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Even though every video on Facebook has a button labeled "Store Video", clicking that option will only save the video to the portion of the site titled "Saved Posts." Hence, you will not be able to watch this movie elsewhere but on Facebook, nor will you be able to save it straight onto your computer.

facebook video downloader hd

If you want to save a copy of the video for whatever reason (and you need to have a good reason to do so), there are a few different methods that you may do. A Facebook video downloader might help you in this regard.

This article will teach you how to use a variety of online downloaders and gadgets, as well as how to download a video from Facebook in HD, which stands for high definition.

3 Steps to Download HD Facebook Video

Here’s how to use iMyFone TopClipper as your HD Facebook video downloader :

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  • Step 1: Start iMyFone TopClipper.
  • You can install and run iMyFone TopClipper on your computer after you download it. Choose "Download Video Without Watermarks".

    launch topclipper

  • Step 2: Paste Video URL
  • Paste the URL of the video you want to download into the box and click "Search". You can also just click the icon of the video platform you want to go to and you'll be taken there. The iMyFone TopClipper has a browser built in so you can watch and find your favorite videos.

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    paste video url

  • Step 3: Parse the Video.
  • Click "Download" to go to the page about the parsing process. Once the parsing is done, choose the resolution you want, and the video will automatically download and save.

    parse the video

    select resolution

    TopClipper can quickly download videos for you in just a few minutes, so please be patient.

    Top 5 Private Facebook Video Downloader Online

    1 Fdown.net


    Users of this website are able to experience direct video downloading from Facebook without the need for any extra plugins or software tools developed or distributed by a third party. It makes the process of fetching and downloading considerably simpler for mobile phones that are powered by Android, Windows, and iPhones respectively.

    The following are the stages of the private facebook video downloader process:

  • 1. Play the video you uploaded to Facebook.
  • 2. The URL may be copied by right-clicking on the video and selecting "Copy".
  • 3. Simply paste the URL that you just copied into FDOWN.net, and then click the download button.
  • 4. You may choose the quality of the movie, and then download it to your device.

  • 2 Getfbstuff.com


    Getfbstuff.com is a well-known media downloader that may save links in either the FLV or MP4 file format to any device of your choosing. This free online tool is simpler to use and does not need any extra plugins or add-ons to function properly.

    The procedure of downloading is far simpler, and even a layperson should have no trouble doing it. The following are the steps for download facebook video downloader:

  • 1. Go to Facebook.com and search for the video clip you're looking for.
  • 2. Now copy the URL link for this particular video that was picked.
  • 3. Copy the URL of this video from Facebook, paste it into getfbstuff.com, and then click the download option.
  • 4. After beginning the download, choose the quality of the video file you want to save, such as a standard definition or high definition, and then click the option to "save link as".
  • The following are the steps to downloading a private video:

  • 1. Obtain the page source for the video that is only accessible to you.
  • 2. Launch the online version of this downloading program.
  • 3. Copy the source of the page and then click the download button when you've done so.

  • 3 Downloadvideosfrom.com


    Users are able to download and convert movies found on Facebook into MP3 format with the assistance of this program. Downloads may be started in a matter of seconds, and there is no cost associated with using this program.

    Users have the option of selecting different file types, such as MP4 and MP3, and in the event that you want to download private films, you will be required to follow the directions that are shown on-screen by the web tool itself.

    Instructions on how to download public videos are as follows:

  • 1. Proceed online and locate the video on Facebook that you want to save to your device.
  • 2. Obtain a copy of its URL now. Users will need to right-click on the video and then choose the option to reveal the URL before they can get this link.
  • 3. Now, put the URL that you just copied into the downloadvideosfrom.com box in the position that you were instructed to.
  • 4. You have the option of saving your files in MP4 HD, MP3, or MP4 format.
  • 5. Click the option labeled "Download".

  • 4 Facebook Downloader

    facebook downloader

    You will need to do the following three easy steps in order to download video in mp4 format from Facebook online to your computer or mobile phone using getmyfb.com:

  • 1. You may either right-click the video and choose it from the context menu or copy the URL of the Facebook video from the address bar of your browser and paste it into the clipboard.
  • 2. link-icon
  • 3. Copy the URL, then go back to the browser tab where the Facebook video download window is active, and paste it into the input area there.
  • 4. link-icon
  • 5. Simply pick the desired output format by using the dropdown menu that can be found just to the right of the "Download" button in our Facebook converter.

  • 5 Getfvid


    This service is compatible with desktop computers, tablet computers, and mobile devices. All you need is an internet connection to convert videos from Social to mp4 (video) or mp3 (audio) files and download them for free. Getfvid is one of the greatest solutions currently accessible online.

  • 1. Copy FB Video URL
  • 2. Please copy and paste the URL into the box above.
  • 3. To save a video from Facebook, click the "Download" option.
  • Top 5 HD Facebook Video Downloader for iPhone& Android

    01 Remove Unwanted Object

    remove unwanted object

    Remove Unwanted Object, an app that is straightforward and simple to use comes in first place on our list as our top pick for the best watermark removal software. This program can also erase persons, stamps, objects, and other impediments from photographs, in addition to removing watermarks from them.

    After downloading it, all you need to do to utilize this application is to complete the following:

  • 1. Either take a picture using your camera or choose one from your gallery to modify.
  • 2. Using either the brush or lasso tool, choose the watermark that you want to delete.
  • 3. Select "Process" from the menu.
  • 4. Save the picture to your phone once you have edited it.

  • 02 PicLab


    PicLab is another program that can erase ordinary objects as well as watermarks, and it is accessible for both Android and iOS.

    PicLab can also remove a variety of other things in addition to watermarks. In addition to that, it is capable of applying picture stickers, filters, and overlays.

    PicLab is our second choice as the best software for people using iOS since our top choice can only be downloaded on Android devices. After downloading it, all you need to do to utilize this application is to complete the following:

  • 1. Either take a picture using your camera or choose one from your gallery to modify.
  • 2. Make use of the marker tool, and decide which components are going to be eliminated.
  • 3. Press erase.
  • 4. Save the picture to your phone once you have altered it.

  • 03 Photo Retouch – Object Removal

    photo retouch

    Photo Retouch is an app that can modify photos and videos, making it a flexible and multifunctional tool. It is possible to erase watermarks from both still images and moving images, as well as pimples, blemishes, and other distracting elements from your photographs.

    After downloading it, all you need to do to utilize it is follow these steps:

  • 1. Select a photo from your camera roll or capture a brand-new one using your device.
  • 2. Make a selection and call attention to the region and the items that you want the program to delete.
  • 3. Once you have done so, choose the "process" option and wait for it to complete.
  • 4. Save the picture to your phone once you have altered it.

  • 04 ToolWiz Photos


    ToolWiz Photos is an all-in-one photo editing suite that is both complete and free, and it is capable of handling practically every photo-altering request.

    You'll discover that ToolWiz is more than just a watermark removal software thanks to its more than 40 filters, blending mixers, art effects, HDR capabilities, and AI-guided blurring, selfie, and face polish features. All of these functions can be found in the app.

    After downloading it, all you need to do to utilize this application is to complete the following:

  • 1. Select a photo from your camera roll or capture a brand-new one using your device.
  • 2. Using the healing tool, choose the region and the items that you want the program to remove, and then highlight those selections.
  • 3. After waiting for it to complete, press the button labeled "check".
  • 4. Save the picture to your phone once you have altered it.

  • 05 AirBrush


    AirBrush is another complex picture editing application that may be used to remove watermarks from your images. Aside from that, AirBrush is known for its expertise in the editing of selfies via the use of its AI-assisted filters, acne remover, digital concealer, and hairstyle changer.

    Using this program, you need just perform the following in order to clear your images of any watermarks:

  • 1. Select an image from the collection you've already taken or go out and take a new one.
  • 2. Using the healing tool found under the "Retouch" tab, choose the watermark you wish to edit, highlight it, and then double-click on the region you want to modify.
  • 3. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all of the watermarks have been altered or eliminated.
  • 4. Save the picture to your phone once you have altered it.
  • TopClipper-Best Private Facebook Video Downloader

    iMyFone TopClipper is an innovative video downloader that enables users to convert videos that they have found on TikTok into videos that are uniquely theirs.

    That is, it sidesteps the TikTok algorithm by modifying the settings and assists you in becoming viral in record time. You just need to tweak the parameters, and TopClipper will do the rest on its own.

    You don't need any knowledge or experience with editing software to quickly flip and mirror your movie. Moreover, there is no need to manually choose video material to produce a picture-in-picture clip! It's simple and straightforward.

    TopClipper is able to automatically process each frame of video information. So you'll receive a fresh video. In addition, you have complete control over the playing speed as well as the total length of the movie.

    Moreover, with TopClipper’s FB HD downloader, you may simply extract the sound from the movie and save it as an audio file with its assistance.

    iMyFone TopClipper

    Key Features:

    • User-friendly Interface
    • You can download watermark free videos.
    • Free to use
    • Automatically edit Tik Tok or Youtube videos

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    You may quickly and simply download movies from Facebook by using any of the approaches described in this article. When you do so, we recommend that you show consideration for the rights of the person who created the video.

    Be sure to give credit to the video's original author if you want to share it on your own Facebook page or any other social media site.

    topclipper remove tiktok watermark

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