How to Find Deleted Photos on iPad Efficiently

How to find deleted photos on iPad? I organized my photos into Folders for easy viewing then deleted them from the Camera Roll thinking that once in folders my photos would be safe. However, I discovered that deleting photos from the camera roll also deletes the photos form the folders! Help!

How to find deleted photos on iPad mini? I deleted photos from the iStream so they would not be in the cloud. I then marked photos from the Camera Roll and moved to a new album. I checked that all of my selected photos were in the new album - they were. I went back to the Camera Roll and deleted the photos I had just added to the new album - GONE! I just had a one of the best weeks in my life in a long time and almost all of the photos are gone. HELP! Please!

Here are two question I met in Apple Communities and iPad users deleted their photos from both their iPad and their Camera Roll. And we all know what this means – important memories are gone.

There are some tutorials showing several ways on how to recover deleted iPad photos, such as from iCloud – but for the two users who have deleted their photos from Camera Roll this is useless. Or from Recently Deleted Album? Well, if you are luck y enough that you keep the deleted photos in the Album in thirty days. How about iTunes backup? You will have to restore the whole backup onto your iPad instead of only these photos you need, and this will overwrite the current data on your iPad.

The Best Solution to Find Deleted Photos on iPad

As the most powerful data recovery tool, iMyfone D-Back data recovery for Mac and iMyfone D-Back data recovery for Windows are professional on finding deleted photos on iPad, even you don't have iTunes/iCloud backup.

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Key Features of iMyfone D-Back

  • It supports over 22+ file formats, such as photos, text messages, contacts, etc. making it easy for you to recover lost/deleted data from your iPad.
  • It uses for different recovery technologies to find data and recover quickly.
  • You can even preview the files that are recoverable from your iPad.
  • You can even fix iOS operating system problem, such as white screen, loops in recovery mode, stuck on Apple logo without any data loss.

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How to Find Deleted Photos on Your iPad with iMyfone D-Back

Pretty easy to use, iMyfone D-Back can find deleted photos on iPad within three steps. Please refer the following steps to learn how to make that.

Step 1. Connect iPad and Choose Photo to Scan.

Run iMyfone D-Back and connect your iPad with your computer. From Recover from iOS Device tab, check Photo and click Next to scan your iPad.

select photo from ios

Step 2. Scan and Search Deleted iPad Photos.

iMyfone D-Back will scan all the photos on your iPad, including the deleted ones. It will list them for your preview so that you can confirm which ones are you need.

preview photos from ios

step 3. Select and Recover Deleted Photos.

After you check all the photos you need, click on Recover and choose one folder on your computer to store these recovered photos.

And wait for a seconds, your deleted iPad photos are back and won’t effect your current iPad data. And this is how iMyfone D-Back find your deleted photos from iPad directly, if you have iTunes or iCloud backup, iMyfone D-Back can extract photos from backup, also.


iMyfone D-Back for Mac or iMyfone D-Back for Windows offer the free trial version for both Windows and Mac users so that they can detect whether their deleted iPad photos can be recovered. So when you wonder how to find deleted photos on iPad next time, please try iMyfone D-Back without any doubt.

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