Pokémon Sword and Shield's Crown Tundra DLC added various new locations and most importantly new and awesome legendary Pokémon to the already existing Pokedex of the Gallar region. Glastrier and Spectrier, two of the many new legendaries that were added to the game, both are horses in physical appearance and both look great, to say the least.

Glastrier Spectrier Pokemon

In this article, we are talking about these legendary Pokémon and figure out all its base stats, moveset, comparision between each other and how to catch them. Also, a bonus tip for you!

Part 1: What is Spectrier and Shiny Spectrier?

Spectrier is a ghost-type swift horse Pokémon with purple hair covering that looks like an emo horse due to the style of its hair. The Pokémon gives off ghostly vibes for sure and is neatly designed keeping the Crow Tundra expansion pack in mind!

Spectrier Pokemon

1. Base Stats

Spectrier has,

  • A base HP of 100
  • A base Attack of 65
  • A base Defense of 60
  • A base Sp. Attack of 145
  • A base Sp. Defense of 80
  • A base Speed of 130

Spectrier has a whopping total 580 base stat which is mostly focused on speed and special attacks. Though it special attack and speed are crazy, the horse is really frail with 60 defense and 80 special defense, so yeah make sure you KO everyone in the first hit as you will be out-speeding almost every Pokémon with this ghost horse. The Shiny Spectrier is similar to the base variant, the only difference is his hair color which becomes red and more vibrant.

2. Abilities

The special ability Grim Neigh makes sure it special attack pack a punch, so make sure to have moves that utilize that great special attack stat. For example, the best moveset will have boosting moves which will further the special attack stats making it the hardest hitter.

Spectrier's kicks are said to separate soul from body.

3. Evolution chart

Spectrier does not evolve.

4. Moveset

  • Shadow Ball
  • Mud Shot
  • Hyper Beam
  • Substitute
  • Nasty Plot
  • Dark Pulse / Protect
  • Tips

    Use Spectrier as your lead and Shadow Ball has OHKO potential when used with Nasty Plot. Grim Neigh will activate and you're pretty much at a 4x special boost, use Dark Pulse because Spectrier's movepool sucks.

    Part 2: Glastrier vs. Spectrier, Which is Better to Choose?

    Glastrier is a full-blown ice-type horse Pokémon that has spiky hair at the back of its neck making it look like an aggressive Pokémon. It has the color of ice all over his body which is fitting for the Crown Tundra theme of the expansion pack. Its ability is Chilling Neigh, moveset has Heavy Slam, Body Press, Icicle Crash, High Horsepower.


    Comparison Between Glastrier and Spectrier

    • Glastrier has the better movepool and bulk, focuses more on defense, but worse typing and terrible speed.

    • Spectrier has wonderful special attack and amazing speed, but definitely don't has great movepools.

    In conclusion

    spectrier or glastrier

    Choosing between two these legendaries Pokémon isn't easy especially when you can only acquire one in the game. Both these Pokémon are great in their own right but if you had to choose between them, I think Spectrier is the better choice due to its balanced stats and viability ranking thread. The special attack and speed on Spectrier are just phenomenal, it can out-perform every Pokémon on your team and more dangerous to ice resists like Kyogre.

    But then again, Glastrier is also a good Pokémon when used correctly, choosing one comes down to your personal preference and playing style. Most importantly, choose the Pokémon which you love no matter the stats as every Pokémon is great in its way!

    Part 3: How to Get Glastrier&Spectrier in Pokémon Sword and Shield?

    To get these horses you'll have yot do a quest first which involves Calyrex the psychic/grass type Pokémon.

    Calyrex King

    To start the quest you need to go to Peony's house where you'll find a wooden pillow-like thing which onis a hat. You'll have to take this hat outside where there's a Calyrex relic. Place this hat on the statue and Calyrex will appear. Then you'll have to fight it, you won't be able to capture it just yet so knock it out quickly.

    cpeony house

    Then there is a lot of cutscenes but the important thing is Calyrex will ask for his horse, this is when you visit the mayor who is in trouble as crops haven't been growing. You'll need to talk to everyone in the area to get a feel for what's to come. Especially you'll need to talk to an old man who is standing near crops, he'll sell you carrot seeds for 8 dynamite ore, so make sure you have these ores at your disposal.

    When you bring these seeds to Calyrex, he'll let you choose the location where to plant the seeds. Now depending upon the horse you want you'll place the seed in a field near ice or a field near a graveyard.

    calyrex ask choose seed

    When you plant near the graveyard, Spectrier will appear and when you plant them at the ice field, Glastrier will appear. Now you have to knockout the horse as it will not be possible to capture it just yet. When you defeat the horse you'll get black mane's hair which when you take to Clayrex he'll give you black petal. Now combine these items to get Reins of Unity.

    You can capture the horse and Calyrex at Crown shrine. Once you capture the fused Pokémon you'll have both the horse and Calyrex(Ice Rider Calyrex / Shadow Rider Calyrex). You can separate or fuse them using the Reins of Unity!

    catch spectrier and glastrier


    You can only get one horse during the time in The Crown Tundra, however you can try and find another player to trade for the missing horse around the world.

    Part 4: Some Common Questions about Pokémon Spectrier

    Q1Where to Plant Carrot Seeds - Glastrier or Spectrier?

    Planting the seed in the snow will come across Glastrier while planting near the graveyard will draw in Spectrier.

    Q2Which is better? Glastrier or Spectrier?

    If you're playing Trick Room or bulky offense, then use Glastrier. If you're playing offense, use Spectrier. But Spectrier is faster and due to its Grim Neigh ability, its special attack will boost with each knock out. Besides, Calyrex is far stronger while merged with Spectrier.

    Q3Are Calyrex(and its forms), Spectrier, and Glastrier avalible in Ranked Battles?

    Spectrier and Glastrier are allowed in ranked battles, however, Calyrex + Rider forms are not.

    Q4How To Separate Calyrex from Glastrier and Spectrier?

    Open your bag and use "Reins of Unity" on Calyrex.

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    Final Words

    The Crown Tundra is a great place that was added in the DLC, the legendaries added the much-needed boost to the base game and made us the Pokémon fans happy. Hopefully, this article will have covered all your doubts regarding the Spectrier legendary horses! Besides, iMyFone AnyTo can help you save more time and candies.