A lost or stolen phone is nothing short of heartache because your phone is one of your most precious items. But what to do next? Even if your phone is lost, no one wants to lose the important information stored.

But what should you do to recover Samsung data? Well, there's not any hard and fast rule to do so. In this article, we'll help you configure the best way to find the answer to your question about how to recover data from a lost Samsung phone.

Part 1. How to Recover Data from Stolen/Lost Samsung Phone

No one wants their phone to be lost or stolen, but this unfortunate problem can happen to anyone, anytime. But what if you're going to recover your data from that stolen phone? You don't need to be stressed out, as below; we'll discuss the best ways to recover stolen Samsung phone data. Read on to unveil your best method!

1.1. Recover Photos from Stolen/Lost Samsung Phones without Backup

Sometimes, when a mishap like a phone loss or stealing happens, the phone's backup helps you get your data back. But what if you haven't backup your data? Well, no worries, the iMyfone D-Back for Android is there to help you out. It Recovers all your lost data within seconds without any long process.

The iMyFone D-Back for Android is undoubtedly one of the best methods if you want to know how to recover photos from a lost phone without backup. Align with recovering your data; it also provides you the option to scan and preview your file before recovery. This ensures that your data is secured from any malware or damaging viruses. Want to know more about this incredible tool? Look down to check its amazing features.

Main Features of iMyfone D-Back for Android

  • It recovers all the deleted videos or photos without root.
  • It supports more than 6000 android phones and tablets.
  • Extract and download your data from Google.
  • Filter and preview option to make recovery easier for you.
  • 100% safer to use.
  • Capable of recovering data from rooted or unrooted Android devices.

Samsung phone recovery with iMyFone D-Back for Android

Using the iMyFone D-Back for Android, you may restore all of your lost phone data on Android at once. You must select the Android recovery mode before you can proceed with the recovery. The steps to do so are outlined below.

Step 1: Install the software and launch it on your device. After you've chosen "Android Data Recovery" mode, connect your device. You'll have to provide the device name and model. The software will then download appropriate data and start the scanning process.

dback select the mode

Step 2: Because your device is in download mode, the software will direct you to the file recovery interface. Select the file you want to recover and then click Next to begin analyzing and scanning it. It will take a few minutes longer to finish.

imyfone dback select the location

Step 3: Your lost file will be listed in detail after scanning, and you can restore it after previewing it. To restore your file, select the file you wish to recover and click Recover. After the recovery process, all of the files will be instantly saved to your computer.


1.2. How to Recover Data from Water Damaged/Dead Samsung Phone with Backup

If you just come ahead to the data loss problem, then backup would surely help you get your data back from your stolen Samsung phone. Below is the best method to recover Samsung data.

If you want to use the backup option while finding how to recover data from stolen Samsung phones, you need to make sure that the data of your lost phone is already backed up to the Samsung cloud or your google account.

Using the Samsung cloud

Samsung cloud continuously saves your data and automatically backup after a certain period of time.

Follow the below steps to recover your data from the Samsung cloud:

Step 1: Go to the setting options from your home screen. Go to the Accounts and Backup option.

Step 2: Since we're using the cloud option, go to the Samsung Cloud. You'll see the Back and Restore option. Click on this option.

Step 3: Click on the Restore Data option.

Step 4: If you want to recover media, use the gallery option. If you want to recover data from any other location, choose that. At last, select the Sync option.

Bonus Tip: How to Track Lost/Stolen Samsung Phone

You can use Samsung's Find My mobile features to track your lost phone. It's the only answer to your question: how to track a lost phone?

The following is a step-by-step guide on utilizing Find My Mobile to recover data from a lost Samsung phone.

Step 1:Log in to your Samsung account from the official Samsung website. You can use the link: https://findmymobile.samsung.com/.

Once you've opened the Find My Mobile, it will show you the device that can be tracked. Select your device. If the device is connected to the internet, you can easily see the area.

Step 2:You'll also get a few more options. With the lock option, you can lock your phone too.

Part 3. FAQs about Recovering Data from Stolen/Lost Samsung Phone

1. How to Recover Text Messages from a Lost Phone?

If you want to know how to recover text messages from a lost phone, navigate to part 1 of this article. At the iMyFone D-Back for Android method, we've already mentioned the whole process of recovering your data from a lost or stolen phone. It's the best method to recover your data.

2. How to Recover Samsung Notes from the Lost Phone?

You can simply use the iMyFone D-Back for Android. You can easily recover notes in 3 simple steps and within a few minutes. You can check Part 1.1 for the detailed steps.

You can also recover using the Samsung restore data option. Well, that's quite easy if you have a backup saved on your Samsung account.

Follow the below steps to do so:

Step 1:Go to the settings app.

Step 2: Go to the main backup and restore menu. Now, tap on the option below that backup data.

Step 3: Select the documents to recover your Samsung notes and tap on restore. It will take a few minutes, and it will restore your data.

3. How do I Backup My Stolen Samsung Phone?

If you want to backup your stolen phone data, you can use the iMyFone D-Back for Android. You can also use the method we've mentioned in the above question (Part 3.2) to recover your important files.


Losing a smartphone is frustrating. It is the go-to device for everyone to save various information such as photographs, movies, documents, etc.

While finding a lost smartphone is difficult, you can retrieve your contents remotely and save them to another device. Use the solutions mentioned above to retrieve data from a lost phone if you find yourself in a similar circumstance.

Furthermore, the iMyFone D-Back for Android is your next-level solution for backing up your data from a stolen or lost Samsung phone. It's one of the most effective and tried methods for recovering data on android. So, what's left to consider? Now is the time to get it.