WD is a company that works with different types of hard drives. It has another product, namely ‘My Cloud,’ that helps the user to create a backup of their data. But what if you lost or delete files from WD My Cloud Home? In this article, we will discuss what the WD My Cloud Hard Drive is and how we can recover lost files from it.

wd my cloud

Part 1. How to Recover Data from WD my Cloud Hard Drive

1.1. What is WD My Cloud?

Western Digital (WD) My Cloud is simple and easy-to-use cloud storage that connects directly to the home router. The user can save all types of content on this storage unit. It has a physical existence but works wirelessly and can be accessed from anywhere. There is no limitation to this storage unit except its capacity. If you have an internet connection, then you can upload and share your content from anywhere. It is mostly used as backup storage so that in case of any mishap, you have a proper backup to recover your data.

WD My Cloud is also the great backup storage because it allows the user to organize all the data concerning date and time. Moreover, you can invite your friends and family to this cloud, where they can share and upload data as well. You can even assign personal space to each individual that no one besides them can access. It is a modern technology storage device because it works remotely and doesn’t have complex accessibility.

WD My Cloud has different products with different storage sizes. It provides a warranty on its products as well. It has its software and apps that users can download and use. The price range of WD My Cloud products is variable depending on the unit's storage capacity. 

1.2. Recover Deleted Data from WD My Cloud Hard Drive with Recommended Way

If you are using WD My Cloud, then it is no guarantee that the data will not corrupt, or the device will not malfunction. It is a physical device and can deteriorate with time. As it is backup storage, the data saved in it is important to the user. If this data is lost or exploited, then it will cause a lot of frustration to the user. The user can use the iMyFone D-Back to be carefree of this frustration. It is a professional and simple data recovery tool that can help the user to retrieve all the data that is lost by WD My Cloud.

As WD My Cloud is remotely accessible, iMyFone D-Back can work from any PC as well. It is compatible with both Windows and macOS, so you can use any operating system to retrieve your lost WD My Cloud Hard Drive data.

This program is capable of recovering more than one thousand data types. It can recover data in every scenario, whether it be a system crash, virus attack, lost partition, RAW partition, formatted data, the external device, or even from an empty recycle bin. iMyFone D-Back is a very handy tool and has a free version that anyone can download and check the success rate of this tool. Following are the simple steps that one can follow to recover deleted data from WD My Cloud Hard Drive.

Step 1: Install iMyFone D-Back on your PC. Open the tool.

imyfone dback hard drive recovery

Step 2: Locate the drive of WD My Cloud Hard Drive and select it. Start scanning it.

Step 3: After the scan, you will be able to preview all the recoverable data. Select the data that you want to recover and choose a separate path for it to save in.

imyfone dback hard drive recovered files

Bonus Tip: Where is WD My Cloud Recycle Bin?

2.1. Where is WD My Cloud Recycle Bin?

Sometimes, the recycle bin is not set up, so you will have to do it. Go to “Dashboard > Shares.” Pick a share and add recycle bin. Now, under the option of “Share Profile: Active Share,” turn on the Recycle Bin. You can check the recycle bin by going into Network Places.

2.2. How to Retrieve Deleted Files from WD My Cloud Recycle Bin?

  1. Go to the Settings > Set up Shares. Under this option, you can see whether your recycle bin is turned on or not.
  2. If your recycle bin is turned on, you’ll see it named something like "Recycle bin - Volume_1", then you can recover.
But if not, then you need a third-party tool like iMyFone D-Back to recover your data.

Part 3. FAQs About WD My Cloud Hard Drive

01 Can I Recover Corrupted Files from WD My Cloud?

Yes. With iMyFone D-Back, you can easily recover your corrupted files from WD My Cloud. Just locate the hard drive and scan it. All the data will appear that you can recover.

02 Can I connect WD My Cloud directly to Mac?

Yes. WD My Cloud has an Ethernet port, so if you have an Ethernet cable and port on your Mac, then you can connect it to your Mac as well. Or you can get an Ethernet to the USB port and then connect it to your Mac.

03 Can I backup My iPhone to WD My Cloud?

Yes. With the My Cloud app, you can easily create a backup of your iPhone on WD My Cloud. You can sync your photos and videos to the WD My Cloud via its app.

04 How to backup the PC to WD My Cloud?

If you are using Windows 10, you can go to “Settings > Show All Network Location > Back up.” Click on Add a Drive. Here, you can configure your backup to WD My Cloud, the frequency of Backup, Backup folders, and Backup Deletion Time.


WD My Cloud is great network-accessible storage that allows the user to create a backup of their data. Whether it is PC data or a phone’s data, it can easily be backed up on WD My Cloud. If you lose data on WD My Cloud Hard Drive, you can use a third-party tool: iMyFone D-Back. It is a very user-friendly tool that allows the user to easily recover the data from any hard drive under any circumstances. Go to the iMyFone website and download this tool now to start your WD My Cloud data recovery.