Have you accidentally broken your iPhone? Well, we can understand your pain and frustration, both about the iPhone and the underlying data. Now if you are looking for a helpful situation for you to save or transfer the data on your broken iPhone, you're at the right place. We have got you covered as we specifically tailored this article to help you transfer data from your broken iPhone to new iPhone running iOS 14/13. Keep reading to know more!

broken iPhone

1. Can You Transfer Data from Broken iPhone to New iPhone

Well! Transferring data from a broken iPhone to your new iPhone depends on the condition of your old phone. If you can connect and access your device on a computer, you can create a backup and then restore that backup to your new iPhone. It is essential that the iPhone has trusted a computer prior to breaking down because this will allow iTunes to access the data on your iPhone. A broken and unresponsive device will not let you trust a computer (if you have never trusted any computer before) to create a backup or transfer data. In case you have trusted a PC prior to the damage then you might have chances to backup your iPhone data and then transfer the data to your another or new iPhone.

Keep reading the post further if you are unsure about transferring data from broken iPhone to new iPhone this way. We've mentioned the complete step by step process for it.

2. How to Transfer Data from Broken iPhone to New iPhone

We assume that you have trusted a computer on your iPhone before it was broken or damaged. First, we're going to demonstrate the procedure to backup the broken iPhone using iTunes, and then transfer the data to new iPhone. The major drawback of this process is you can't selectively backup a particular data from the backup file. As the entire device data gets backed up here, it becomes a time consuming task. Just follow the instruction below and keep patient.

  1. Make sure to upgrade your iTunes to the latest version and then connect the broken iPhone using a USB cable.
  2. Tap your iPhone in iTunes interface, then hit the 'Summary' tab from the left panel and then press the 'Backup Now' button.
  3. iTunes will now start creating a backup of your broken iPhone on your computer. Now, you are ready to proceed with the data transfer process to a new iPhone.

backup iPhone

Restoring your broken iPhone's data to a new iPhone using iTunes –

  1. Launch iTunes on your computer (the same you have created backup with) and get your new iPhone connected to it. Trust your computer when prompted.
  2. From iTunes interface, tap on your iPhone and then hit 'Restore Backup' under 'Summary' section.
  3. Select the recently created backup file and then press 'Restore'. Wait until the data has been restored on to your new iPhone.

Note: Make sure that the iPhone is plugged in until it restarts and completes syncing with the computer.

restore iPhone using iTunes

3. Use iMyFone iTransor to selectively Restore iPhone

Sometimes, we just don't need the whole data on old iPhone to be transferred to new iPhone. If you want to transfer data from a broken iPhone to new iPhone selectively, this tool iMyFone iTransor (iOS 14 supported) will help you. With this powerful software you can back up your device data either entirely or selectively. You can back up the broken device data using the 'Back Up & Export from Device' feature and then restore it to your new iPhone using the 'Restore Backup to Device' feature.

Note: The tool can backup and restore only WhatsApp/Messages/WeChat separately in the current version, more data types will be supported in the upcoming version.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Let's begin the step-by-step backup process to assist the transfer of data from broken iPhone to new iPhone using iMyFone iTransor (iOS 14/13/12 Supported).

If You Backup using iMyFone iTransor

Step 1: Install and launch the latest version of this software on your PC and connect your broken iPhone using a USB cable. Select 'Back Up & Export from Device' and then hit 'Back Up Messages'. If you wan to backup other data, just choose other option.

back up messages on iOS device

Step 2: Being navigated to the next screen, tap 'Back Up' to continue the process. It will start backing up your broken device within no time.

backing up messages

Step 3: Upon successful completion of the process, you will see an onscreen message 'Messages have been backed up successfully!'

succesfully back up messages

Now that the backup has been made, the transfer of data from broken iPhone to new iPhone can be done by restoring it. You can easily restore that backup to your iPhone.

If You Have an iTunes Backup of Your Broken iPhone

If you made a backup using iTunes, you can selectively restore Messages, WhatsApp, WeChat from the backup to your iPhone. Here we will tell you how to do it.

Step 1: After launching the software on your computer connect your new iPhone using a lightning cable. Press the 'Restore Backup to Device' tab and then select the preferred backup file from the list.

choose to restore a backup

Step 2: If the backup is a full backup, simply click on 'Restore Partial Backup' and mark the check box adjacent to 'Message' option under the 'Message & Call Log'. Click the 'Next' button thereafter to start the scanning process.

click restore a partial backup

Step 3: You can then preview the data after scanning is over and hit 'Restore' to initiate transferring data from broken iPhone to new iPhone. When the restore process is completed, 'The data has been restored successfully' message will appear on your screen.

preview data in backup