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[Fixed] How to Record on Snapchat without Holding the Button


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In this article:

"How to record on Snapchat without holding the button?" This question can be frequently searched on the websites. And it is known to us, Snapchat has a major limitation on recording videos that you have to hold down the button for the duration of the recording. Although Snapchat still doesn't offer a one-tap option to record video, it adds an easier way to record without holding down the camera button all the time. Besides, we will also provide 2 methods specific to different phone models for you.

record without holding

Part 1. How to Record Hands Free on Snapchat

In the first part, we will introduce 3 ways to help you record hands free on Snapchat. The first way is a general way that can be used on most mobile phones. And, the latter two methods are specific to different phone models.

1 Record Hands Free on Snapchat Directly

Do you want a way to record hands free on Snapchat directly? It's a good news to both iOS and Android users that Snapchat has found the bug and updated the app to include the camera lock feature. Then, users can record Snapchat videos hands free. Let's see how to do it.

Step 1. Open the Snapchat and select the filter you want to use when recording.

Step 2. Slide your finger over to the lock icon. It will lock the recording, so that you can record a Snapchat video as long as you want without pressing the record button.

Step 3. After you've finished recording, tap the record button again to end this process.

Now, you can share your video with your friends on Snapchat. You can add it to your story or save it into your camreal roll.

record directly on snapchat



If the recording is not what you want, then the whole process will need to be repeated. And you need to discard the current Snapchat video. So, you should make sure your whole process of recording is perfect. However, there is also some other ways can help you, like you can save the Snapchat videos, and use the same method as cropping videos on TikTok.

2 Record Hands Free on Snapchat [iPhone]

If you have an iPhone and want to record without holding the button on Snapchat, then you can use a feature built in iOS to do that. In order to make your steps easier, we manually divide these steps into two parts. You can follow the instructions below.

1. Use Accessibility Features on Your iPhone

Step 1. Open your iPhone, an then tap on Settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> AssistiveTouch. Turn on AssistiveTouch. Then, scroll down and select Create New Gesture....

setting accessibility

Step 2. Press and hold the center of phone screen until the blue progress bar is complete. Finally, give a name to your gesture and click Save.

save new gesture

2. Record Snapchat Video without Holding the Button

Step 1. Open Snapchat and you'll see a grey square on the recording screen. Select the square and tap Custom.

Step 2. Select the guesture you just created. Then you’ll see a grey circle icon, drag the grey circle icon that appears on top of the Snapchat record button.

Step 3. Snapchat will start recording after a 1-second delay.

record without holding button

Now, you can record your Snapchat videos without pressing the record button. And, you can place your iPhone on a tripod or in a holder. One thing you need to notice is that this guesture only lasts for 8 seconds. Althoug you can not get the full exposure of 10 seconds on Snapchat, it's a good option for most people.

3 Record Hands Free on Snapchat [Android]

If you want to use what method we've introduce above, unfortunately, you can't. As there is no Android version of this feaure. In order to help you hands free when recording Snapchat videos, you can use the method below. We can not promise this way is 100% work, but it's still worth trying. (This method is a bit weird and funny.)

Step 1. Find a rubber band and then open Snapchat.

Step 2. Wrap your rubber ban over your phone, You need to make sure your rubber band covers up the volume up button, but not wrap over the power button. Besides, don't cover the front camera with your rubber band.

Step 3. Press the volume up botton over the rubber band, then you can record your Snapchat video for a full lengh of 10 seconds without hands.

You can wrap rubber band over your phone like this:

reoord on android

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launch topclipper

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download tiktok video without watermark

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remove video watermark

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preview video

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FAQs about Recording Hands Free on Snapchat

Q How Do You Record on Snapchat without Two Hands?

There are some ways to record on Snapchat without two hands. One way is to use voice. You can use this way by opening the Snapchat and tap the microphone icon in the top right corner of your phone screen. Then, speaking by the microphone and Snapchat will start recording. Another way is to use face. You can use this way by opening the Snapchat and tap the camera icon in the top left corner of your phone screen. Then, point the camera at yourself and Snapchat will start recording.

Q Does Snapchat Have a Hands Free Mode on Recording?

Actually, there is no hands free mode on Snapchat now. But there are a few ways to use this app without using your hands. Like what we've mentioned above, you can use voice on Snapchat if you have an Android device. You can also use face to record on Snapchat. .

Q How to Achieve Hands Free Recording on iPhone without Methods above?

To record hands free, you can use the voice memo application on your iPhone. All you need to do is to launch the app and press the red button. Then, your iPhone will start recording. If you want to stop recording, just press the red button agian.

Q How Do You Make or Record a Video on Snapchat?

To Make a Snapchat video, you need to open this app and then tap on camera icon in the top left corner of the screen. Then, select the video option and press on it to record. After recording, release it and your video will be sent automatically. To record a Snapchat video, you need to open this app and swipe left from the camera screen. It will open your phone labrary. Then, select the video you want to record and press the record button.

Q How to Fix When Snapchat Doesn't Record Videos?

You may encounter this issue when recording a Snapchat video, your phone gives you an error message like "could not connect camera". To fix this problem, we suggest you to disable any filter and the front flash.

If you still can not solve this problem, you can try the methods below.

  • 1. Restart Snapchat.
  • 2. Restart camera.
  • 3. Restart Phone.
  • If those methods don't work, you can try to uninstall and reinstall Snapchat app. Or go to camera settings and disable Geo tagging option. In some cases, you can also boot your device in recovery mode and clear the cache.


    That's all about how to record hands free on Snapchat. Snapchat will come out with newer updatas from time to time. So, if you still can not record without holding button, you can wait patiently. Apart from recording video, if you want to create a video on SnapChat on your own, then we recommend iMyFone TopClipper. It powerful function to re-edit videos hava helped most of the users go rival. Just download it and give it a try, you wll be the next popular star!

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