Move to iOS is an application developed by the Apple company to move all types of content including contacts, messages, calendar and etc. from an Android platform to iOS. This app was developed to make the switching to iOS easy by allowing you to migrate your content securely and automatically from your Android device. Many people will choose to use Move to iOS to get the data transfer done.

move to ios could not communicate with device

However, some of them are stopped by the Move to iOS Could not Communicate with Device prompt, which is a very common error that occurs while trying to connect an Android device and iOS device through the Move to iOS application. This article will introduce you why this error occurs at times, how to fix it and what to do except for waiting for a functional Move to iOS.

Part 1. Fix the Error 鈥 Move to iOS Could not Communicate with Device

There are maily two reasons why the Move to iOS "Could not communicate with the device" error message is shown. The first reason can be the low charge in both the devices, which is why both the devices should be plugged in before the transferring process. The second reason can be the background communication of applications in the Android phone other than with the Move to iOS application, which is why it is preferred to switch the Android device to airplane mode before the transfer takes place.

So before you start to use Move to iOS to transfer data, make sure that the requirements of the are met by both the devices:

  • Android version 4.0 or higher version
  • iOS device running on 9.0 or higher version
  • Enough battery power on both devices (above 50% preferred)

move to ios

Here comes the real situation. When you try to connect your Android device to your iPhone, you will be asked to enter a code displayed on the iPhone, in your Android device. And it is when you enter the code and try to proceed that the error message is usually displayed.

There are several simple solutions to fix the problem "move to iOS could not communicate with the device".聽Four methods are explained to you below.

  • Solution 1: Try restarting both the devices and then try to transfer again.

restart the device

  • Solution 2: Check the Wi-Fi connection of both devices. Make sure that the Android device is connected to the Hotspot of the iOS device.
There is a chance for the Android device to automatically get connected to a previously used network.
  • Solution 3: Turn OFF the Smart Network Switch option on your Android device.

turn off smart network switch

  • Solution 4: Turn on the Airplane mode to avoid unwanted communications by the Android device.

turn on airplane mode


Other issues like Move to iOS taking forever, Move to iOS transfer interrupted, or Move to iOS stuck on preparing or stuck on transferring are also solved.

Part 2. Alternative Ways to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

A big challenge in switching from Android to iPhone is the movement of the content from the old Android device to the new iPhone. There can be many reasons why you would be forced to use other data transferring methods other than Move to iOS. Sometimes the OS versions of both the devices may not be recent enough to support the Move to iOS application. And other times there might be issues with the WiFi connectivity of the Android device.

switch from android to iphone

So in such cases, data like contacts, messages, photos, notes, videos, etc. can be transferred from an Android device to an iPhone using some of the inbuilt features of both the phones.

2.1 Using Google Accounts to Sync Basic Data

The Google accounts can be used to sync basic data like contacts, notes, mail, photos, etc. into it and then later be accessed on any other device, like an iPhone. Also saving to mail will help you to download the pictures, videos, document, etc. from the mail on whichever device you choose.

But unlike the Move to iOS app, there are some limitations to use this method. A stable and high-speed internet connection is a must to carry out this method of data transfer. And even with good internet connecting, this method is not apt to move big files from one device to another, which is not an issue for the Move to iOS app.

Steps of transfer

  • Take your Android device and open the Settings menu.
  • Tap on Users and Accounts and then Google and then on Add Accounts.
  • Enter the mail ID and password and wait till the account is added to your device.
  • Once the account is added, data like contacts, notes, etc. will be automatically synced to your mail ID.

sync data via google account

  • Take your iPhone and open Settings. Tap on Mail, Contacts, CalendarsAdd Account - Google.
  • Enter the details of the same Google account to login and then turn on all the options that come under the Account, to sync it to the iPhone.

add google account to iphone

Now you will be able to access all these files on your iPhone too. To access the files you have saved to your Gmail, simply access Gmail from your iPhone and download the files from your mail.

2.2 Using iTunes to Transfer Media Files

You might have a bunch of music and videos which you have been collecting for years and wish to transfer from your Android device to the iPhone. iTunes can be utilized to transfer these files. But if you compare this transfer method to that of Move to iOS app, you will understand that this process is limited to just music and videos whereas Move to iOS supports the transfer of almost all file types.

Steps of transfer

  • Connect your Android device to your PC and copy the music and videos you wish to transfer into separate folders on the desktop.
  • Install iTunes on your PC and connect your iPhone to the PC via a USB cable.
  • Open iTunes and click Files at the top left of the window, then Add Folder to Library. Browse the PC and select the video and music folders you wish to transfer to iTunes.

add folder to itunes library

  • On the left side menu, tap on your iPhone device name. 聽Click MusicSync Music. Choose the music or playlist and tap on Apply.

sync music via itunes

  • For videos, follow the same process and Click Movies - Sync Movies. Choose the videos and tap on Apply.

sync movies via itunes

  • Once the process is done you can safely remove your iPhone from the PC. All the videos and music will be available on your iPhone.

2.3 Using Dropbox to Transfer Files and Folders

Dropbox is online cloud storage that can be used to transfer files like documents and photos easily from an Android device to the iPhone. Even though Dropbox is a widely used application, the limitation to file types and file size makes it inferior to the Move to iOS application when considering it as a file transfer tool.

Steps of transfer

  • Install Dropbox in your Android device and create an account. Upload the files you need to your Dropbox and save it in different folders.

upload files via dropbox

  • Install Dropbox in your iPhone and log in to the same account as you did in your Android device. You will be able to access the contents of your Android Dropbox in your iPhone Dropbox easily.

2.4 Using iTransor Pro to Transfer All Data Including WhatsApp

You may not know that you cannot transfer your WhatsApp data through any official method, which is usually a huge problem when Android users choose to switch to iPhone. Actually, you don't have to desert your precious chat history, photos, videos and etc. in your old Android, as long as you take a look in iMyFone iTransor Pro.

With this convenient desktop tool, you can transfer 12 types of data, and even back up, restore and export your WhatsApp data across different platforms (from Samsung/Huawei to iPhone). The phone data transfer will be done within minutes.

Steps of transfer

  • Download the software on the official website or here and then install.

windows version    mac version

  • Launch the app and choose Transfer WhatsApp or Transfer Other Data.

choose Transfer WhatsApp

  • Connect both the iPhone and Android devices via a USB cable to your PC. You can select or switch between the source and destination phones.
  • Select the data you want to transfer, and click on Transfer.

select data to transfer

  • Now you can just wait for the process to be completed and then click on Done. The time it costs will depend on the data size on your old phone.

For more specific data transfer, you can choose different guides for different data types as shown in below. Now the 'Move to iOS could not communicate with device' issue won't trouble you any more.


There are different ways in which data can be transferred from Android to iPhone and some have been discussed above. The Move to iOS allows the transfer of different file types and is also more secure as it was developed by Apple. But sometimes, the issues that arise while using this app might not be solvable and you will have to go with the alternative methods of data transfer as listed above. Let us know what you think about our suggestions in the comment box below.