How to Access and View iCloud Photos

Photos are one of the important things we have. They remind us of certain times, people and events or occasions. A lot of people like to gather as families or friends to take a look at some picks. Photos of the past always bring a family together. For this reasons, you may like to take a backup of the photos in iCloud so you can view them anytime no matter what. Do you want to access and view photos on iCloud? You could not be able to view some of your photos from your PC or wherever. With this article, you are able to access and view iCloud photos. There are various ways you can access iCloud photos. Read through this article to know how.

1 Access and View iCloud Photos through

One way of accessing or viewing iCloud photos is by visiting when you have color an iCloud backup you can easily view your photos following the following guide.

Step 1: Get to iCloud website using a browser on your computer to open iCloud. Next, sign in to your iCloud account using your Apple ID username and password.

Step 2: On your iCloud account, you are able to see iCloud backup files photos, mail, pages, numbers and others that can be recovered. Find photos folder and click it to access it. You are then able to view your iCloud photos on your iCloud backup.

Access and View iCloud Photos through

In situations where you may not be successful trying to access and view iCloud photos with But you need not to worry. You are able to access your iCloud photos with other best means. Other than using to access and view iCloud photos, you can also use a desktop tool where you don’t need to use your iPhone.

2 Access 22+ Files from iCloud using iCloud Data Extractor

To be able to view and access all the 22+ files including photos from cloud you need to use iPhone iCloud extractor. The best iPhone extractor to download is iMyfone D-Back software.

iMyfone D-Back iCloud Data Extractor

iMyfone D-Back iCloud Data Extractor or iCloud Data Extractor for Mac is an iPhone data extractor and recovery tool for iPhone and other iOS devices. It is a program that allows Windows and Mac users to extract files from various devices and save them on their PCs. It is able to restore lost or deleted data from iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iMyfone D-Back has incredible features including being able to fix an iOS device to normal. It has other features such as the following;

imyfone d-back iphone data recovery

iMyfone D-Back iPhone Data Extractor

  • It extracts data using four recovery modes, which are Smart Recovery, Recover directly from iOS device, Recover from iCloud backup and Recover from iTunes backup.
  • It supports various iOS devices such as iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c,iPhone SE, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 6s plus, iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPod touch 4, iPod touch 5 and many more others.
  • It supports extraction of many files including photos, WeChat, videos, text message, iMessage, WeChat attachment, contact, Voice Memo, Call history and others.

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Steps to Access iCloud photos Using iMyfone D-Back

iMyfone D-Back lets you access and view 22+ files including photos with the following steps.

Step 1: Choose Recover from iCloud Backup

Run iMyfone D-Back program in your computer then choose “ Recover from iCloud backup” option. Choose files you wan to view then enter your Apple ID and password to sign in to iCloud.

Choose Recover from iCloud Backup

Step 2: Select files and scan

From the list of backup files shown on you iCloud account, select the backup files with the photos you want to access then click on “Next” button to search the files.

Select files and scan

Step 3: Check through and view the data

When scanning is complete, the files will be shown on the program. Preview the files and Mark on Photos that you want to view. Save the photos on your computer by tapping on “Recover” button. You are then able to view the files from the location you saved them on your PC.

 Check through and view the data

iMyfone D-Back iCloud Data Extractor or iCloud Data Extractor for Mac is that software that allows you to preview the extracted data from cloud before storing them on your computer.

Windows version Mac version

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