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How to Clear Safari History on iPhone X iOS 13 for Safe Privacy

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Aaron Donald

April 20, 2016 (Updated: September 5, 2019)• Filed to: Clean up iPhone

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Browsing history can enclose perceptive information that could be harmful if someone picked up your iPhone X. There is a possibility that you utilized Safari to confirm e-mails or you accessed various websites like Facebook or Twitter where you entered your username or Password. When you access the internet in Safari on your iPhone or Mac, the browser creates a history of the websites you visit and saves information on your device related to your web activity.

You can simply clear all records that Safari maintains related to your browsing history. This helps in increasing privacy in Safari but retrieves some of the storage that these files occupy. When you erase the history from Safari on iPhone, all websites that you have visited are cleared and iPhone have more available storage.

There are two methods to clear Safari history from your iPhone X:

1. Clear Safari History on iPhone X through “Settings”

1. From the Home Screen, open the “Settings” App.

2. Scroll down and tap on "Safari".

3. On the Safari window that emerges, locate and tap "Clear History and Website Data". A text pop up will show that will make you select either Clear History or Cancel. Tap "Clear History and Website Data" in order to delete the browsing history from Safari.



This method is suitable if you need to free up more iPhone X space. However, if you want to permanently delete browsing history, this way is not safe enough. Simply clearing history from iPhone X cannot promise no chance of recovery. If you run third party recovery tool, you can easily retrieve them. To permanently delete your browsing history, follow the way below and you will make it.

2. Permanently Clear Safari History on iPhone X iOS 13

The only way to permanently delete iPhone Xdata is to overwrite it. Once done, it is impossible to retrieve it even with the most advanced recovery tool. iPhone X does not have such option, but you can consider iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser or iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser for Mac to help you. It applies the modern rewriting technologies to permanently delete data. That's why it can promise zero chance of recovery.

To completely delete Safari history on iPhone X, it provides you with 2 choices.

  • Erase Private Data: This one is useful when you want to permanently delete the current Safari history, Safari cache and Safari cookies on your iPhone X. No worries for privacy leak from Safari data them. Of course, it also supports to completley delete other data, like messages, photos, notes, WhatsApp message & media, etc.
  • Erase Deleted Files: If you deleted some Safari history before, you should run this mode to find out those are still under the risk of recovery and choose to completely rewrite them.

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So how can we do so?

Step 1: Connect your iPhone X to Computer.

 Connect Your iOS Device

Step 2. After iPhone connected to PC successfully, you should choose the mode to erase data. To comppletely delete Safari history, you can choose "Erase Private Data" to clear your existing safari history on your iPhone X, or choose "Erase Deleted Files" to make sure that the history you have deleted before. Erased data never be recoverd by any recovery tool.

clear Safari history on iPhone

Step 3. Type "delete" into the pop-up window to start the clearing process.
clear Safari history on iPhone

The leading advantage of using iMyFone Umate Pro is that it clears all unwanted files carefully and proficiently. Manually removing may be risky if you are not sure what you are doing. But iMyFone Umate Pro provides a safe, fast and reliable technique to remove temporary files. This app will carefully clear all unnecessary files in your device, to clean it and speed it up. Thus, you will have more storage space for you to add what is actually necessary, like your pictures, videos, and music, and play your games more efficiently and quickly. If you need completely remove all traces of data on your iOS device, iMyFone Umate iOS cleaner could be a good choice.

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