want to recover photos from and click on Next to download.

select icloud backup

3 Once download is complete, simply go through the photos that you want to restore from all the photos you can preview and click Recover to continue.

preview from icloud to retrieve photos from ipad

That’s it! Your photos will be recovered on your iPad!

Retrieving Photos from iPad Directly Using iMyfone D-Back

1 Make sure that iMyfone D-Back is installed and running. Then, click Recover from iOS device and then press Start. Next, pick Photo for subsequent scan and connect your iPad to your PC.

recovery from ios device to retrieve deleted photos on ipad

2 After your iPad is detected, scan your iPad for the file you want to restore from.

ipad recovery

3 Once the backup file has been scanned, you will be able to select your photos from all the files available in the backup. You can also tick Show only deleted files to narrow the list down. Pick all the files you want to restore and then click Recover at the bottom to get your deleted photos back.

preview from ios to retrieve deleted ipad photos

That’s it! Your deleted photos will be back.

And you see, that’s why iMyfone D-Back is the finest and easiest recovery software out there for iPad. It even features a Smart Recovery mode for beginner’s so they can easily custom recovery path to retrieve deleted photos from iPad even if they don’t know how to use the software or are not too tech savvy.

And what may surprise you is that iMyfone D-Back iPad recovery Windows and iMyfone D-Back iPad recovery Mac also support to retrieve other files types, such as videosiMessagesnotes and more for your iPhone and iPod Touch. And the free trial version can help you confirm whether your data can be found. Just download it to try!

Windows version Mac version

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    support all the models ipad?

    • Yes, support all the iPad and iPod Touch models. For iPhone, iMyfone D-Back support the models after iPhone 3GS.

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