How to Extract Data from iPhone with/without Backup

iPhone stores very important files for us. Extracting the data from iPhone is what we should do in case we need them for certain purpose or we lose them accidentally. Apple enables users to back up the data to iCloud or iTunes. That makes your data double protected. If you do not have the content you want on your iPhone currently, it is also necessary to extract data from the iPhone backups.

Here we would like to recommend an extraction tool that makes it viable to extract data from iPhone without or with backups.

Main Features of iMyFone D-Port (iOS 11 Supported)

iMyFone D-Port is such a software that is capable of exporting the existing information from your iPhone or iPhone backup files. What makes it unique from other tools is its functionality and capability in extracting data and protecting the current settings and content on

your iPhone. Here are some other features of iMyFone D-Port:

  • It supports to extract 20 types of files, which includes notes, messages, photos, videos, WhatsApp history and more.
  • It has 3 extraction modes. You can choose Export from iOS Device, Extract from iTunes Backup, or Extract from iCloud Backup.
  • You can preview the files before extraction. That makes it easy for you to choose only the valuable content rather than the entire content.
  • It supports all the variants of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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How to Extract Data from iPhone Using iMyFone D-Port

We will provide 2 methods to extract iPhone data according to if you have a backup or not.

Method 1 Extract Data Directly from Device without Backup

Step 1: Download the trial version by visiting the official website. Install the package and launch the program. From the main interface, choose “Export from iOS Device” option. Hit the “Start” button.

choose Export from iOS Device

Step 2: From the next screen, you can mark the file types that you wish to recover. Remember that it is a multiple selection, and you can mark all the categories of the data. Once you click "Next", the program will ask you to connect the device to the PC.

mark the file types

Step 3: The software will recognize the device and display it on the interface. Press the “Scan” icon to start the scanning process.

scan the device

Step 4: iMyFone D-Port will examine and analyze the device thoroughly no matter it is running iOS 11 or other versions. Once complete, it will show the existing content on the device on the interface. You can preview the files that you need before exporting. After marking the data you want to extract, press the “Export” button to store the data on your computer.

preview the data

Step 5: A small dialogue box will pop up asking you to choose the destination folder where you want the program to save the files. Select a location on your computer, and wait until the process completes. Then you can check the folder to see the extracted data from your iPhone.

save the data to computer

Method 2 Extracting Data from an iTunes or iCloud Backup File

Step 1: Run the program, and from the main screen, choose “Extract from iTunes Backup” or “Extract from iCloud Backup” option. Press the “Start” icon and choose the file type that you wish to recover. Here we take “Extract from iTunes Backup” as an example. It is similar to extract from iCloud backup.

choose Extract from iTunes Backup”

Step 2: The program will scan for the available backup files. Once completed, it will display the available backup files on the screen. You can then select the preferred backup file from which you wish to export the data. Press the “Scan” button to begin scanning. (If you choose to extract from iCloud backup, you will need enter your iCloud account information. The other steps are the same.)

choose a backup file

Step 3: Once the scanning process finishes, you will see the files you selected previously. You can now check the necessary files you need to extract and press “Export”. Finally, choose a folder on your computer, and allow the program to complete the entire saving process.

extract iphone backup file


The above are all about extracting data from iPhone with/without backup by iMyFone D-Port (compatible with iOS 11) which is the best choice for you to export content. Download it now to explore its powerful functions.

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