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[Solved] How to Unlock iPod Touch without Password/Passcode

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Tata Davis

January 22, 2018 (Updated: April 24, 2020)• Filed to: Erase iPhone

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Your iPod Touch will lock itself when you have entered the incorrect lock screen code too many times. Each time that you enter a passcode wrong for more than several attempts, the iPod Touch will lock itself for an even longer period of time. Some people have reported having the phone tell them to wait 4+ years before it can be unlocked.You will need to connect your iPod Touch to a computer and unlock your iPod Touch by resetting it. Please note that there is no way to unlock iPod Touch without computer. Let's see the three easy ways below.

How to Unlock iPod Touch without Passcode - Best Unlocker Tool

iMyFone LockWiper is the easy way out when your iPod touch is locked or disabled. This iOS device unlocking-tool has the capacity to fix and unlock all models of iPod touch, iPad or iPhone. It’s more efficient is opening locked iPhone than recovery mode, iCloud or other methods. Try this app free of charge now to regain access to your iPod touch.

lockwiper unlock iphone passcode

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key features of iMyFone LockWiper

  • iMyFone LockWiper can unlock your disabled iPod touch in just one click. This feature is called “One-click to unlock iPod touch without password”.
  • Forgot password for your iCloud? Easily remove the existing iCloud account and sign in with a different one.
  • Our Unlocking tool is compatible with the latest iPod, iPad, iPhone and other iOS 12 devices.
  • You can unlock 4-digit, 6-digit passcode, Touch ID, and Face ID locked iPod touch using iMyFone LockWiper.
  • LockWiper supports unlocking of locked, disabled, broken screen iOS devices.
  • Thousands of LockWiper users have rated it 5-star, which shows its high success rate.

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Steps to Unlock iPod Touch without Passcode

Step 1: First, download and launch iMyFone LockWiper on your PC. Choose “Start”.

remove iphone screen lock

Step 2: Connect your iPod touch to your computer using Apples original lightning cable,

connect idevice to pc

Step 3: To continue, boot your iPod touch in DFU mode. Follow the steps on the interface to do that.

dfu mode

Step 4: Confirm your iPod touch device information. If the information is not correct, you can select the correct one from the drop-down menu. Then click on the “Download” button.

download firmware package

Step 5: After the download, click on “Start to Verify” to verify the firmware.

verify firmware package

Step 6: Then, just click on “Start Unlock”.

verification success

Step 7: Enter “000000” to double confirm unlocking, then click “Unlock”.

confirm unlock

Step 8: Within few minutes, your iPod Touch will be unlocked and you can use our phone without entering the passcode.

removing screen lock

How to Unlock iPod Touch without Passcode - Restore iTunes Backup

iTunes backup is capable of restoring your iPod Touch as long as you have previously backed the device up and you have previously marked the computer as trusted on the iPod Touch. This is done through iTunes.  This might seem like the easiest way to unlock iPod Touch without passcode but it is also the one with the most requirements. Let's see the steps to unlock a disabled iPod Touch with iTunes.

  1. Go to the summary of your iPod Touch in iTunes.
  2. You should see a Restore Backup option. Click that.
  3. itunes-reset-ipod

  4. A window will come up asking you to select the device backup you want to use for the restore. Select the proper one and click restore.
  5. Your device will restart and then start syncing the data back to the device. Let the process completely finish before you disconnect your iPod Touch.  iTunes and your iPod Touch will notify you when the process is done.

Limitations of this method:

  • You have to backup your iPod Touch on the computer before.
  • You data will be synced to the old backup.
  • How to Unlock iPod Touch without Password - Erase In Recovery Mode

    iDevices have a feature known as recovery mode that allows you to put your phone into a reset mode by using physical keys on the device. Here are the steps to unlock a disabled iPod Touch in Recovery Mode.

    1. Connect your iPod Touch to your computer.
    2. To start the process on an iPod Touch you will press and hold the home and top button at the same time until you see an iTunes icon on your iPod Touch along with the image of a power cable.
    3. iTunes should automatically detect a device in recovery mode. It will pull up a window stating there is a problem with your iPod Touch.
    4. DFU-Restore

    5. Click on OK. In general, the process should take less than 15 minutes. 
    6. With the options above you will be able to unlock your iPod Touch and use it again.

    Limitations of this method:

  •  This way will erase all data on the iPod Touch. In this way, you can unlock iPod Touch without password.

  • To Sum up:

    There are three different ways you can easily unlock your iPod Touch without password. iMyFone LockWiper is the most convienent solution to get you re-access your iPod Touch without any limitations. Why not trying it now for free?

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