Losing essential iOS data is common, and many people face this issue.

However, the thing is that you should be able to recover your lost data as you can't afford to lose the critical data.

Magoshare iPhone data recovery emerges as one of the most efficient tools to help you recover the data from your iPhone.

However, some people also complain about this tool as talking about this in detail is essential. We'll discuss the Magoshare data recovery review and iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery, an alternative to Magoshare Data recovery.

Part 1: Magoshare Data Recovery Review for iPhone and Mac

If you've lost the files from your iPhone, Magoshare iPhone Data Recovery might be an appropriate option. It is a brilliant third-party data recovery that enables you to restore deleted or lost data from your iPhone.

Apart from recovering iOS data, Magoshare iPhone Data Recovery holds the ability to recover data from iTunes backup.

Moreover, you won't find many complaints about the interface of this as once mastered. And you can take advantage of this tool.

Using this tool, you've got the opportunity to recover multiple file types, including photos, contacts, WhatsApp messages, voice memos, call history, and many more.

It doesn't only recover deleted from the iPhone device. Instead, you can retrieve data lost due to jailbreak, water damage, human error, or logical error.

We've heard many good things about this tool, but the downside is that sometimes you won't be able to restore all the data.

This aspect doesn't impress many, and thus opting for the Magoshare iPhone data recovery tool is evident.


Part 2: A Better Alternative for Magoshare Data Recovery - iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery Expert

2.1.iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery[Recommended]

Finding a reliable alternative tool is challenging, but iMyFone D-Back for iOS is the best alternative Magoshare iPhone Data Recovery tool. It is a fascinating third-party tool that aims to recover any data from an iOS device. Download iMyFone D-Back for iOS free below.

Using this tool, you've got the opportunity to recover data from iOS devices, iCloud, iTunes, and third-party program backup.

On top of that, this software also enables you to recover data selectively, meaning you can decide the type you want to recover.

Significantly, iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery stimulates recovering the 18+ data types, including messages, WhatsApp, photos, archives, contacts, and more.

It is 100% safe software and is available at affordable rates.

Remember, the price of any software becomes secondary when it offers unbelievable value.


2.2. Comparison Between Magoshare Data Recovery and iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery Expert

Magoshare data recoveryiMyFone D-Back iPhone data recovery Expert
It allows you to recover any data type, meaning you can recover all the lost data using this tool.It doesn't recover all the data due to unforeseen reasons.
D-Back for iOS offers a user-friendly interface.The interface of this tool can be tricky at times.
It comes with a 100% recovery rate.It offers a lower recovery rate than the iMyFone D-Back for iOS.
You can recover the lost data pretty quickly.It works smoothly.
It offers mind-blowing technical support.It doesn't come up with reliable technical support.

Part 3: FAQs about Magoshare Data Recovery Review and the Better Alternative:

3.1. How to Use Magoshare Data Recovery?

Using Magoshare Data Recovery is simple; you'll only need to install the software on your Mac or Windows PC and then connect the iOS device to the PC. Next, scan for your lost iOS data and then get that recovered quickly.

3.2. How much is the Cost of Magoshare Data Recovery?

Magoshare Data Recovery comes with a free trial version that enables you to scan for your lost iPhone data.

However, if you intend to recover the lost data, you'll need to acquire the premium package of this software. The tool's premium package costs you $39.95 per year.

3.3. Is iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery Safe/Legit?

Yes, using iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery is safe, and you won't find any issue using this.

Moreover, you won't find any complaints about this tool's legality as it is entirely legal. The best thing about D-Back for iOS is that you can recover almost every type of data.

Final Words

This article discusses the Magoshare Data Recovery review and iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery.

By the looks of it, you won't find any difficulty understanding that iMyFone D-Back for iOS is a better tool than Magoshare iPhone Data Recovery software.

Besides helping you recover all the iPhone data, iMyFone D-Back for iOS offers affordable services.