Want to know how to fake location on iPhone? Ado! Whether you want to appear like you're in sunny Hawaii or the frigid North Pole, here are 6 simple ways to change GPS iPhone location with computer and apps for you!

How to Fake Location on iphone

Part 1: How to Fake Location on iPhone with Computer

While we will discuss six methods for how to fake location on iPhone, these first three ways will need a computer to fake GPS location on the iPhone. The following three will be doable on the device itself. If you're looking for easy ways to change your location, try one of these three ways.

1iMyFone AnyTo (iOS 15 Supported)

iMyFone AnyTo is one of the best location changer in the market. Just like its name, the software can change iPhone/iPad GPS location to anywhere just by one click. You can also plan a route with setting the moving speed and times. This means you do not have to walk outside when you play AR games.

AnyTo location changer

1,000,000+ Downloads

Changing location is as easy as pie with AnyTo:

  • Easily fake GPS location on iPhone to every corner in the world.
  • Hide iPhone location without being tracked.
  • Change GPS location on iPhone without jailbreak.
  • Spoof location on all location-based applications on your iPhone.
  • Support all iOS versions, including iOS 15/14/13.

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Here is the best method on how to fake location on iPhone with AnyTo.

Step 1: Download and launch AnyTo on your computer. Choose “Get Started”.

launch anyto application

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to PC. Click “Trust” on iPhone screen. Then enter screen passcode to unlock your iPhone. After that, you will see your virtual location on the map.

unlock iPhone to trust connection

Step 3: The software will start to load the map. Select “Teleport Mode” at the upper right side. And input the address/GPS coordinates that you want to change. 

input the address/GPS coordinates in Teleport Mode

Step 4: Click “Move” in the pop-up sidebar. Your iPhone location will change to your ideal place. In this case, you can not only trick your friends or family with fake location on your socal apps, but also get access to geo-specific features on location-based applications. 

successfully fake your iphone GPS location


You only need to restart your iPhone if you want to recover your real location.

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Some hidden developer settings within iOS let you fake the location. However, to access these settings, you need to be able to write to some text files on the device itself. Since iOS is locked, you cannot usually access these internal files. There is a neat workaround for this, though. By using backup software like iBackupBot, you can back up your phone's data, edit the file, and then restore the backup with an updated version of that file.

To fake your location with iBackupBot, perform the following steps.

Step 1: Plug your iOS device into your Windows PC or Mac and make a backup with it on iTunes (make sure that you do not encrypt your backup). Choose “Back Up Now”.

make a backup with itunes

Step 2: Close iTunes and open iBackupBot to locate and open backup files.

open backup files

Step 3: Edit the following files within the program to find the Apple Maps’ plist file.

System Files -> HomeDomain -> Library -> Preferences

User App Files -> com.Apple.Maps -> Library -> Preferences

Step 4: In the file, look for the (dict) tag and then put the following underneath it.

insert the line

Step 5: Close iBackupBot. Next disable the "Find My iPhone" feature on your iPhone Settings after doing this and then restore your backup.

disable Find My iPhone

Step 6: Open Apple Maps. You should be able to tap the bottom of the screen to get more information on that location. With this change, you will see the option to "Simulate Location". Press that to make Pokemon Go, and other apps think you're in a different place!

simulate location on your iPhone


iBackupBot works on iOS devices running on 11 and below. It may not work if your iOS device is updated to the latest version.


If editing plist files aren't your cup of tea, and you're looking for a different method of how to fake location on iPhone, there's good news! iSpoofer lets you simulate being anywhere in the world without requiring any file edits. There's no jailbreak required, and you can use this method to simulate walking, which helps immensely for Pokemon Go.

To use iSpoofer, follow these steps.

Step 1: Download and install iSpoofer for your computer.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to your Windows PC or Mac with a USB cable and unlock your device.

unlock device to trust computer

Step 3: Then iSpoofer will download a developer file to simulate its GPS location.

Step 4: You can then select a location for your iPhone and click “Move” to fake your iPhone location.

fake iPhone location with ispoofer


  • You'll need to keep your iPhone plugged into your computer for this to work. That could hinder your ability to take calls.
  • The latest iTunes version should be instelled on your computer.
  • Some games can detect this, and it can cause issues. However, at the time of this writing, the only impacted games are POGO, Ingress, and Wizards Unite.
  • Part 2: How to Change GPS Location on iPhone with Mobile App

    The above methods will let you change the location on your iPhone by using a computer. Through the above computer programs, you can also quickly fake the GPS location on your iPhone without jailbreak. However, if you use the mobile apps, they each come with various caveats (jailbreaking, price, etc.). Following are also 3 available location changer Apps.


    NordVPN will let you change your device's location by making it appear like the network calls your device is making are coming from a different country. VPN stands for "virtual private network," and it funnels all your traffic through a server in your desired location. The outside world thinks all that traffic is coming from your device in Germany, for example.

    To get started with NordVPN, follow these steps.

    Step 1: Find NordVPN in the Apple Store and download it.

    Step 2: Open NordVPN and select the country and city where you want to be (as of right now, there are over 5,500 servers in 58 different countries).

    Step 3: Connect to that server.

    fake location with nordvpn

    Step 4: Enjoy websites thinking you're somewhere else!


    While this will make sites like Google think that you are in another region, it will not fool apps that get GPS location. If you're sharing your location with friends, they will see the correct position, not the fake one.

    2CydiaTweak - Location Faker

    Location Faker is an app in Cydia that will enable you to fake your GPS location on the iPhone. Since it is in Cydia only, you will need to jailbreak your device to access this fun app. However, once you jailbreak your iPhone and get it installed, you'll be able to fool apps that require GPS location (like the find my friends feature) into thinking you are somewhere entirely different. When used in conjunction with NordVPN, your real position becomes virtually undetectable!

    Location Faker is easy to install and use, assuming you already have a jailbroken iphone. Now learn how to fake location on iPhone with location faker step by step.

    Step 1: Download the Location Faker app from Cydia. Install LocationFaker8 if your iOS device is running on 8.0. If your iOS device is running on 5.0-7.0, you have to install LocationFaker.

    Step 2: Launch the app and enter the address where you want to appear in the text box.

    Step 3: Once you're happy with the location, turn "ON" the switch in the bottom-left corner.

    turn on the service location

    Step 4: Click "i" at the right bottom corner. Choose "White List", then you can choose the apps that you want to fake location. Next "Done" to finish.

    choose the apps that you want to fake location


  • The Supreme Court ruled jailbreaking as legal in the United States and most jurisdictions around the world. However, it will almost definitely void your warranty. If you are concerned about that, the iMyFone AnyTo is probably best for you.
  • Apps can detect if you have jailbroken your phone. As such, some apps will flat out refuse to run since they know that faking GPS location on iPhone is a possibility.
  • 3Double Location

    This is the last method for how to fake location on iPhone - the GPS location. The Double Location system does not require a jailbreak, which is fantastic. However, this app is not available in the App store.What’s more, it is a paid application.

    Double Location is a hardware device that plugs into your Lightning port and acts as a fake GPS. Your iPhone, thinking it's a real GPS, will happily use the location. Except, you can control precisely where this dongle thinks you are! If you're looking to have your actual site be undetectable, combining this with NordVPN is 100% the way to go!

    To use Double Location, follow these steps.

    Step 1: Buy the Double Location dongle at the website.

    Step 2: Sign in your account and find the downloading address & the password. Tap “Download” to download the Double Location.

    Step 3: In order to use the app, follow the path:  Settings > General > Device Management > Trust Developer. Now you can use this app.

    Step 4: Launch Double Location. Then navigate the location pin to the destination you want to change.

    navigate the location pin to your ideal place

    Step 5: Click “Lock Position” to set your location.

    set your location with lock position


    You may download the app unsuccesssfully due to the security feature on iOS devices.

    Part 3: What Will Happen After Faking Location on iPhone?

    Faking your location on your iOS device will result in a few essential effects happening, depending, in large part, on what method you used to simulate it.

  • If you use a VPN to fake your location, you will fool websites and apps that use IP checks. Your iPhone has a unique IP address that allows someone to approximate where your device is (e.g., US, Canada, etc.). Google, video streams on the web, and so on all use this type of check, which will work once you fake the location on the iPhone using a VPN.
  • If you use a fake GPS location on iPhone, then you will be able to fool apps that use GPS checks. Most apps and games, like Pokemon Go, request to share location data with them. These apps will work with fake data instead. The location-sharing feature of iOS will also think you are at the mock location, so friends and family querying where you are will not know the truth.
  • If you fake GPS and have a VPN, then you have near-perfect location obscurity. Apps and websites will all think you're in a different place!
  • Conclusion

    As we can see from these six methods, how to fake location on iPhone/iOS 14/iOS 15 is not difficult to do. Some of them are more complex than others. But all in all, having a fake GPS location iPhone through iMyFone AnyTo is relatively straightforward. The Good news is that you can try the free version first. Once you set those, it becomes very challenging for websites and apps (including Google or Pokemon Go) to detect where in the world you indeed are.

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