Unexpected things happen like iPhone gets stolen, you have to be prepared to track the device that is turned off quickly. You can make use of Find my iPhone feature in your device to identify the location of your device without much difficulty. The foremost goal of tracking the lost iPhone is to safeguard the data stored in the device. Whether the Find my iPhone feature is enabled or disabled,  you can always successfully reach out to your device without any issues.

1. Track Lost iPhone If Find My iPhone is Enabled

This procedure can be carried out if you have enabled Find My iPhone feature in your device. Surf through each and every step listed below in order to find out your device quickly. But if your Find My not working, this method doesn't work for you.

Step 1: Login to the iCloud platform or you can also make use another iPhone to track your device.

Step 2: Open ‘Find your device’ option and scan the nearby devices. Select your lost phone and trace out its location. If you find the device is available near your location, then immediately play the sound so that you will be able to spot it quickly.

Step 3: By making use of the lost mode option you can lock the iPhone remotely using four digit password. Turn on the lost mode feature to establish this process. You can also display a message on the lost device thereby assisting you to trace the location of your lost iPhone. In case if you have any payment details like credit or debit related to Apple pay then this credential will be immediately disabled by locking the device remotely.

Step 4: You can also register a complaint with the local police force. You have to provide the iPhone serial number in order to track the lost device.

Step 5: Erase all the data in your device remotely without any issues. After this process you will not be able to find your device using ‘Find my iPhone’ option. This erasing process leads to disabling the activation lock. Another person can use your device after this process.

If your Find My location is unabvailable, it's hard for you to use or track.

2. Track Lost iPhone If Find My iPhone is Disabled

In case ‘Find My iPhone’ feature is disabled in your lost device then you can use the below guidelines to safeguard the data available in the device.

Step 1: You have to change the password of your iCloud account so that it prevents the anonymous person to hack your data in the device.

Step 2: Change the passwords of your social networks websites in order to avoid misuse of your accounts.

Step 3: Using the device serial number register a complaint about your lost device to the local police force.

Step 4: Inform to the wireless carrier about the theft of your device so that the incoming calls and other related services will be barred completely to avoid confusion.