A few days ago I was out and after having drunk way too much I decided I didn't need a lot of contacts, so I deleted some. The next day I realised that I have made a huge mistake and urgently need those contacts like my important clients' numbers and my boss'. Can anyone tell me how to find deleted contacts on iPhone or how to find old phone numbers on iPhone? By the way, I use iPhone聽6 and iOS 14 is running on it. 鈥 Michael

Michael is not unique in this situation. This happens to a lot of iPhone users all the time. If you have accidentally deleted contacts on iPhone and are wondering how to get them back, this article will offer you 3 ways to find deleted contacts on iPhone no matter you have backups or not. Read on to find out and they work even you use iOS 14 on your device.

1. Find Old Deleted Contacts (Quick and Simple)

Both iTunes and iCloud are not viable solutions as a long-term measure especially when you don't have a backup of the deleted contacts. But there is a solution that will work and gives you more choices聽to recover the deleted contacts. This solution is a third-party data recovery tool known as iMyFone D-Back.

iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery is a professional data recovery tool and supports to recover 18+ file types. See more features of the program:

iMyFone D Back

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Key Features:

  • You're able to find deleted contacts directly from iPhone.
  • It supports to preview the contacts within iPhone backups for free.
  • You can seletively or fully choose what to recover in various scenarios.
  • It can recover contacts without overwriting your current data on iPhone.
  • It can safely and quickly restore lost data from iPhone.
  • Advanced technologies are applied to ensure high success rate.
  • You can use the program to look up your lost, unsaved or old deleted contacts even iOS 14 is running on your iPhone.

Windows version Mac version

Here is a video on how to see old contacts on iPhone with iMyFone D-Back, check to learn the specific steps:

To try iMyFone D-Back by clicking on the below safe download buttons. You can download and use the trial version of the software totally for free.

Windows version Mac version

The following are the steps to find lost contacts on iPhone.

Step 1: Once the software is downloaded, choose the recovery mode you like - Smart Recovery, Recover from iOS Device, Recover from iTunes Backup or Recover from iCloud Backup. Here we take Smart Recovery, which is specially designed for users聽who know little about technology, as example.

choose the recovery mode

Step 2: You will need to tell iMyFone D-Back how you lost the contacts. Then the software will select a best recovery mode for you from the other 3 modes automatically according to your situation.

tell iMyfone D-Back how you lost the contacts

If you directly choose the other modes like "Recover from iOS Device", the software will ask you to connect you iPhone to the program.

connect you iPhone

If you select "Recover from iTunes Backup" in the first place, you need choose a backup file so that the software could scan it. Just choose the one which your contacts are stored in.

choose iTunes backup file

If you'd like to "recover from iCloud backup", you have to enter your iCloud account information and also choose a backup for scanning. (Note: iMyFone will not record your account information.)

choose iTunes backup file

Step 3: Then you can choose the data type that you want to recover. Here you need to choose Contacts. You can also choose all. Click "Scan" to allow the program scan your iPhone or iTunes/iCloud backup.

select data types

Step 4: Once the scanning progress is finished, you can preview the contacts the program finds. Choosing a location on your computer to store the contacts will be the final step.

preview contacts

Windows version Mac version

2. Find Deleted Contacts from iTunes Backup

We all know that backing up iPhone to iTunes can store your iPhone data. iTunes stores backups on Mac or PC to聽keep your data secure as long as you have your PC or Mac at hand. You can find your deleted contacts from聽iTunes backup if you have made any backup for your iPhone. Just operate as below to find old contacts on iPhone.

Step 1. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC and connect your iPhone to iTunes.

Step 2. After iTunes detect your iPhone, locate the Backups option.

Step 3. Click "Restore Backup..." and choose one backup which includes the contacts you need to restore.

Step 4. After the restore is finished, you can check your contacts on iPhone.

find deleted contacts by restoring iTunes backup

3. Find Deleted Contacts from iCloud

To find lost contacts on iphone via iCloud, you need confirm whether the deleted contacts are still there. Follow the steps below to check.

  • Go to and login your iCloud account.
  • Click Contacts and see whether the contacts you need are visible here.

recover contacts from iCloud

If you can see them, then recover deleted iPhone contacts from iCloud is pretty easy and here is the procedures to do.

Step 1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone. Tap on "iCloud" and see whether Contacts is turned on. If it's already on, turn it off.

Step 2. Tap "Keep on My iPhone" when your iPhone asks what would you like to do with the previously synced iCloud contacts.

Step 3. Then turn on Contacts again and tap "Merge". iPhone will take a little while to download contacts from iCloud to your iPhone.

merge icloud contact 1merge icloud contact 2merge icloud contact 3

However there are some obvious disadvantages.

  • You are not able to choose which contacts you want to keep or discard, and have to merge the contacts with previous data
  • Your iPhone also need to be connected to internet to retrieve the deleted contacts.

If you are travelling in a remote area, this does not help.

Reviews of the Above Methods

Pros & Cons of Using the Above Methods to Look Up Deleted Contacts:

iTunes Backup
Selectively recover, preview before recovery, no data loss, no storage limitation
Official way, free
Official way, free
Not totally free, but you can try the free trial version first
Losing current data due to iTunes backup restore; cannot selectively recover what you need
Cannot choose which contact you want to keep or discard; rely on stable network; only 5GB free storage

The above two free methods are regular ways to retrieve or find deleted contacts on iPhone. But recovering from iCloud will get your data overwritten since it recovers all of the data from your device. In the situation that you want to recover deleted contacts without backup, iMyFone D-Back will be a suitable option. This iPhone data recovery tool makes it very easy to recover data from your iOS device. Try the Free Trial first to check whether it's possible to recover recently deleted contacts on iPhone.

Bonus Tip. Another Recommended Tool to Find Deleted Numbers on iPhone

iMyFone Umate Pro is the best mobile solution for every inefficiency of iOS. It鈥檚 the best solution for data insecurity, hacks, and lack of permanent deletion of sensitive files. It can also be needful in iPhone crash, lagging, and other data problems encountered in Apple鈥檚 iOS devices.

With Umate Pro, you can get to check for deleted contacts/numbers directly from your iPhone. This feature is embedded in the 鈥淓rase Deleted File鈥 mode. After checking for deleted contacts, you can choose to copy them out or erase them completely beyond recovery.

copy deleted numbers on iPhone

Note: If want to erase deleted numbers from iPhone, you should select the files you鈥檇 like to erase, choose a security level and confirm to start erasing.

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