3 Ways to Retrieve Photos from iCloud Backup

I accidentally lost my iPhone and there are precious photos of my wedding and I really need them back. I had backed up my iPhone with iCloud but I have no idea how to go about it. Please help!

You want to retrieve photos from iCloud, because you have lost your iPhone and also the important photos in it just like the upper iPhone user? Or you want to find a way to retrieve iCloud photos without reset? As long as you have backed up your device with iCloud, you are likely to retrieve photos from iCloud successfully. We will introduce 3 ways in the following text to help you retrieve photos from iCloud easily.

1 Retrieve Photos from iCloud using iCloud.com

You can access pictures from iCloud using icloud.com:

Step 1: Go to icloud.com and enter the login details.

Step 2: Click the photos application.

Step 3: Choose and click the photos you want and click the download button in the top right-hand corner.

Retrieve Photos from iCloud using iCloud.com

2 Restore Photos from iCloud to Your iDevice

You can try to restore your iOS device from a relevant iCloud backup to retrieve photos from iCloud. Your current data and settings on your device will be erased. So you may need to back up your data before performing this method.

Check the official instruction from Apple: Restore your iOS device from iCloud >>

Restore Photos from iCloud to Your iDevice

Shortages of this Method

As much as it sounds convenient and like such a great solution to use iCloud to recover your photos, there are disadvantages of retrieving photo directly from iCloud:

1. All content and settings will be erased

Erasing content from your device is a mandatory part of retrieving photos from iCloud. Once you have restored your device, all your data will be replaced by content from the backup.You may lose other files or photos during the process of restoring your device with iCloud backup.

2. You need to make a backup before you start

Of course you cannot restore data that you have not backed up. You need to have done this before losing your photos and just before starting the process of restoring, you need to go through the “Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage > Device Name > Check the data of backup created”process to ensure that you are not erasing your content for nothing.

3. Can't Pick Up Wanted Photos from Backup

Sometimes you just want to retrieve some important photos from iCloud backup instead of the whole photos library.

3 Selectively Retrieve 22+ Files including Photos from iCloud

Apart from photos, you may also accidentally lose iPhone text messages or contacts and want to extract them from backup files. In such instances, you could try a 3rd-Party tool. There should be no cause for alarm or panic since you now can have a try of iMyfone D-Back iPhone data extractor or iPhone data extractor for Mac, which is the latest software that can efficiently extract your existing and lost iPhone data directly from device or from iTunes/iCloud backup without resetting your device. Even you run iOS 10 on your iPhone, your data can be back.

imyfone d-back iphone data recovery

iMyfone D-Back iPhone Data Extractor

  • Supports retrieving the existing data such as photos, messages, videos, WhatsApp, Kik and more from iOS device, iTunes and iCloud backup.
  • Supports recovering lost data from your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch.
  • Preview the data before performing recovery and extraction.
  • Compatible with iOS 10/9/8/7 running on various iOS models such as iPhone 7, iPhone 6s, iPhone 5s etc.

download-win download-mac


Steps to retrieve iCloud Photos Selectively

Step 1: Launch the application and select “Recover from iCloud Backup” tab.

select “Recover from iCloud Backup” tab

Step 2: Mark on Photos as the file you want to recover.

Mark on Photos as the file

Step 3: Input the iCloud account details. The software will search for the backup files. You can then choose the backup file from which you want to recover. Click “Next” button. It takes few minutes to download the files.

Input the iCloud account details

Step 4: After the scan is complete, preview the images and pick those that you want. Click “Recover” to retrieve them.

 preview the images

Step 5: Mention the folder where you would like to store the images. Allow the software to complete the recovery process before browsing the folder.

Now download iMyfone D-Back iPhone data extractor or iPhone data extractor for Mac to retrieve photos from iCloud backup!

Windows version Mac version

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