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3 Easy Methods to View Android Phone on PC

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Have you ever wished you could seamlessly view and control your Android phone from your computer screen? Whether you want to access files, manage notifications, or play mobile games with the convenience of a keyboard and mouse, viewing your Android phone on your PC offers numerous benefits.

view android phone on pc

In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore various methods and tools that allow you to mirror and control your Android device on your computer.

In this article:

Part 1. How To View Android Phone On PC

Method 1 iMyFone MirrorTo [USB]

One of the most useful features of MirrorTo is the ability to mirror and control the screen of your Android device onto a Windows or Mac computer. With this top-notch alternative to Miracast, linking view android phone screen on PCs, laptops, and cell phones has never been easier.

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Key Features of MirrorTo

  • Cast and control Android phone on PC to send messages and play mobile games.
  • Support 1080p screen in 4K resolution and 60 fps.
  • Support both Wi-Fi and USB connection.
  • Screenshot and record your phone screen on PC.

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Steps to view Android phone on PC:

Step 1. Download and install iMyFone MirrorTo on your computer.

Step 2. Launch it and connect your Android phone to your computer with USB or Wi-Fi.

Step 3. Go to Settings > About Phone > Software information > tap "build number" 7 times.

tap build number 7 times

Step 4. Go to Developer options > enable USB debugging.

enable usb debugging

Step 5. Now you can view your Android phone screen on PC and control it with the mouse and keyboard.

view android phone on pc

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Method 2 Link To Windows [Wi-Fi]

Microsoft's software lets you link your Android phone to a Windows PC. This allows you to access all the features on your phone, such as messages, contacts, apps, and file sharing. It works with Windows 10 and newer PCs and Android phones.

link to windows

Steps to view Android phone screen on PC:

Step 1. Download the "Phone Link" app from the Windows PC's Microsoft Store and your mobile device's Google Play Store.

Step 2. When prompted to pick up your phone, launch "Phone Link" on your PC and choose "Android".

select android on phone link

Step 3. Select "Pair with QR Code" because you have already installed "Link with Windows" on your mobile device.

pair with qr code

Step 4. After you've checked the permissions, you'll be ready to begin.

Part 2. Cast Android Screen on PC Windows 10 via Wireless Display

You can also use the built-in feature - "Wireless Display" to cast Android to Windows 10.

Steps to cast Android phone screen on Windows 10:

Step 1. Choose Settings > Apps > Optional Features on your computer.

Step 2. click Add an Optional Feature > Wireless Display > Install. Go to "Start > Wireless Display" on your computer.

add an optional feature

Step 3. Then on your Android phone, find and choose your PC in the list of devices.

Step 4. Now you may mirror the screen of your Android tablet onto your Windows computer.

Part 3. Comparison Among The 3 Ways To View Android Screen On PC

This comparison table helps you choose the suitable method:

Method iMyFone MirrorTo Link to Windows Wireless Display
Platform Compatibility Windows, Mac Windows Windows
Connection Type USB, Wireless, QR Code
Connect automatically
Wireless Wireless
Screen Size Adjustable screen
Full screen available
/ Only one size
App Requirement yes yes no
Device Interaction Mouse Control
Keyboard Input
Limited Screen Mirroring
Ease of Use Easy Moderate Easy
Wireless Option Available yes no yes
Recommend level star star star star star star star star star star star star

Part 4. Why Is Not My Android Phone Not Connecting To My PC

1 Use a New USB Cable

Your computer won't be able to detect your Android phone if you connect it using a damaged cable. Try connecting your phone to your computer using a different USB cable or a new one.

2 Check USB Port

It might be due to inadequate contact caused by dust or other debris in the USB port of your device or computer. Both your phone and computer's USB ports should be inspected and cleaned.

3 Update Phone Or PC System

If the operating system version of your mobile phone or PC needs to be updated, compatibility problems can prevent your phone from connecting to the PC. You can check whether your computer and mobile device are running the most recent operating systems; if not, you may upgrade them.

4 Restart PC And Phone

Maybe some software glitch is causing the connection to be interrupted. hen you need to restart both your phone and computer.

Part 5. FAQs about Viewing Android Phone Screen on PC

1 In what ways does Airdroid Cast excel as a PC Android mirroring solution?

The top screen mirroring software is iMyFone MirrorTo, which lets you see and control your Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac screen from your computer. You can use itto see and manage your Android or iOS device's surroundings on a computer, and it has fantastic features, including an easy setup, fast performance, and phone-to-PC mirroring. In terms of mobile device situations, it is the most comprehensive solution.

2 Can we set up screen mirroring across Android devices?

The answer is yes. For example, suppose you want to view a movie on two Android tablets simultaneously. In that case, you can utilize the screen mirroring option to view Android phone on PC simultaneously on other devices. On the other hand, you'd want to mirror the display of another Android device. The simplest approach is to install a third-party app and then set up the connection.

3 Is WiFi screen mirroring superior to the USB cable version?

To a certain extent, yes. The connection between the Android and PC is established rapidly using a high-quality USB, and consumers hardly encounter faults or failures. In most cases, wired transmissions are more reliable, but this is particularly true when using an Android smartphone to stream media. That is only sometimes the case while using wireless screen mirroring.


Now you know how to view Android phone on PC. Try the methods now. You can also easily control your Android phone from PC using iMyFone MirrorTo, which allows you to play Android games on PC, send messages with friends on PC, etc.

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