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Best Alternative to iSkysoft Data Eraser

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Aaron Donald

August 3, 2016 (Updated: July 17, 2017)• Filed to: Erase iPhone

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Are you one of those who want to sell your old iPhone and want to buy a new one? Are you afraid that some of your private files might be accessed by the buyer without you knowing? Well, you are not the only one in this situation, as a myriad of people are wearing the same shoes.

You may be a business professional having very essential financial information stored on your iPhone and fear that it might get into wrong hands. Or perhaps, you do not want your wife to read the messages that you had sent to your ex. All of these situations imply that you want the files to be deleted out of your mobile permanently. With certain tools, this can be very easy.

iSkysoft Data Eraser

iSkysoft Data Eraser, as the name suggests, is a software that can help you delete files permanently. It consists of a variety of functions that you can use to delete various types of files.

The software deletes files so that they are 100% unrecoverable. Some of its features include cleaning junk files. This is useful as it can help you free up some space and make your phone go faster.

Moreover, it can also compress photos which means you can manage your files more effectively. It has a function named ‘Erase Private Data’ which deletes all the private files that might be stored on your device.

iskysoft safeeraser

Disadvantages of iSkysoft Data Eraser

With all the benefits of the software, iSkysoft Data Eraser may not be your first choice.

  • Firstly, you may not like its interface as it has quite a number of features that are similar in nature but are displayed in a haphazard fashion.
  • Secondly, the software does not allow you to select the files that you want to delete individually.
  • Thirdly, although it has the feature of freeing up space by deleting junk files and other redundant data, it does not let you choose the category of files that you may want to delete; perhaps, a large photo might be taking most of the space that you do not need, but the software will not delete that.

Also, it is costlier since the license is $29.95 just for a one-year license. Furthermore, people are already familiar with the tool and therefore it is exposed to being hacked more easily.

iMyFone Umate Pro – Your Lifetime Companion

As you can see, iSkysoft Data Eraser is not of a high-quality and may not offer you value for money. On the other hand, you might want to consider a iMyFone Umate Pro or iMyFone Umate Pro for Mac. iMyFone Umate Pro is another data erasing tool but all the more efficient and robust. It also has a number of essential features that are very helpful and easy to understand.

Try It FreeTry It Free

One of the advantages is that you can actually preview and individually select the files before deleting them. With a very intuitive interface and quick response time, iMyFone Umate Pro is the perfect candidate for erasing those sensitive files from your iDevices.

One Click free up Space This is one of the modes of the tool and as the name suggests, you can increase storage space in your device just by one click. It cleans up unnecessary files to expand space.

Saving iphone space

Erase all Data With this feature, you can erase all of the data stored on your phone. A very handy function if you are planning to sell your phone.

erase iphone

Erase Deleted Data Do not be fooled. The files that you delete do not actually get removed and can be accessed with data recovery tools. iMyFone, however, can help you erase these files from their roots.

erase iphone deleted data

Erase Private Data With iMyFone, you do not have to worry about losing private messages to your loved ones, or confidential information related to a criminal suspect. iMyFone can safely discard such information in a jiffy.

erase iphone private data

PriceYou may be thinking that a product such as this might cost a lot. However, to your surprise, it only costs $29.95 to get a lifetime license. You can upgrade it to a business license, but that is obviously going to cost you extra.

iMyFone Umate Pro and iSkysoft Data Eraser: A short comparison

1. Interface Design

In terms of interface design, iMyFone is definitely the winner. Upon seeing the home screen, it might seem that the software has only a few functions; in reality, though, there are a lot features in it and it is this that makes it so easy to use and navigate.

2. Data previewing and selecting

Although, iSkysoft Data Eraser also has a function which lets you remove deleted files, it does not allow you to select them individually. With iMyFone, however, you are allowed to view the files individually and click the ones that you want to delete making it much more efficient.

3. Price

As mentioned earlier, iMyFone Umate Pro can be bought with just $29.95 and you will get a lifetime license. On the other hand, iSkysoft Data Eraser will cost you the same but you will only get a one-year license and the lifetime license costs $39.95. iMyFone surely then is more worthwhile.

4. Security Level

Unlike iSkysoft Data Eraser, iMyFone lets you select the security level in relation to the standard of security you desire. If you choose “High Level”, all your private and sensitive information will be deleted and the security standard is very strong.

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