You can store the personal information on your Thumb Drive and take it anywhere you want. Many business people opt to preserve the information on a Thumb drive as they deal with different business challenges. 

But, the issue comes when your Thumb Drive is corrupted, and you lose all your important data.

Several reasons might be causing this chaos, but you'll have to figure out how to recover a corrupted thumb drive. Luckily, this article will mention all the appropriate methods to restore your data Thumb drive.

Part 1. Some Signs of a Corrupted Thumb Drive

If you start noticing the signs given below with your Thumb drive, it means your thumb drive got corrupted.

When files disappear from your flash drive, it indicates that the thumb drive has been corrupted.

A pop-up message saying '' File is not recognized'' might appear when you try launching USB files.

You might be asked to format your Thumb drive.

You might receive a message stating, '' Please insert a disk in your USB drive''.

Part 2. [Detailed]How to Fix a Thumb Drive That Is Corrupted

If you want to recover a corrupted thumb drive, you'll need to repair it. You can repair a corrupted thumb drive logically and physically, and we'll tell you how.

1 Fix Physical Issues

If you want to fix physical issues with your thumb drive, you'll need to follow the guide below.

Use the Alcohol to wet the cotton swab's end, and then try wiping clean the contacts.

Please wait until it dries after cleaning off the contacts.

Now, you'll need to examine the thumb drive casing for cracks. If so, The circuit board might have gotten wet.

If you see cracks on the Thumb drive, you'll need to take the bowl of dry rice and submerge the Thumb drive in it. Surprisingly, rice can absorb the moisture of the Thumb drive, which could fix the issue with your Thumb drive.

After performing these tasks, you'll need to connect the Thumb drive to the PC. You can access the files if the issue with the Thumb drive has been taken care of.

2 Fix Logical Issue

There can be logical issues with your Thumb drive that causes the whole chaos. You can fix software issues on your Thumb drive by running a command prompt.

Follow the guide below to run Command Prompt.

 You'll need to connect the corrupted Thumb drive to your PC.

After pressing Win+X, you'll need to launch CMD as administrator.

Type the chkdsk X:/f and then press the'' Enter'' icon. You can replace X with your corrupted Thumb drive's assigned letter.

type in CMD command

Part 3.How to Recover Files from a Corrupted Thumb Drive

Are you wondering to know how to recover a thumb drive?

Luckily, you've got an iMyFone D-Back in your hands that can help you retrieve the data from many devices. Using this tool, you'll only need to follow a few steps to get your data restored.

Main Features about iMyFone D-Back:

  • It enables you to retrieve the data from USB thumb drives, hard drives, cameras, and many more devices.
  • D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert comes with an effortless user interface.
  • It allows you to preview the data before restoring it.
  • You can retrieve the data within a few clicks.
  • It helps you retrieve several data types, including Graphics, Documents, Videos, Emails, Audio, and many more.

How to recover data from a broken thumb drive?

Step 1. Connect a corrupted thumb drive to a PC and launch a D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert. Next, you'll need to navigate to the location you stored the data.


Step 2. Start scanning for your data by tapping the ''Scan'' icon.

scan selected location

Step 3. You'll need to preview the data you'd like to restore and tap' 'Recover''.

recover multiple files

Part 4. FAQs about Thumb Drive Data Recovery

4.1 How to recover deleted files from a thumb drive

If you lost the files from a thumb drive and want to restore them, you must consider opting for the iMyFone D-Back. Using this tool, you can retrieve the data from multiple devices.

4.2 Can I recover data from a damaged thumb drive

If your thumb drive got damaged and you lose all the data, you can retrieve the lost data via D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert. You'll only need to scan for your data to restore the data using D-Back Hard Drive Recovery Expert.

4.3 How to recover corrupted thumb drive using CMD

You can retrieve the data from the damaged thumb drive by running the command prompt. All you need to do is type chkdsk X:/f  after selecting CMD as administrator to recover your data.


This guide could be a game changer if you want to recover a corrupted thumb drive. This article comes with various exciting methods to get your issue solved. However, the best way to recover your data from a corrupted Thumb drive has to be an iMyFone D-Back.