Steps of Moving Photos to iCloud

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Many people are not aware of iCloud and how it works exactly. If you are in that category, this article is an effort to bring it to the fore. iCloud is Apple’s effort in giving you the opportunity to manage your files better. Remember your iPhone, iPad or other devices do not come with unlimited storage capacity. This means that as some point, there are chances that you may start running out of storage which will make your device becoming sluggish and slow. One of the best ways to manage this situation better is by moving photos to iCloud as we shall see below.

How to Move Photos to iCloud

Moving photos to iCloud from your IOS devices is not a difficult task. It requires just a few steps and once done, you can view your photos without stress. The following is a step by step guide, just follow it.

Step 1: Sign into your account. If you do not have one, create one yourself.

Step 2: Go to “Settings” on your device and select the “iCloud” option.

Step 3: Turn on “Back up to iCloud” from the window that opens after selecting iCloud option. Then select” Back up now” to move photos to iCloud.

moving photos to icloud

iMyfone Umate- All in one iPhone Photo Manager

Do you have so many photos on your iPhone? Do you care about managing these photos so as to conserve space and help your device perform in a better way? Then thanks to iMyfone Umate iPhone Cleaner or iMyfone Umate iPhone Cleaner for mac, you now have one of the best tools for managing your photos without moving photos to iCloud.

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Imyfone Umate you can clear your photo caches, compress photos to reclaim 75% of your photos’space and mass delete your unwanted photos by one click to free up space, and all your original photos will be backed up on your PC.

iMyfone Umate is actually simple and easy to use with just few steps:

Step 1: Connect Your IOS device.

Step 2: Scan your IOS device.

Step 3: One click to free huge space for your iPhone.

iphone photo manager

Other features of the imyfone umate include:

  • Cleaning all Junk files
  • Clearing temporary files
  • Detect and mass delete large files
  • Mass delete unused Apps

What you should know about iCloud

iCloud is a useful tool from Apple. First, it allows you to save videos, photos, music, documents and app data to icloud. Secondly, it does not just allow you to store all these in a place but will also alow you to access every of your files as well as data from any of your IOS devices keeping them up to date across all of them. It doesn’t even end there; iCloud will let you create new folders and files from any iCloud enabled apps allowing the access across multiple apps.

How to optimize iCloud Storage

When you set up your iCloud, it automatically backing up your files including ones you may not care about. Before moving photos to iCloud, it is best to always optimize your iCloud storage in order to save your storage allowance. The following are steps to optimize your iCloud storage.

optimize icloud

Step 1: Go to “Settings” and choose “ICloud”, and tap “Storage and Backup”.

Step 2: Choose “Manage Storage”, then choose you device.

Step 3: Click “Show all” to see all storage using apps, then select apps which have items you will like to backup.

Step 4: Click “Turn off and Delete” apps you do not want to backup.

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