Two Methods to Restore iPhone without Updating

I am tired of my iPhone. It has just too many issues on it, and when I decided to take it to Apple store, the person said it could be a weird software glitch that I should restore as new. However, if I restore my device I will be forced to update, and I don’t want that. So, how can I restore iPhone without updating?

How to Restore iPhone without Updating

1. Restore iPhone without Updating via iMyFone iPhone Data Eraser

iMyFone Umate Pro for Win or for Mac enables you to free space on your device with only a single click. It is a safe iPhone data eraser which allows its users to preview and erase any iOS date selectively without the fear of losing personal information. It’s highly recommended by many professional medias, such as MacWorld, iPhoneinCanada, APPKED, etc.

Umate Pro iphone data eraser

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Key Features:

  • Completely reset your iPhone without updating it.
  • Erase all fragments produced by third-party app permanently.
  • Wipe Hidden junk files, temporary files and the deleted files.
  • Wipe all data permanently and ensure they are 100% unrecoverable
  • Selectively delete your personal data like photos, call history, Wechat messages, WhatsApp messages, SMS messages, etc.

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The steps to use iMyFone Umate Pro to restore iPhone without updating:

Step 1: After you must have downloaded iMyFone, connect your iDevice to your PC using a cable.
Step 2: When your iDevice has been connected, select the Erase All Data button then press the Erase button. You will see a box in the next window asking you to type Delete to confirm.

erase all data

Step 3: Type delete to confirm your action.
Step 4: After you have manually entered Delete into the box, tap the Erase Now button to wipe all data on your iDevice.

erase now


  • It is straightforward to handle despite the number of features it possesses
  • It allows erasing unnecessary files in bulk
  • It is fast and reliable


  • It is a little expensive and also the trial version does not allow you to erase the app effectiveness properly.
  • Features such as the “Security Settings” are rarely used because it is often set to medium. However, this feature can be removed for further optimization of the app.

2. Restore iPhone without Updating via iPhone’s Reset Setting

You can restore iPhone/iPad without updating on your iDevice, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Connect your device to PC, but ensure you have created a backup in iTunes.
Step 2: Unplug your iPhone and go to SETTINGS
Step 3: Click on GENERAL>RESET then select ERASE ALL CONTENT AND SETTINGS and confirm your choice.
Step 4: Once the process is done, connect your phone to PC and wait for it to unlock. Afterward, you will see an alert.
Step 5: Click on CANCEL to continue.
Step 6: Now you can restore your backup with iTunes.

reset iphone


  • Laggy access to the SMS application
  • Delay in getting live photo in the Camera application


  • It cannot be used to delete files selectively
  • Some files can be recovered after resetting

How to Stop iPhone from Asking You to Update

In case you are tired of the non-stop update alert, here are some tips to stop your iPhone from asking you to update.

1. Comprehend the Apple’s iOS Update Method

Apple urges every iOS users to get the latest iOS version. To do this, the company has rolled out a feature called AUTOMATIC DOWNLOADS. Whenever a new version of iOS is released, your iDevice will download the update automatically.

2. Disable Automatic Update

The following step will guide you:

Step 1: Go to SETTINGS on your iPhone.
Step 2: Click on iTUNES & APP STORE
Step 3: Switch the UPDATES option off.

Automatic Update

Your iDevice will be automatically stopped from downloading an update for you in the future.

3. Delete the Downloaded Update

If you don’t want to continue receiving the update alert, then you need to delete the downloaded update.

Step 1: Go to SETTINGS
Step 2: Click on GENERAL
Step 3: Tap STORAGE & iCLOUD USAGE> MANAGE STORAGE. Look for the iOS update and delete.

Delete the Downloaded Update