Usually, most聽iPhone users will save聽plenty of pictures. The pictures you have taken are supposed to be appear in its gallery.

But we have seen some users ask questions like 鈥渕y gallery pictures disappear, what do I do now?鈥. If you have the same problem, don鈥檛 worry 鈥 we have solved it and we are going to list them below.

The Reasons Why Your聽Pictures Disappeared from聽Gallery on iPhone

Before we look at the solution, it is better to take a look at the possible reasons why your聽pictures disappeared from gallery.

  • Your iPhone doesn鈥檛 have enough storage left for it to display the photos.
  • Potential misconfiguration on your Camera Roll (for instance, you have turned off the Photo Stream option).
  • The iOS system on your device is unstable (which can possibly occur after an iOS update)

5 Basic Ways When Gallery Pictures Disappear from iPhone

Now you know the possible reasons behind the disappeared iPhone gallery photos, let鈥檚 take a look at the remedies you can try.

Way 1. Restart Your iPhone

This can be the most obvious remedy you should try in order to fix pretty much all the minor glitches in your iOS device. Restarting iPhone requires聽different steps depending on the model you use.

If you use an iPhone 8 or earlier version:聽

Step 1: Press the top/side button on the device and hold it so you can see a slider on screen.

Step 2: Drag this slider to turn the device off.

Step 3: Once the device is turned off, wait for a couple of seconds and press top/side button to switch on the device.


If you use an iPhone X or later:

Step 1: Press the Side button and hold it with any volume button so you can see the slider.

Step 2: Drag this slider so you can turn off the device.

Step 3: Once the device is turned off, press the side button once again to switch it on.


Way 2. Check Your聽Apple Account

If the above remedy doesn鈥檛 address your issue, just check if you are using the correct Apple account. If you are using a different Apple account, you cannot see the photos you expect. Well, here are the steps to follow in order to check if you are using the correct account.

Step 1: Go to the Settings app on the home screen.

Step 2: Tap on the option Sign in (followed by your device).聽Check if you have signed into the account you deserve.


Way 3. Enable iCloud Photo Library

If the iCloud Photo Library is disabled, you cannot necessarily access the photos through it. So, to see the photos back in gallery, you will have to enable it. Listed below are the steps to follow in order to enable the iCloud photo library.

Step 1: Go to Settings app and tap on your name.

Step 2: Tap on iCloud and then go to Photos.

Step 3: Tap the switch next to iCloud Photo Library to switch it on.

icloud photo library

Way 4. Check the Hidden Album

If you have set the photos to be hidden on the iOS device, it is obvious that you won鈥檛 be able to see them in the gallery. You can access them only through the Hidden album. To do that, you should follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the Photos app and tap on Albums.

Step 2: Then, go down the screen, find 鈥Hidden鈥 tab and tap it.

Step 3: You can see if the hidden photos are there.聽If the photos are there, you can get them back.

Step 4: Simply tap on the photo you need to get back in the gallery.

Step 5: Tap the button labeled share.

Step 6: Then, tap on the option called 鈥Unhide鈥.


Way 5. Check Your Recently Deleted Album

If you have deleted your album, it is obvious that you cannot see it in the gallery. The good news is that the deleted photos will stay in the phone for 30 days from the date deleted. You can get them back by following the method mentioned below.

Step 1. Go to the Photos app and then select Albums.

Step 2. Find the option called Recently Deleted.

Step 3. If you can find the photos, you can simple move them back to the album once again.

Step 4. To do that, select the item and tap on 鈥Recover鈥 option.


Advanced Way to Get back Disappeared Gallery Pictures

If the previous (basic) options doesn鈥檛 help you in getting the pictures back, you should try an advanced method. Well, in this case, we will have to rely on a professional software tool called iMyFone D-Back.

  • It has been recommended by聽CNET,聽techradar,聽PCWorld and other professional websites.
  • D-Back applies advanced technology to search for the disappeared gallery pictures in the SQLite database in the most thorough way, which makes it the best recovery tool with the highest recovery rate in the market.
  • It supports to recover disappeared gallery pictures without backup.
  • It supports to view the gallery pictures within iPhone backups which cannot be done with iTunes and iCloud. Viewing all the content of iTunes or iCloud backups before recovering means you will not restore a wrong backup with unneeded data.
  • It supports other 18 file types from iPhone such as photos,聽contacts, messages,聽voice memo, WhatsApp and etc.
  • It is compatible with all iOS devices and iOS versions.

Windows version聽聽聽聽Mac version

Now, let鈥檚 see how to recover the disappeared gallery photos using this software.

Step 1. Launch the software on your computer and select the option 鈥Recover from iOS Device鈥 and then choose 鈥Start鈥. Get the device connected to the same computer. Then, click 鈥Next鈥.

connect your device

Step 2. Define the photo聽type to聽recover and click the 鈥Scan鈥 option. The program will perform a search for the deleted pictures.

select data types

Step 3. Once you see the recoverable pictures, just click on 鈥Show only the deleted files鈥 to recover deleted ones. Select the files you need and hit 鈥Recover鈥.

Preview File from iOS Tab


This software can be used to recover data from backups like iCloud and iTunes too, which is different from official iTunes and iCloud restore. With D-Back, you are allowed to selectively recover what you need and you are also able to view the backup content unlike iTunes and iCloud.

D-Back has already been trusted by many professional websites and thousands of uses have sent 聽their feedback to us.


Windows version聽聽聽聽Mac version

Tip: Backup Restore to Find Gallery Pictures Disappear

Apple itself offers two official backup methods. If your photos are stored in one of those backups, you can recover them by following the steps below. Please note that these two methods will replace all your current data. Do make a backup in advance.

Via iTunes backup restore

Step 1: Open iTunes on your computer and connect the device using USB cable.

Step 2: Select your device on the iTunes interface.聽Select the option 鈥Restore Backup鈥.

Step 4: Determine which backup you should restore by observing the date and time.

Step 5: Click on 鈥Restore鈥 and wait (provide the password for encrypted backup if prompted).

restore ipad from itunes backup

Via iCloud backup restore

Step 1: Turn on the iOS device and erase all of the contents.

Step 2: Go to Apps & Data Screen and select 鈥Restore from iCloud Backup鈥.

Step 3: Sign into iCloud account.聽Select the backup you want聽(by reading the data and size).

Step 4: When prompted, provide the iCloud credentials for purchases.

Step 5: Keep it connected for the process to be completed.

restore iphone from icloud backup


You are able to聽select the most appropriate method from the above list to address your situation. As we believe, iMyFone D-Back shows greater efficiency in recovering data under any circumstance. We are grateful to you if you can leave us a comment about the overall experience you have聽with the chosen method.