Message Send Failure after iOS 11, How to Fix?

Hi everyone, so I updated my iPhone 6S Plus to iOS 11 and since, I can't send SMS from my iPhone. I receive them correctly but just can't send text messages right. Always get a notification shows Message Send Failure. iMessages however just seem to work well. I tried to switch off and on iMessages and Facetime on the iPhone but nothing changes...Any suggestions? Thanks.

This is a question we found in Apple Communities and of course more than one iOS users encountered such problem. iOS 11 brings us lots of funs meanwhile some new issues. If you have the issue of iPhone message send failure, then you are in right place. We will offer various solutions to this issue.

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Turn Off Voice & Data in iPhone Settings

Non-Apple texting doesn't seem to work if "Voice & Data" on your iPhone is selected. So you need to turn off this option on your iPhone. See the following steps.

choose data only in lte

1, Go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options on your iPhone.

2, Enable LTE if it hasn't been turned on.

3, If you have checked Voice & Data, then uncheck it and choose either "Off" or "Data Only".

Turn On Text Message Forwarding for the iPhone

If you turn on text message forwarding for this iPhone, then it will be a recognized device to take messages via SMS. Try it:

text message forwarding

1, Go to Settings first, and then tap Messages.

2, Tap text message forwarding, and toggle on the iPhone.

Reset Network Settings to Fix Message Send Failure on iPhone

If the two methods don't solve the problem, maybe you can think about why message send failure. Sometimes the network on your iPhone is bad or something goes wrong when the message service needs to use the network, and then you need to try resetting your phone's network settings. Follow steps as below.

reset network settings

1, Same with methods above, go to Settings first.

2, Then tap General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

3, Enter your screen passcode and then confirm by tapping Reset Network Settings. It will delete all network settings, returning them to factory defaults.

4, Your iPhone will be restarted and the network settings will be reset.

Reinstall iOS 11 to Solve Message Send Failure after iOS 11

If you tried all the above solutions but none of them works, then you will have to use a more powerful and thoroughgoing tool – iMyFone iOS System Recovery to reinstall your iOS and solve the issue of getting message send failure. See what the program can do for you.

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How to Reinstall iOS 11 to Solve Message Send Failure

The Following is the specific steps on how to reinstall iOS 11 on your iPhone.

Step 1. Put iPhone into DFU/Recovery Mode

Run the iMyFone iOS Repair tool and connect your iPhone to it. Choose Standard Mode and then you need to put your iPhone into Recovery or DFU mode so that the program can detect your iPhone.

put iPhone into DFU mode

Step 2. Download Firmware Package

After detecting your iPhone successfully, the program will show you the matching firmware package for iOS 11. Just click Download to download it and then verify it.

download firmware package for iOS 11

Step 3. Reinstall iOS 11 on iPhone

After downloading the firmware package for latest iOS 11, you can click Start to Fix and then the program will start to reinstall iOS 11 on your iPhone. Keep your iPhone connected till the process is finished.

reset network settings

Then you can check whether you can send text messages normally after the device is restarted.

Text messages cannot be delivered after iOS 11 update? Always get the notification that Message Send Failure? Now you can try the above solutions to fix this issue. If you know better solutions, leave a comment. If you have other issues after upgrading to iOS 11, please use iMyFone iOS System Recovery and it will help!

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