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Are you having trouble with the iPhone's location on the latest iOS17 version?

A lot of people can't change their location on their iPhone when they update the iOS 17 system. It can be frustrating. Don't worry, we have the perfect solution for you.

In this article, we will talk about how to fix location issues on your iDevices and how to change location on iOS 17. If you want to say goodbye to location issues, keep reading.

change location on ios 17

In this article:

Part 1: Location Issues with the iOS History Versions

While iOS versions have brought forth numerous features and improvements, there have been occasional setbacks related to location.

These issues appear to be associated with the "Significant Location" feature, which does not function as expected in iOS 17. Consequently, many users have experienced difficulties with changing locations on iOS 17.

This situation has caused frustration, confusion, and potential inconvenience for users, emphasizing the need for prompt resolution of these problems.

Part 2: What’s New in Location on iOS 17?

In iOS 17, when you click the + button of Message, there is a new vertical menu that will pop up, where you can share your location. This feature greatly solves the difficulty of sharing iPhone location only on third-party software.

ios 17 location feature

Part 3: Why Do I Need to Change GPS Location on iPhone?

There is usually no need to change their iPhone 15 location for normal users. However, there are instances where obtaining a location changer on the iPhone can be advantageous, particularly if you intend to engage in any of the following activities:

track in find my ios 17

  • Enjoy location-based games like Pokémon GO but want to catch more rare Pokemons in the game.
  • Bypass the geo-limitations of dating apps like Tinder, Grindr, and Facebook Dating.
  • Protect your privacy and stop being tracked by spouse in Life360, Find My, and other locations spying apps.
  • Access geo-restricted content libraries on streaming platforms like Netflix.
  • Send fake locations to friends or hide your location without anyone knowing.

Part 4: The Best Way to Change Location on iOS 17?

If you desire to change GPS location on iOS 17, it is necessary to have an efficient & high-quality spoofer that can safely fake your location on iPhone.

Our recommended choices simplify the task of spoofing locations, ensuring a seamless and effortless experience.

1 Use iMyFone AnyTo to Change iOS 17 Location

Location changer iMyFone AnyTo is designed to change the GPS location or fix the wrong location on your iPhone / Android device without the need for jailbreak or root.

With iMyFone AnyTo, you can change your location on iOS 17 anywhere as long as you want, and safely use a joystick for better control.

It offers a range of features that make it a reliable and convenient option for changing your location. Check out the key features below.

iMyFone AnyTo

Top 1 iOS 17 location changer:

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Step 1: Connect iPhone to the PC/Mac

Launch iMyFone AnyTo on your Windows PC/Mac (you can click the Try It Free button above to download it free). Click the Get Start button.

download imyfone anyto

Step 2: Select Teleport Mode

Choose the third icon on the upper-right corner - Teleport Mode. Then you can input an address or zoom and drag the map to choose a fake location.

how to change location on ios 17

Step 3: Location Changed on Map

Now just click the Move button to change your location on the map to this new location!

Change GPS Location on ios 17 with 1 Click

Watch Video Tutorial to Change Location Easily for iOS 17



You can also change iOS 17 location for iPhone directly via AnyTo iOS version.

Follow the steps, you can change your location on iOS 17 with 1-click!

Step 1: Download iMyFone AnyTo on your iOS / Android devices.

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Step 2: Back to your device's home page. Click the AnyTo icon, open AnyTo app. Follow the instructions in the software to complete the basic settings before changing the location.

open anyto to change location

Step 3: Select the location you want to change, choose the mode you need, then click the Move button .Your location will be changed within seconds.



You can select a place by long pressing/entering the place name/coordinates.

pokemon go auto catcher ios

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2 Use iFakelocation to Change iPhone Location

iFakeLocation offers convenience for iOS users seeking to fake their location without jailbreak. However, there are some iOS 17 users reporting compatibility issues.

While the software supports multiple platforms, there is a risk of encountering errors and potential detection by anti-spoofing measures.

If you are using iFakeLocation on your iPhone, follow here step by step so that you will not encounter any problems:

Step 1: Download iFakeLocation.

ifakelocation ios 17 change location

Step 2: Choose the appropriate file depending on your computer.

Step 3: Launch iFakeLocation and use Chrome to open it. Connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 4: Choose your device in the Device Name section and click on Refresh.

Step 5: Search for a location, or select a location from the map. Once done, click on Set Fake Location. Your iPhone location will be changed immediately.

change ios 17 location ifakelocation

Part 5: Are There Any Risks When I Change My Location on iOS 17?

The answer is YES, so it's important to choose a safe iOS 17 GPS location changer for iPhone. Location spoofer iMyFone AnyTo does not rely on a specific iOS version. Consequently, you can employ this location spoofer on an iPhone, irrespective of whether you are utilizing the release version of iOS or the beta version.

There are no inherent dangers in spoofing your location using a safe location spoofing app for iPhone.

fake location on ios 17 risks


iPhone location spoofers are becoming increasingly popular, primarily among gamers who use the spoofer to enhance their Pokémon-catching endeavors.

The location changer iMyFone AnyTo is compatible with the iOS version without any complications. Additionally, you can enjoy the convenience of using iMyFone AnyTo without the need to concern yourself with security issues and change your location on iOS 17 freely.

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