How to View Photos in iTunes

Apple provides the opportunity to create backups either in iTunes or in iCloud. It is still impossible to access the files in the backup or view photos. This doesn’t however mean that you can’t access a photo or a few photos from the backup file. This article will show you how to bypass the limitations that iTunes has and gain access to the photos in the backup.

Tool You'll Need: iMyFone D-Back iPhone Data Recovery

As there is no possibility to see the files that are present in a backup file, you need to have a third party application that allows you to do so. iMyFone D-Back iTunes Backup Extractor Windows version or iMyFone D-Back iTunes Backup Extractor Mac version is a renowned application, specially designed for iPhone and other Apple devices. The program is a data recovery and management utility, through which you can gain access to your files present in iTunes backup file.

Apart from the useful feature of allowing you to gain individual access to files within an iTunes backup archive, the following are other features of iMyFone D-Back:

imyfone d-back iphone data recovery
  • The program recognizes over 22 various file extensions or formats, which allows you to recover any file stored in the device or from a backup file.
  • The program allows you to see the files that are recoverable from a device. It will provide you the possibility to select only the relevant records rather than downloading all the unwanted clutter.
  • The newly added feature “Fix iOS System” enables you to repair your iOS from loopholes and without losing any data from the device.

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Guide to View Photos in iTunes using iMyFone D-Back

The following guide will help you get through the process of seeing photos from iTunes backup file using iMyFone D-Back.

1 Download and Installation

iMyFone D-Back is available as a trial variant for both Mac and Windows. You can choose either of the options and download the file. Begin the installation and continue it with the help of the guidelines provided within the installation window.

2 Launch and select the preferred mode

Start the application by double-clicking the icon from the desktop. Once the main interface appears on the screen, pick “Recover from iTunes Backup” tab from the left pane.

select the preferred mode

3 Select the preferred option

You can begin the process by clicking the “Start” button from the interface. It will open up a new window, where you will see several file formats. From this window, choose “Photo” and “App Photo” as the option because you want to see the pictures present in a backup file. Then press the “Next” button at the bottom.

Select the preferred option

4 Select the iTunes backup file

iMyFone D-Back will begin scanning for the available iTunes backup files. Once done, it will display the list of the records on the screen. From the selection, you have to choose a particular backup file from which you want to view the photos. Select one and press “Scan” at the bottom.

Select the iTunes backup file

5 Preview the files

The completion of the scanning will allow you to see all the photos available in the selected backup file in the preview window. From here, you can mark those you want to transfer to your computer and press the “Recover” button at the bottom.

Preview the files

6 Saving the photos

iMyFone D-Back iTunes Backup Extractor Win or iMyFone D-Back iTunes Backup Extractor Mac will ask you to mention the recovery path. Browse to a destination on your computer and wait until the program completes the process.

Windows version Mac version

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