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User Guide of iMyFone AnyTo

Can I change my location on iPhone/iPad? How can I customize the route without walking when playing AR games? With iMyFone AnyTo, you can spoof GPS location on your iOS device flexibly and easily. Meanwhile, you can use Two-spot Mode and Multi-spot Mode to simulate GPS movement with customized route. Let's see how to do it below.


Part 1. Change GPS Location to Anywhere with 1 Click

Video Tutorial: Change GPS Location on iPhone

Step 1: Launch iMyFone AnyTo

Install and launch iMyFone AnyTo on your computer. Click Get Started.

start iMyFone AnyTo

Connect your iOS device to the computer via USB cable. Next, unlock the device. Tap Trust on your iPhone when it asks you to Trust This Computer. Enter the screen passcode again to complete this process.

unlock and trust

It will begin to load the map. After the map is successfully loaded, you can find your location on the map.

load map

Step 2: Select A Destination on the Map

Choose Teleport Mode at the upper right corner (the 3rd one). Now you can zoom in and out the map by scrolling the mouse, and select a destination. Or you can enter the address/GPS coordinates at the upper left corner to search your destination, for example, Vancouver.

select destination

Step 3: Change GPS Location with 1 Click

As you select a destination, the sidebar will pop up. It shows you the destination information including the place name, coordinates, and the distance. Click Move.

change location with 1 click

Your location will be changed to Vancouver immediately. The all location-based applications on your iPhone will be changed to Vancouver as well.

Location displayed in iMyFone AnyTo

GPS location on iPhone changed

Location displayed in your iPhone

GOS location on iPhone changed

Note: If you want to recover your location, you can just restart your iOS device to acquire the real location.

The places you have ever been to with iMyFone AnyTo will be collected in History Records at the top right corner. You can reach the same places with one click next time.

view history records


Part 2. Simulate GPS Movement with Customized Route - by Two-spot Mode

Video Tutorial: Simulate GPS Movement with 2 Spots

Step 1: Choose Two-spot Mode

If you want to customize a route, you can select Two-spot Mode at the upper right corner (the 1st one).

select two spot mode

Step 2: Plan Two-spot Route

Pinpoint a location on the map as your destination. You can also choose a destination by entering the address or coordinate in the Search box. The chosen destination will be added in the sidebar. You can see the place names and the coordinates of your current location and the destination.

You can now set up the number of times for the virtual route to move back and forth between the two places. Drag the Speed bar to customize your moving speed.

select destination

When it is all set up, click Move to start simulating the movement. You can see the distance and time change as it moves.

start simulating the movement

As it moves on the map, the GPS on your iOS devices moves without lag. When it finishes, it will pop up a prompt Completed!

GPS changing on the map


Part 3: Simulate GPS Movement with Customized Route - by Multi-spot Mode

Video Tutorial: Simulate GPS Movement with Multi Spots

Step 1: Choose Multi-spot Mode

If you want to plan a route with multiple spots, you can select Multi-spot Mode at the upper right corner (the 2nd one).

select multi-spot mode

Step 2: Plan Your Multi-spot Route

Select different spots one by one on the map that you want to pass by. Or enter address/GPS coordinates to set the spots.

Set the number of round trip times by entering the number. And set the speed by dragging the Speed bar. After the Times and Speed are set up, click Move to start the journey.

plan virtual route to move along

iMyFone AnyTo will simulate the movement with the speed that you set. You can enjoy all location-based AR games without any walking!

When it finishes, it will pop up a prompt Completed.

Note: In order to avoid the game developers thinking that you are spoofing location, you'd better to choose the destinations along the specific roads.

elmuate route completed

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