2 Free Ways to Clear up All Safari Caches on iPad

Smart phones including the iPad use the cache technology to improve user experience. Users can easily access previously visited pages quickly as well as fill forms they’ve filled in before, making the experience faster. Cache is not limited to Safari or any browsing app for the matter, but to all apps. That’s why you’ll see an app like Twitter taking up to times five of its app size. Now imagine the effect of two, three or more apps occupying that amount of space on your device along with what Safari is already occupying. Simply put, caches need to be emptied often and this post will show you how at no cost to you.

2 Simple & Free Methods to Clear iPad Safari Caches

1 Clear Safari Caches on Your iPad in Settings

First we will go through the steps that you can follow in order to clear cache Safari on iPad through iOS Settings App.

Step 1: Launch the settings app of your iPad through the home screen.
Step 2: Scroll down the menu and select Safari.
Step 3: Scroll down to the bottom of right hand panel and tap on Advanced.
Step 4: Select website data.
Step 5: Select Remove All Website Data option at the bottom of the screen.

clear iphone safari cache in advanced

This common method, clearing iPad Safari caches in Settings may be easy. However, manually doing it step by step, day by day may cause a lot of frustration for most users. Besides, all Apps store cache files on iPad, not only Safari. And most of these Apps do not hava an option to clear up caches, so how could we delete these useless cache files?

2 Clear Not Only Safari Caches but Also All Other Apps' Caches on iPad

iMyFone iPad Eraser or iMyFone iPad Eraser for Mac will give you the opportunity to clear all iPad App caches with just a single click. It comes along with a user friendly interface and you will also be able to permanently clear cache Safari on iPad within a couple of seconds.

  • Detect and clear up all iOS hidden junk files and temp files, including app caches, cookies, crash logs, downloaded temp files, user storage files and corrupted files etc.
  • One click to free up huge space by mass deleting unwanted photos, large files and apps, and it will backs up automatically the original photos and videos on your PC.
  • Compress photos losslessly to free up 75% of your photo space, also with backup for original photos on PC.
  • Discover and permanently erase the personal deleted files to avoid privacy leak, messages, notes, Safari history, WhatsApp messages, photo and videos are all included.
  • Preview before erasing, avoiding some important data or files would be mistakenly erased.
  • Permanently erase current private files, all iOS files are supported, and the erased data cannot be recovered by any data recovery software.

Windows version Mac version

How to Clear Safari Cache and all other App caches for FREE?

Step 1: Run the iMyFone Data Eraser on your computer, connect iPad device to PC so that the program can detect it.

connect ipad to pc

Step 2: Go to Junk Files option, Click on "Scan" button and the program will do a full space-saving analysis for your iPad.

junk files tab

Step 3: Click "Clean" button. This is a FREE function of iMyFone that will cost you nothing for it.

Clean cache Safari iPad

Conclusion: The working mechanism behind iMyFone Umate Pro is very logical. It looks for the junk files that are located in your iPad and take necessary measures to delete them. It includes clearing the cache of Safari as well. When the junk files are cleared with one click, you will be able to improve the performance of the device while also enhancing the free storage space on your device.
Clean cache Safari iPad


For privacy protection, if you share your iPad with friends or other family members, or want to sell your iPad, then simply deleted the Safari Caches is not enough, as deleted caches could be restored by recovery software. You should erase them permanently, meaning overwritten the caches totally, so that they could not be recovered by any recovery tool. To permanently erase Safari data, you should apply the Erase All Data, Erase Private Data or Erase Deleted Files mode on iMyFone iPad Eraser to do it.

Different Sources of Cache

1. Safari: Safari is the most popular contributor to the total cache storage on your iPad. Just to be fair, cache files are not totally useless, as a matter of fact, they are very useful until they occupy too much space. Safari cache ensures pages you regularly visit load faster. However, if you’re an ardent browser, your Safari cache can mount up as high as Mount Everest. Apart from cache chopping into available useful space, having corrupted files in them can cause serious problems like browser not loading or tabs not closing.

2. All social media and Instant messaging apps: Social media apps like Twitter, Facebook, and instant messaging apps like Sype and Whatsapp are the kings of cache storage. As a quick exercise, check the total storage occupied by your Whatsapp, and you’ll be amazed that it could be up to a GB if you receive plenty media files from your friends. Such amount of storage space can be freed and out to better use. The next part of the article will show you how.

Effects of iPad Caches Stored by Safari or Other Apps.

  • It will eventually cause the phone to have performance issues.
  • Takes up unnecessary space.
  • Corrupted Safari cache files can cause abnormal activities on the browser.

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