• Users can easily search for videos by simply entering keywords or phrases into the search bar.
  • This feature allows users to automatically crop brand-new YouTube and Facebook videos based on the desired resolution.
  • It also offers a unique way for users to extract audio tracks from their favourite private Facebook videos and save them freely onto their devices in different formats

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How to Download Private Facebook Videos with top 10 Downloders

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Are you looking for a way to download private Facebook videos on your mobile device? We have discovered some of the best video downloaders available on the market today, and we will walk you through how to download Facebook videos step by step. Read on to learn more about downloading private Facebook videos with ease!

This article will review three steps to help you download private Facebook videos quickly and easily. We will also provide a list of the top ten video downloaders for mobile devices so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Finally, we will introduce iMyFone TopClipper as the best private Facebook video downloader online for easy access to your favorite videos.

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download private Facebook videos mobile

3 Steps to Download Private Facebook Videos on Mobile

Downloading private Facebook videos using iMyFone TopClipper app is a simple and efficient process that can be done in just a few steps.

iMyFone TopClipper

Key Features:

  • Remove the TikTok watermark and allow you to repost these videos.
  • Re-edit videos automatically and output high-quality videos quickly.
  • Save TikTok videos without watermark in bulk without any skills.
  • Increase the chances of getting more TikTok likes and followers.
  • Help you beat the TikTok algorithm and get on TikTok fyp easily.

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1. First, open the official TopClipper app on your mobile device. Here you can find the 'Facebook' tab, which will take you to the page where you can search for any private video available on Facebook. 

launch topclipper android to download videos

2. Once you have found the desired video, click the "Download" button and select "Private Video" from the menu. You will then be prompted to enter your Facebook login information so that TopClipper can authenticate and access the video. 

3. After successfully logging in, simply wait for the download to complete and watch or share your newly downloaded private video directly from the TopClipper app! You can also store it on an external device like an SD card. It's as easy as that! 

Thanks to TopClipper, downloading private videos from Facebook has never been easier and more convenient than ever!

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How to download private Facebook videos on PC and Mobile

Facebook is the most popular social media platform around the world and is home to thousands of videos, videos that can be private or public. Private videos can only be viewed by their owners and people specifically invited to view them. But how do you d download private Facebook videos? Here are the top 10 private Facebook video downloaders for mobile and PC that will help you.

01 TopClipper

iMyFone TopClipper is a powerful online Facebook video downloader especially designed for downloading Facebook private video URLs.

It can easily handle both public and private (protected) Facebook video URLs. Unlike other websites that require registration, signing up, or any type of payment, TopClipper is completely free to use. You just copy-paste your link and click the 'Download' button!

Moreover, it supports over 1000 other sites, including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc., and provides multiple download options such as SD, HD & 4K UHD quality files. So if you're looking for a reliable private Facebook video downloader, TopClipper should be your go-to website! 

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Key features of iMyFone TopClipper:

  • Remove the TikTok watermark and allow you to save all TikTok videos in High Definition.
  • Save TikTok videos without watermark and enable you to reprint them to other platforms.
  • help you get more free likes on TikTok and Instagram, get more followers on Facebook, etc.
  • Recreate TikTok videos automatically and help you get on TikTok fyp without any difficulty.

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02 FBdown.net

FBdown.net is a great Facebook private video downloader as it allows users to easily save any video from Facebook without registering or signing up on the website. FBdown also offers all major formats, such as MP4s, WEBM, AVI, etc., so users can choose which format they would like their files downloaded in.

What makes FBdown even more impressive is its ability to detect full HD resolution for maximum clarity of even the most pixelated pictures! 

03 Freemake Video Downloader 

Freemake Video Downloader is one of the best options for downloading private Facebook videos on PC or Mac computers; it allows users to get videos quickly in different resolutions ranging from 360p up to 4K Ultra HD resolution!

This software also has an advanced feature called 'Copy/Paste from Clipboard', enabling users to easily copy/paste URL links directly into Freemake Video Downloader instead of manually typing them in whenever they want to download private videos. 

04 Getfvid.com  

Getfvid is another excellent tool for downloading private Facebook videos on PC or mobile devices; this online service can download not just Facebook videos but various other platforms such as YouTube & Vimeo too!

Plus, it doesn't require any registration process either - simply paste in your link and start downloading immediately!

And if that wasn't enough, then Getfvid also offers multiple download options, including MP3 & MP4 formats, so users can pick whatever suits them best! 

05 SnapSave  

SnapSave stands out from other services because it offers some unique features such as batch downloads (for multiple files at once), support for direct streaming via VLC player & the ability to convert videos into GIFs instantly - hence making it one of the most comprehensive tools for those who need quick downloads!

Moreover, SnapSave also allows its users access to shared content on Instagram & Snapchat, all within a single app! And just like Getfvid, no registration process is required here as well – simply paste in your link & hit the 'Go' button!!

06 QDownloader

QDownloader is an easy-to-use online tool that lets users quickly download any video from various sources, such as Facebook.

All you need to do is copy the link of the video you want to download and paste it into QDownloader's search bar; after that, you can select your preferred resolution and format (e.g., MP4) and hit "download". It also supports up to 8K resolution, giving you access to high-quality downloads if needed.

Additionally, Q Downloader is compatible with all major browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Firefox for PC or Mac plus Android or iOS devices. You can easily use it on any platform or device without hassle.

07 Download Social Media

Download Social Media provides a simple and convenient way for users to quickly download videos from various social media platforms, including Facebook.

This tool requires no additional software installation on your computer – just copy and paste the video URL into its website bar and hit "download", – after which the video will be downloaded automatically in its original resolution onto your device/computer within seconds.

Additionally, Download Social Media is compatible with both PC/Mac systems and Android/iOS devices, so no matter what platform or device you have access to, this tool should work seamlessly with all major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).  

08 Wondershare

Wondershare provides an efficient solution for downloading any video from numerous different sources, including Facebook, in just a few steps; all you need to do is paste the desired video link into their interface and then select your preferred format (e.g., MP4) before finally hitting "Start Now" – after which Wondershare will automatically start downloading your desired video onto your device/computer in its original resolution within minutes!

Furthermore, Wondershare works across multiple platforms, such as Windows/Mac computers plus Android or iOS devices, making it an excellent choice for those who need access to these services regardless of their current setup or location.  

09 4K Video Downloader

For those seeking higher quality downloads, 4K Video Downloader may be worth considering; this simple yet powerful program enables users to quickly download any type of online video from various sources, such as Facebook, in up to 8K resolutions (if available).

As well as supporting multiple formats (MP4 being the most common), 4K Video Downloader also features direct integration with YouTube, meaning it can pick up videos directly from that platform without requiring manual input like some other tools would need, thus saving time & effort when dealing with more extensive files/libraries, etc.

Furthermore, the 4K Video Downloader is compatible with both Windows & Mac operating systems, ensuring easy access, regardless of the computer system used at home/work, etc.

10 FB Video Saver

Finally, we have FB Video Saver – another powerful yet user-friendly tool that makes downloading videos from Facebook incredibly easy, even on mobile devices!

All you need to do is log into your Facebook account, then copy/paste the desired link into FB Video Saver's interface before selecting your preferred format & output destination then pressing "Save" - once done, this program will begin automatically downloading your desired video straight onto your device in its original resolution within minutes!

Additionally, FB Video Saver supports social media networks beyond just Facebook, including Instagram & Twitter. Users can also benefit from using it when dealing with similar tasks on those platforms, making it great value for money overall!

Best Private Facebook Videos Downloader - Toplipper

1 Quick Search

iMyFone TopClipper 's Quick Search feature helps users find their desired private Facebook videos from a massive library. Users can easily search for videos by simply entering keywords or phrases into the search bar. The search engine will then generate a list of all relevant results, which can be sorted based on relevance, date published, or most popular.

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topclipper remove tiktok watermark

2 Customize

This feature allows users to refine their search results by applying filters such as gender, age, and location. Advanced settings such as language preference and video quality selection can help users customize their searches to obtain more accurate results. Once the user has found the desired video, they can watch it or save it to their device. 

3 Automatically Crop Brand-New Videos

This feature allows users to automatically crop brand-new YouTube and Facebook videos based on the desired resolution. This ensures that any new video loaded on Toplipper is automatically cropped before saving it onto the user's device while maintaining its original quality and resolution.  

4 Save Video

After finding and cropping a video according to the user's specifications, Toplipper offers an easy way to save any selected video directly onto their devices in different resolutions, such as HD 1080p or even 4K, depending on the user's device capabilities. 

5 Extract & Save Audio Freely

Toplipper also offers a unique way for users to extract audio tracks from their favorite private Facebook videos and save them freely onto their devices in different formats such as MP3, AAC, OGG, or FLAC. This allows users to enjoy their favorite music without needing to watch a full video whenever they want to listen.


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Downloading private videos from Facebook to your mobile device has never been easier with these top 10 downloaders. With just a few clicks, you can have the video saved on your phone to watch offline or share with friends and family.

So next time you come across a great video on Facebook that you want to keep, don't hesitate to try one of these downloaders and save it for later. And be sure to check out iMyFone TopClipper software for all your downloading needs!