Have Your iPhone Voice Memos Disappeared? How to Get Them Back (iOS 13/12 Supported)

Many people have been reporting the voice memos missing issue on their iPhone/iPad. This problem goes way back to the iOS 13/12/11 upgrade and has been happening for a while now.

A lot of reasons can cause your voice memos to disappear, before that, however, it's important to know how to get back your memos. This is also what we are going to be dealing with in this article. Now keep reading and learn 3 ways to easily retrieve voice memos from iPhone with or without backup.

Part 1: How to Get Back Voice Memos without Any Backup

The worst situation we can image so far is that the voice memos disappeared and there is no backup file either on iTunes or iCloud. Well, there is still hope for you yet, because iMyFone D-Back (iOS 13/12 compatible) can help you get the data back directly from the iOS device. It applies the advanced technology to access the iPhone SQLite database and retrieve your deleted voice memos. More features about iMyFone D-Back can be found below:

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Key Features:

  • The exclusive technology ensures a great chance that you can get back voice memos from iPhone.
  • No matter how you lost voice memos from iPhone, D-Back can recover for you.
  • You can preview and selectively recover the files you need, like voice memos in this article.
  • This wonderful iPhone data recovery software has been recommended by Cult of Mac, CNET and other famous technology sites.
  • It can also extract data from iTunes backup and iCloud backup.
  • Fully support iPhone XS/XS Max/XR/X/8/7/6/6s/5 running iOS 13/12.1/12/11/10.

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Stopping using your iPhone when you realized that the voice memos have gone will increase the chance to get them back.

Steps to Recover Missing Voice Memos without Backup

Step 1.Launch the program. From the primary window, click on "Recover from iOS device" and then click on "Start."

Recover Missing Voice Memo without Backup

Step 2.Connect the device to the computer using USB cables. You will be required to choose the type of data you want to recover. (In our case, choose "Voice Memo" under "Memo & Others")

select voice memos

Step 3.Wait for a few minutes to scan your device.

Connect the device to the computer

Step 4.When the scan is complete, preview the recoverable voice memos and select the missing voice memo. Click "Recover" and select a file path in the popup that appears.

recover lost voice memos on iphone

Part 2: How to Recover Voice Memos from iCloud/iTunes Backup

If you are lucky to have backed up voice memos in iTunes/iCloud, things will become easier. All you have to do to get them back is simply restore the device. To do this, you can either use the official way to restore voice memos to the iPhone or use iMyFone D-Back mentioned above. Each method stands out for reasons, and in the following part, we will discuss in detail.

2.1. Get Missing Voice Memos Back by Restoring the Device

First, make sure you have backed up voice memos with iCloud/iTunes, then follow these simple steps to do it.

iTunes Restore Voice Memos:

Step 1: Launch iTunes on your computer and then connect the device using USB cables.

Step 2. The select device when it appears in iTunes and then selects "Restore Backup" in iTunes.

Step 3. Choose the most relevant backup and click "Restore" to finish.

Get Backed Up Voice Memos by Restoring your Device

iCloud Restore Voice Memos:

Step 1. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

Step 2. Enter the passcode and confirm to erase iPhone.

Step 3. Then select Restore from iCloud backup. Log in to your iCloud account and select the backup file. Wait for the whole restore process finishes.

restore voice memos to iphone using icloud

But you may notice that both iTunes and iCloud will erase the current data on your iPhone and replace it with the backup files. If you don't want to lose the data and just need to get a few voice memos back, you might as well employ the services with the iPhone backup viewing tool iMyFone D-Back.

2.2. Recover Disappeared Voice Memos from Backup without Reset

Unlike other programs, iMyFone D-Back will go a step further and help you extract the voice memos from the iTunes or iCloud backup file to the computer. Here's how you can do that. But first, download and install the program on your computer and let's get started.

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Recover Missing Voice Memo from an iTunes Backup

When iPhone voice memos disappeared and you have made an iTunes backup in time, here is how to extract and recover your memos.

Step 1. Launch the program and from the main window, select "Recover from iTunes Backup" and then click on "Start."

Step 2. Select the iTunes backup file that likely contains the missing voice memo and then click "Next".

Select iTunes Backup

Step 3. Select "Voice Memo" as the file type you would like to recover.

Step 4. Once the scanning process is complete (be patient, it could take a while), browse the recovered data to select the missing memo and then click "Recover."

select the missing memo

Recover the Missing Memo from an iCloud Backup

If your voice memo is in an iCloud backup file, follow this simple guide to get it back without having to restore the device completely.

Step 1. From the main window, click on "Recover from iCloud Backup" and then click on "Start."

Step 2. The next step is to sign in to your iCloud account. Enter your login information to do so.

sign in to your iCloud account

Step 3. The program will detect all of the iCloud backup files on that account. Click on the one that may contain the memo and then click "Next" to download the file.

Step 4. Select "Voice memo" since this is the file type we want to recover.

Step 5. Once the download and scanning process is complete. Select the missing memo and then click "Recover."

Recover the Missing Memo from an iCloud Backup

Part 3: Pros & Cons of Each Method to Recover Voice Memos

iMyFone D-Back iTunes/iCloud Restore
Success rate High Depends on how many voice memos are backed up
When to use No Backups;
Don't/unable to restore from iCloud or iTunes
You have backed up voice memos in iTunes/iCloud before
Difficulty Easy Complicated
Data loss risk no yes
Pros Selectively recover;
Preview before recovery;
3 data recovery modes
Free and official
Cons It only provides free trial Data overwrite;
You cannot view the files
Time Needed Short Depends on the backup size

Here we have compared the features of the 3 methods mentioned above. If you don't mind data loss, it's feasible to choose the official way. However, as it's clearly showed, using iMyFone D-Back is more convenient and will save a lot of trouble no matter you have a backup file or not. The free trial it offers allows you to scan the device and find if the missing voice memos are still there. After that, you can use the full version to recover them.

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