Logic Pro is one of the most commonly used software for optimizing audio tracks with hundreds of editing features. However, nothing is more frustrating than losing all the crucial files and audio tracks that you spent hours creating. If you have lost your Logic Pro files on Mac, you have come to the right place because we are sharing how to recover lost Logic Pro files!

data recovery for mac

Part 1. Recommended Ways to Recover Deleted/Lost Logic Pro Files

How to recover deleted Logic Pro files or conduct Logic data recovery is one of the most common queries when people lose the audio tracks. Fortunately, it's pretty easy to recover Logic Pro X files and Logic Pro X files or other file formats with the help of iMyFone D-Back.

This recovery software is designed to help users recover the files with a user-friendly and beginner-friendly interface. The best thing about the iMyFone D-Back is that it works well on Mac compared to other software solutions that fail to deliver the promised results.

Honestly, many people think that they cannot retrieve the files because they have been wiped, but that's not the case. So, with the section below, you will learn how to recover Logic Pro X files and other files with extreme ease.

1.1 Recover Lost Logic Pro Files Using Professional Method on Mac

There might be hundreds of data recovery apps out there, but most of them are either too complicated or are paid. For this, we are sharing how you can use iMyFone D-Back to retrieve the Logic Pro files on your Mac;

Step 1. D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert installation for Mac

Go to the iMyFone site and then start the installation process of the recovery tool by just clicking on the install button.

Step 2. Locate and scan 

As you've launched the software, go to its dashboard. Select the device your data was previously saved and click it to start the scanning process.

scan external device mac

Step 3. Preview the file

As the all-around scan is done, you can preview your files. After overwriting the files, you can proceed to recover them.

preview files from external devices mac

Step 4. Recovering deleted Logic Pro Files Files

You've previewed the file. If you want to recover it, click recover. After a few seconds, your file will get recovered. Lastly, save the recovered file on your Mac. 

scanned files preview mac

On the other hand, if you intend on recovering multiple files at once, you can check the files and click on the recover button – you will need to choose the location for saving the recovered files. Remember that you shouldn't keep the recorded files at a place where you lost the files.

1.2 Possible Ways To Recover Deleted Logic Pro Files From Mac

If you want to recover your logic pro file without using software, then try out the following methods to recover it.

1Using Finder

If you want to recover the Logic Pro files from Mac but cannot use the third-party apps, you can do it through the Finder app on Mac.

Step 1. Opening Finder

First of all, open the Finder app on the Mac and go to the apps section. From this section, look for the Logic Pro app.

open the logic pro app

Step 2. Getting Access To Package Contents

When you find the Logic Pro app, right-click on it to choose the "show package content" option.

select show package contents

Step 3. Look For 000 Files & Autosave Folder

When accessing the package content, choose the " alternatives " folder and select the 000 files. In this folder, you will see the autosave folder, where you will find the lost files.

2Using Trash

If you have deleted the files and cannot use the Finder, you can use the Trash on your Mac system to recover the files.

Step 1.Opening Trash

First of all, open the Trash folder on the Mac, and there will be a trash icon on the bottom part of the screen, so click on it.

open the trash folder

Step 2. Look For The Files

When the new folder opens, you will be able to see all the deleted files. So, rather than skimming through the files, use the search button on the top to search for your files.

search the lost files

Step 3. Recover The Files

Please select all the files you want to recover and right-click on them. As a result, there will be multiple options, and you've to choose the "put back" option to restore the files to the original location. 

select the put back option

Part 2. Tips For Logic Pro X Files

Now that you are aware of the process to recover the lost files, various tips can help you save the files and prevent accidental loss.

2.1 How to Save Logic Pro Files as MP3

Since Logic Pro is audio editing software, it's common for people to ask how to save Logic Pro files as MP3. To help you save the files in your desired format, we are sharing the details below;

Step 1. Start Exporting

When you are exporting from the Logic Pro, you need to choose the audio file section you intend on exporting. Once selected, choose the file button from the top and then click the bounce option. From the bounce window, choose a section or project.

Step 2. Choose MP3

A new window will appear from which you can choose MP3 as the destination. You need to ensure that the MP3 option is highlighted in blue color. Select 320Kbps from the Bit Rate Stereo menu and tap on the OK button when it's highlighted.

select the mp3 option

Step 3. Choose The Download Location

When clicking the OK button, choose the desired download location and save the file. As a result, the audio file will be saved in the MP3 form in your desired location.

2.2 How to Compress Logic Pro X File?

Logic Pro saves the files as a package, which is not supported by the internet services and non-Apple hard drives. So, to use this "package," you need to compress the files. In case you don't know how to compress the Logic Pro X file, below are the instructions that you can follow;

Step 1. Open Finder

To begin with, open the Finder app on the Mac and choose the file.

Step 2. Start Compressing

Right-click the file, choose the compress option, and the files will be compressed for you to export and use.

select the compress option

Part 3. FAQs about Lost Logic Pro Files Recovery

3.1 Can I Recover Accidentally Deleted Logic Pro Files On Mac?

Yes, it is possible to recover deleted Logic Pro X files or recover Logic Pro X files. There are various recovery software solutions, such as the iMyFone D-Back. However, you can also use the Finder app on your Mac to retrieve the files. The section on recovering Logic Pro files will surely help you through the process.

3.2 How Can I Recover Unsaved Logic Pro X Projects?

Logic Pro saves your work automatically, so you don't lose important changes if the application quits unexpectedly. When you open the project again, Logic Pro displays a dialog box asking if you want to use the automatically saved version. If you select not to do so, Logic Pro will open the last manually saved version of the project.


Losing the Logic Pro files can be extremely frustrating, mainly when you have spent weeks and months editing an audio track to perfection. However, it's not always a problem as you can use the iMyFone D-Back to recover Logic Pro files.

This recovery software is one of the most practical and beginner-friendly recovery software that you can find out there. It's free to download and has tons of advanced features to streamline the data recovery process.