How to View iPhone Backup Files

A backup file is a copy of the content that you store in your iPhone. Creating frequent backup files will be helpful in recovering data and restoring the device to a particular time or date. Apple gives you the chance to backup the contents, including the apps and their history, to iCloud cloud services or using iTunes. Although advantageous, it is impossible to download only the needed files from the backup file. That means you cannot individually download or select only a few files from the backup. Instead, you will have to restore the device or download the entire backup to view or check the lost or deleted content from your iPhone. Troublesome? Well, you now have the opportunity to view selective files from your backup files and even download individually.
To see content present in a backup file, you would need your backup files on your PC or Mac and iMyfone D-Back Windows version or iMyfone D-Back Mac version.

Windows version Mac version

iMyfone D-Back is one recovery software that is capable of retrieving lost or misplaced data from iPhone, iTunes/iCloud backup files. The assistance that you will receive from this program will be helpful in viewing iPhone backup files from a backup file without hassles.

The data recovery extractor helps to view iPhone backups content for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Although some programs give you the opportunity to recover the data, iMyfone D-Back surpasses the expectations and competition due to its features. Listed below are its crucial features that help you to view iPhone backup files.

  1. With support for over 22 file extensions, you can easily recover and see any data that you want, such as text messages, photos, videos and more.
  2. Irrespective of the situation under which you lost the data, and if you would like to view the files in a backup, the program recovers it for you using an intelligent recovery mode.
  3. You can view iPhone backup on pc without downloading it. It will help you confirm the data you precisely need.
  4. You will receive complete support to any model of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

Steps to view iPhone backup on computer using iMyfone D-Back

The following guide helps you view iPhone backup data stored in iCloud.

Step 1: Install and launch the program. From the main window, choose “Restore from iCloud Backup” tab. Press “Start” and pick the files.


Step 2: For the program to view iPhone backup files from iCloud, you have to enter your iCloud account details. Enter your username and password. The application will then start scanning for the available backup files. Once complete, it will display the backup files. You can then choose a particular file from which you want to recover data and see the files. After selection, press “Next” button.


Step 3: Once downloading is complete, you will see all the content from the backup file on the interface. You can view iPhone backups that are recoverable and even preview them before recovering. Mark the necessary files that you would like to recover and see. Once done, press the “Recover” button at the bottom of the screen.


Step 4: Before recovering process begins, a small dialogue box appears asking you to choose or provide this saving location. You can navigate to an existing folder or create a new one. Once complete, the program will begin the recovery process and will save all the files into the destination folder.

The application will need a few minutes in recovering the data. Usually, it is dependent on the size of the recovery content. Wait until the program completes the process before you check the folder to see the backup files.

And you can also view iPhone backup files stored in iTunes. And the procedures are pretty similar with viewing iPhone backup files from iCloud. But you just need to choose the available iTunes backup on your PC or Mac.

See? You can easily see iPhone backup files With iMyfone D-Back data recovery for Win or iMyfone D-Back data recovery for Mac with the simple-to-follow steps as explained above. Just download now to have a try.

Windows version Mac version

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