2 Ways to Export iPhone Contacts to CSV

iPhone contains all our important data like messages, emails, photos and more from friends and collogues. Moreover it contains contact numbers of our friends, family, and business partners which are extremely valuable for us. None of us wants to lose any of the data. However sometimes it just happens that we accidently lose or delete contacts. For the safety of all your contacts, you should save them to somewhere else so you may never lose them accidently. A great idea is to export them to CSV file on your computer. And this simple guide will help you in exporting all your contacts in CSV file to computer.

1 Export iPhone Contacts to CSV Using Third-Party Tool

iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter is an data transfer expert released by reliable iMyFone company. It helps you export iPhone contacts to CSV and HTML file from iPhone/iTunes backup/iCloud backup to computer. See its main features.

imyfone d-port

iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter

  • Extract not only contacts, but also messages/photos/videos/WhatsApp and more.
  • Export data from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch runs iOS 10/9/8/7, even iOS 10.3.
  • Extract data from iCloud/iTunes backup which is unreadable for you before.
  • Offer 30-day money back guarantee and free trial to Windows and Mac users.

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By following simple steps you can export all the contacts on iPhone to CSV file and then they are fully secured. You can start with running this amazing iMyFone software.

Step 1: Select the exporting mode - "Export from iOS Device" and choose Contact as the file type. You can also choose all the file types.

Select the file types

Step 2: Click Next to connect your iPhone. Once the device is connected click Scan to search for all the data, inclduing contacts on it.

scan data on iPhone

Step 3: After scanning, iMyFone D-Port will display all the contacts, and other data on the interface. Preview and select the ones you need and click Export button.

preview iPhone contacts

Step 4: Then a pop-up window will show and ask you choose the format of files. You can choose CSV format for contacts.

2 Export iPhone Contacts to CSV Using iTunes

Exporting all the contacts on your iPhone is very simple using iTunes. You can do this with a flash.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to computer using USB cable. Launch iTunes if it is not already launched.

Step 2: On the top bar of iTunes you will see an icon of iPhone, click it.

Step 3: Now in the left menu bar you will see a word "Info", click it.

Step 4: Choose "Windows Contacts" from the drop down menu and click on apply button, so that all the contacts can be exported to your windows computer.

Step 5: Then press "Windows + R" keys to open the "Run" window and type "wab" Click OK to locate the synced contacts.

 Export iPhone contacts to CSV using iTunes

Now you have two ways to export iPhone contacts to CSV file on computer. And iMyFone D-Port also offers free trial version to both Windows and Mac users. Try both the two methods and determine which one is better for you!

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