How to Disable Passcode on iPad?

An iPad screen passcode is used to ensure your digital privacy and security. It would be easy to disable passcode on iPad when you remember it. If you can't remember the iPad passcode and attempt your wrong guesses multiple times, your iPad will be disabled and won't accept the passcode anymore. Fortunately, this article will introduce how to disable passcode on iPad even when you are locked out.

How to Disable Passcode on iPad, When You Remember it

Here are the steps you need to follow to disable your passcode on iPad:
Step 1. Go to "Settings > Touch ID & Passcode".
Step 2. Enter your current screen passcode on iPad.
Step 3. Scroll down and tap on "Turn Off Passcode".
Step 4. Read disclaimer and tap "Turn Off".

Warm Prompt:
If you want to disable Restrictions or Screen Time passcode, you should follow the below steps:

How to disable Restrictions on iPad:
1. Go to "Settings > General > Restrictions".
2. Enter your Restrictions passcode.
3. Tap on Disable Restrictions, then enter Restrictions passcode.

How to disable Screen Time on iPad:
1. Go to "Settings > Screen Time".
2. Scroll down and tap Turn off Screen Time.
3. Tap Turn Off Screen Time again to confirm.

How to Disable Passcode on iPad, When You Forgot it

If you forgot your iPad screen passcode, you won't be able to access your iPad. Worse, every time you fail to type the passcode correctly, you take risk of making your iPad lockout. Don’t worry, we will introduce you two ways to disable your iPad screen passcode even when it is disabled.

Method 1. One-stop Solution for All iOS Users - iMyFone LockWiper

If you find your iPad has been permanently disabled and can't type in the password anymore, we suggest you use the convenient iOS software - iMyFone LockWiper. It can help to disable the screen passcode from your disabled, broken or frozen iPad without jail-breaking it. Featuring the user-friendly design and easy operation, it is really the one-stop solution for all iOS users.

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Let’s view the significant features offered by LockWiper:

  • Unlock screen passcode easily from your disabled or broken iPad.
  • Remove Apple ID completely from any iOS device without a password.
  • Unlock Screen Time or Restrictions passcode quickly without loss of data.
  • It supports all iOS devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

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How to Disable Passcode on iPad by Using iMyFone LockWiper:

Step 1. Run iMyFone LockWiper on your computer and go to "Unlock Screen Passcode" mode. Then click "Start".
Choose "Unlock Screen Time Passcode" if you want to unlock Screen Time or Restrictions.

remove iphone screen lock

Step 2. Connect your iPad to your computer via USB cable, and tap on "Next".
Step 3. Click on the "Download" button to download the firmware for your iPad.

download firmware package

Step 4. Click on "Start to Extract" and wait a while.

verify firmware package

Step 5. Click on "Start Unlock" button. Make sure your iPad is always connected to your computer.

verification success

Step 6. Read the notice and enter "000000" to begin the unlocking process.

confirm unlock

Step 7. The software will take a few minutes to unlock your iPad screen passcode.

removing screen lock

After unlocking, your iPad screen passcode has been disabled. You can set a new passcode and don’t forget it.

Method 2. How to Disable Passcode on iPad by Using iTunes

If you want to disable the iPad screen passcode by iTunes, you should reset your iPad to factory setting. This method only works if you have previously synced your iPad to iTunes and have disabled “Find My iPad”. You should follow these steps to disable your iPad passcode.

How to Disable Passcode on iPad by Using iTunes:

Step 1. Update your iTunes to the latest version. Then launch your iTunes on your PC or MAC.
Step 2. Connect your iPad to the computer you normally sync.
Step 3. Go to Summary tab, then tap "Restore iPad".

restore iPod

Step 4. Click "Restore" again. Then iTunes will erase your iPad as well as your screen passcode.

restore iPod

If you have never synced your iPad with iTunes or "Find My iPad" is enabled, please refer to method 1 which is suitable for all situations.

Many iOS users may forget the screen passcode on their iPad since many of them have more than one iOS device. It might make you anxious when your iPad or iPhone starts to lock your out from six wrong attempts. iMyFone LockWiper as your one-stop solution can easily unlock any type of screen locks and Apple ID. It features various unlocking tools to solve all of your passcode issues.

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