Why Nobody Can Hear Me When I Call on iPhone XS Max?

One of the main purposes of getting the mobile phone is to have verbal communication with your family and friends.

Are you having the latest iPhone from Apple and not able to hear when on call?

It can be very annoying for iPhone XS Max users if they are not able to hear anything during calls.


“I have iPhone XS Max, nobody hear me when I call. Is it because of the recent iOS update or something else? How can I solve this issue?”

This is a common query on the internet as many people have updated their iPhone to the latest version and now they are not able to hear anything during the calls.

Reasons Why Nobody Hears Me When I Call on iPhone XS Max

We know you are frustrated about this issue. So, we have brought some quick tips to solve it.

This issue can be due to a variety of reasons:

  • It can be caused by a glitch in iOS.
  • The issue might occur due to a third-party app on iPhone XS Max.
  • It might be caused if you have recently dropped your device.

Fix “Nobody Can Hear Me When I Call on iPhone XS Max”

Now check out the top 11 ways below if you are searching the internet for “iPhone XS MAX, nobody hear me when I call” issue.

Way 1. Restart Your iPhone

Restarting your iPhone will solve various issues in your iPhone XS Max.

Step 1: On your iPhone XS Max, press and hold the Side button with either Volume button.

Step 2: Slide to turn off your device until you see the slider.

Step 3: After a few minutes, turn on your device and see if the issue is solved.

force restart iPhone X

Way 2. Update iOS Version to Latest

The iOS updates are released to solve the bugs and software glitches in your device, so this is also one way you can have a try.

Step 1: Tap Settings -> General -> Software Update.

Step 2: The iPhone Xs Max will start checking for new updates.

Step 3: If an iOS update is available, you can download and install.


Way 3. Fix “Nobody Hear Me When I Call on iPhone XS Max” without Data Loss

If you want to solve this issue without data loss, you must depend on the most advanced tool for fixing multiple iOS issues. iMyFone Fixppo is highly recommended here and it is secure and easy to use for fixing various iOS issues.

imyfone is trusted by many sites

Step 1.Install and open iMyFone Fixppo on your computer and click “Standard Mode”.

choose Standard Mode

Step 2.Connect your iPhone to the computer and click “Next”. When it gets connected successfully, the device will be automatically detected and proceed to the next step. If it fails to get detected, you have to put it in DFU or Recovery Mode. 

 connect your device to your computer

Step 3.Fixppo will detect iPhone XS Max and offer the latest firmware versions for it. Select the appropriate version manually and click on “Download”.

download firmware under Standard Mode

Step 4.Check your iPhone and the firmware information. When you click the “Start” button, the software will start to fix the iOS issues automatically. The issue should be resolved upon restarting. If it doesn’t, you have to retry or try the advanced mode.

fixing ios issues

Windows version    Mac version

Way 4. Clean the Receiver of iPhone XS Max

This might seem silly to you but sometimes the issue might be caused by the dirt on your receiver.

So, take a toothpick or something similar, make sure it is not metal and take out the dirt off the receiver.


Way 5. Adjust Volume Settings

Have you recently turned down your iPhone volume while listening to songs or watching movies? If yes, then check and raise the volume when you don’t hear any voice from the other end.


Way 6. Turn off the Bluetooth

If you are using a Bluetooth headset, make sure that you switch off the Bluetooth of your device. Often, when you are not using the headset, you forget to disconnect it from your device.

Step 1: Go to Settings -> Bluetooth.

Step 2: Turn off the Bluetooth. 


You can also do this from the Control Center.

Way 7. Remove Headphone Mode

This issue might arise if your iPhone XS Max is in the Headphone mode. You need to disable it to use your iPhone for calls again. If it is stuck on that mode, you can restart your iPhone and check if the issue gets solved.

Way 8. Turn off “Do Not Disturb”

Check whether you left the “Do Not Disturb” option on.

If it is enabled, go to Settings -> choose “Do Not Disturb” -> Toggle it off.


Way 9. Reset All Settings

Try to reset all the settings of your device to solve this problem.

Tap Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings.


Way 10. Restore iPhone via iTunes

You can also restore the device via iTunes and check if the issue gets solved.

Step 1: Open iTunes on your computer and connect the iPhone XS Max to it.

Step 2: Tap “Trust” on your iPhone and continue.

Step 3: Click “Device” and then “Summary” on your computer.

Step 4: Next click on Restore iPhone and again on Restore for restoring the iPhone.

restore through iTunes

Way 11. Contact Apple Support Center

If you are still facing this issue, there might be something wrong with the hardware. So the last resort is to contact the Apple Customer Support Center.

Tip. Prerequisite of Fixing this Issue

Before you try any of the ways to fix this issue, ensure that you create a backup of your device’s data. Unexpected things always happen without warning.

Some users prefer to protect the data via official iTunes or iCloud. What you need to know is that the official way can only make a full backup of your device. That means you need to spend a lot of time to back up all the data instead of only choosing what you want.

If you don’t want to back up the entire data, here is a great choice for you which is named iMyFone D-Back. It is compatible with all the iOS versions and all iOS devices. If you are still wondering its authority, you will be informed that it has been trusted by many professional websites like CNETtechradarPCWorld and etc.

Windows version    Mac version

Step 1.Launch D-Back on your computer. Choose “Recover from iOS Device” and click on “Start”. Connect your iPhone XS Max to the computer. Click “Next” when your iPhone gets detected by D-Back.

connect your device

Step 2.Choose the file types you want to back up and click “Scan”.

select data types

Step 3.The files that can be backed up will be displayed. Preview and choose the ones you want to back up and click “Recover”. When the process is over, the data you need will be backed up to computer.

preview WhatsApp


Your search for “iPhone XS Max, nobody hear me when I call” on the internet will end here. We have given all the top 11 ways to solve this issue. You can choose the one that is apt for your situation. If you face any issue, feel free to leave your comments below.

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