3 Ways to Fix iPhone Stuck on Black Screen with Spinning Wheel

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iPhone stuck on black screen with spinning wheel is not a rare problem. Many iPhone users find their iPhone just spinning when they are trying to restore iPhone when they buy a new one or update iPhone when there is a new iOS (for example iOS 12) released. Sometimes, iPhone may stuck on the black loading screen when you are trying to reboot your iPhone. Sometimes, this problem just happens suddenly without any sign. You must be thinking about 'how shall I fix my iPhone that has a black screen with a loading sign?' Before you turn to the Apple Store for help, we have gathered some solutions that you can have a try to fix iPhone black screen spinning wheel problem by your own.

iPhone stuck on black screen with spinning wheel

1. Force Restart iPhone

You can force restart your iPhone to fix iPhone stuck on black screen with spinning wheel issue.

For iPhone 6s, SE or older models –

  1. Tap and hold the 'Home' and 'Sleep/Wake' buttons simultaneously as long as the Apple logo begins to appear.
  2. Release the buttons and let your iPhone start properly.

hard reboot iPhone 6

For iPhone 7/7 Plus –

  1. Push the 'Power/Lock' button along with the 'Volume Down' key until you see the Apple logo on screen.
  2. Allow your iPhone to restart.

force restart iPhone 7

For iPhone 8/iPhone X –

  1. Click on the 'Volume Up' key and let go instantly, and repeat the same with the 'Volume Down' key.
  2. Hold down the 'Power' key and wait for the Apple logo to surface. Key in your password to start your iPhone.

force restart iPhone X

2. Fix iPhone Stuck on Black Screen with Spinning Wheel without Data Loss

When your device experiences iPhone stuck on black loading wheel issue, you need to look for a solution that can not only fix your iOS issues but also prevent data loss during the process. iMyFone D-Back is such software that fix iOS problems like iPhone stuck on Apple logo, iPhone freezing issues and so on, even you use iOS 12. It is basically a data recovery tool coming with 4 modes. Including WhatsApp, Kik, WeChat, messages, photos, notes, contacts, 20+ types of data is supported by iMyFone D-Back. The "Fix iOS System" feature is designed with 3 options, and you can fix iOS problems, including iPhone stuck on spinning wheel without data loss under the Standard mode. This software is reliable and the famous sites like Macworld and Makeuseof also recommend it.

Here is the step-by-step guide to fix iPhone stuck on black screen with spinning wheel using the Standard Mode –

Step 1: First and foremost, you need to install and launch iMyFone D-Back on your computer.  Click on the 'Fix iOS System' tab from the left side panel and get your device connected to the PC.

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Choose the standard mode to fix iOS

Step 2: Choose 'Standard Mode' thereafter, and when prompted tap the 'Start' button and follow the on screen steps to enter DFU mode or recovery mode.

DFU mode under Standard mode

Step 3: After entering DFU mode, your iPhone firmware needs to be upgraded to the latest one. Click 'Download', after iMyFone D-Back automatically detects your iPhone to download the most recent firmware for it.

download firmware package

Step 4: Tap 'Start to Fix' once iOS download is complete, to initiate the automatic fixing, along with all other iOS issues of your iPhone. Once the process is successfully accomplished, your iPhone will restart normally.

finished fixing iOS

3. Restore iPhone with iTunes using Recovery Mode

If you are opting to fix iPhone stuck on spinning wheel/ loading circle by restoring it with iTunes through recovery mode, keep in mind to back up your device data.
Here are the steps to resolve the issue –

  1. You need to connect your iPhone to the computer prior to launching iTunes. Note: Make sure that the iTunes has been updated to the freshest version and close it, if it's open.
  2. Force restart your iPhone following the steps mentioned in 'Force restart iPhone' section but this time don't let go the buttons until your iPhone establish connection with iTunes in recovery mode.
  3. Tap the 'Restore iPhone' button afterwards and allow iTunes to wipe all data on your device, reinstall the firmware of your iPhone and restore your device to factory settings.
  4. Once the 'Restore' process is accomplished, set up your iPhone from scratch.

restore iPhone with iTunes using recovery mode

4. If This Problem Randomly Happens

If black screen with spinning wheel randomly happens to your iPhone, go backup your iPhone and then restore your iPhone using DFU mode. Generally, restore iPhone can fix lots of iPhone issues after update to iOS 12/11/10...

Here is the step-by-step guide to fix iPhone stuck on black loading screen/ loading circle problem under DFU mode –

  1. Get your iPhone and computer connected through a lightning cable and then launch iTunes when your iPhone is working normally. Now, make backup of your iPhone prior to restoring it in DFU mode.
  2. Next, hold down the 'Sleep/Wake' and 'Home' (iPhone 6S and older)/ 'Sleep/Wake' and 'Volume Down' (iPhone 7 and latest) buttons simultaneously for about 10 seconds. After releasing only the 'Sleep/Wake' button, wait for the 'iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode' notification. Leave the 'Home' (iPhone 6S and older)/'Volume Down' (iPhone 7 and latest) button afterwards.
  3. If you are using iPhone 8 or iPhone X, press 'Volume Up' button, 'Volume Down' button and then Side button. Don't release the Side button when the screen turns black. Press 'Volume Down' button with Side button together for 5 seconds. After that, release Side button, and keep holding 'Volume Down' button for another 5 seconds.
  4. You have successfully entered DFU mode as your iPhone screen turns black. Tap the 'Restore iPhone' button and confirm your action by tapping 'Restore' to get your iPhone restored back to normal.

restore iPhone with iTunes

Note: After restoring your iPhone, you can use the backup files to restore your iPhone as well.