WWDC is one of the biggest dates in the calendar of Apple. Worldwide Developer Conference by Apple is an annual, week-long event for software developers. During this event, Apple makes some of its most important and the biggest product announcements. This year’s WWDC ran from 4-8 June. It was held at San Jose.

Key Features of New iPad Pro

Rumors have it that a new version of iPad Pro is likely to be released this year. This is an exciting news for the fans of the 10.5-inch device from Apple. If a new iPad Pro is to be released, it will likely be equipped with new, upgraded features. Following are some of the features you can expect in the new iPad Pro:

Face ID

According to Bloomberg, the new iPad Pro is likely to get the Face ID feature. This is Apple’s popular facial recognition system that many fans adore. This is one of the most anticipated features that many people expect to be added to iPad Pro models in 2018. Many individuals wondered whether the feature introduced with the iPhone X last year would migrate to the iPad lineup. Now, the reviewers believe that Apple will add the TrueDepth camera array to the new iPad Pro, so it will likely have the Face ID feature.

No Home Button

If Face ID feature comes to iPad, then it is highly unlikely that the Home Button will stay. Many reviewers believe that the introduction of Face ID will likely eliminate the iPad Pro’s Home Button as well as Touch ID. With the absence of these, there is room for some design improvements.

No Home Button

Performance Upgrade

The newer iPhones run the A11 processor. Because of this, it is being presumed that the upcoming models will likely have A12. It makes sense that the newer iPod Pro models will likely have A11 or A11X processor at the very least.

Probably No OLED Display

According to Bloomberg, it is highly unlikely that the upcoming iPad Pro models will have OLED display.

Probably No Wireless Charging

Since iPad Pro has a metal-blacked design, they don’t support wireless charging. So, it can be concluded that if the newer models will have the same metal-blacked design, then wireless charging would be an unlikely upgrade.

The Release Date and Price

The exact release date of iPad Pro is not known, but reviewers expect it to be released somewhere in September along with the release of new iPhone for 2018. As far as the price is concerned, the latest iPad Pro model costs around $829. It is expected that the newer model released in 2018 will have a similar price tag.

What If You Want to Upgrade to the New iPad Pro?

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WWDC made some big announcements this year. One of the most anticipated Apple products this year is the new iPad Pro. Before selling or donating your old iPod in order to save up for the new iPad Pro, it is recommended that you erase its data permanently via Umate Pro to protect your privacy.