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[Solved] How to Enable TikTok Privacy and Safety Settings


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Why does TikTok have privacy and safety settings? The answer is quite easy. As more and more people use TikTok, officials have to formulate corresponding system settings for people of different ages. After all, there are still many minors using TikTok. So, we will introduce the some important part of TikTok privacy and safety settings as well as some bonus tips on recreating videos in this post.

tiktok privacy and safety settings

Part 1. What are TikTok Privacy and Safety Settings

TikTok privacy and safety settings are started out to protect adults only, and new ones were gradually introduced. Therefore, it is important to take the time to familiarize yourself with the privacy and safety settings on apps and platforms to protect minors. After launching this new feature, some default settings vary based on the user's registration age.

Some information on TikTok's privacy settings, like how to enable them, how to block and report inappropriate content or behavior, and advice for parents will be covered in later parts.

privacy and safety settings



The minimum age to sign up for TikTok is 13. In Ireland, the minimum age is set at 16. For children under this age, the consent of the child's parent or guardian is required for registration.

Part 2. How to Enable TikTok Privacy and Safety Settings

1 TikTok Account Privacy

From January 2021, TikTok set the account of users under the age of 16 to private by default, and only users over this age will be set to public. A private account means that you have to approve people who can follow your account and watch your videos. You can go to "Privacy" -> "Privacy account" to decide whether to hide your account. All TikTok users can view your profile picture, username and bio despite using a private account. Therefore, it is best not to reveal any personal or sensitive information. And, users under the age of 16 can choose to switch to a public account, too.

tiktok account privacy

2 TikTok Videos Downloads

If you want to allow people to download your videos, then you need to turn on this setting. Go to "Settings and Privacy" -> "Privacy", scroll down until you see the "SAFETY", then tap on "Allow your videos to be downloaded". Quite easy, right? Just make sure this feature is turned on. But if you don't want to let people download your videos, then you can turn it off. Just like the picture below.

tiktok videos downloads

3 TikTok Video Comments

TikTok privacy and safety settings depend on the age of the user. Even the comment settings are the same. For example, users under 16 will default to "Friends", which means that only people who follow this user can comment on their videos. Of course, this can also be changed to "No one", but not to "Everyone". For users over 16, the default setting for comments is "Everyone", which you can change in the "Settings and Privacy" menu.

tiktok videos comments



There is another way to turn on or turn off this feature. If you ready to post a video, then you can turn off comments on your video via the option below the post.

4 TikTok Duet and Stitching

TikTok's "Duet" feature allows users to respond to someone else's video by recording a video of themselves that will play alongside the original video. And, the "Stitch" feature allows users to trim a portion (up to 5 seconds) of someone else's video, then record a new ending and share the new version they made. Theses 2 features mean users can collaborate with other people who create TikTok videos, even if they don't know or follow each other. But the options for these features vary by age.

  • For users under 16: The "Stitch" feature is set to "No one" and can't be changed, but you can stitch other people's videos. The "Duet" feature is "No one" and cannot be changed, but users can "Duet" other people’s videos.
  • For users aged 16-17: The features "Stitch" and "Duet" are set to "Friends". - People follow each other's accounts.
  • tiktok duet and stitch



    You can also recommend your account to others by turnning on the the feature "Suggest your account to others" in TikTok "Settings and privacy".

    5 TikTok Blocking and Reporting

    Once "Blocking" is enabled, it means that other TikTok users will not be able to watch your videos or interact with you through comments, likes, followers or direct messages.

    Once "Reporting" is enabled, you can report other users, including their videos, comments, livestreams and comments, voices, and more.

    tiktok blocking and reporting

    If you also want to learn more about teen privacy and safety settings, then we suggest you go the official websites of TikTok.

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    setting options

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    preview video


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