My iPhone passcode changed itself when I updated to the latest version of iOS, and all of the sudden its asking for six-digit security code to unlock the iPhone. But I never had a six-digits security iPhone passcode.”

“iPhone 6S here. I restarted and pump...My code doesn’t work. Just got the answer ‘That cannot happen!’ from Custome service. Anyway my phone is locked now. Why iPhone passcode changed itself? Don’t know how to do.”

We got similar questions -- all about the problem that iPhone passcode changed itself. For this, we write this post as a guide for readers to solve it.

Part 1. Why is My iPhone Passcode Changed Itself?

As part of its drive to increase security, since the launch of iOS 9, Apple now and ever requests a six-digit passcode instead of a four-digit one when setting up a new or newly updated iPad or iPhone. When we update the iOS version, or restart the phone, then it is possible that iPhone passcode changes itself from a four-digit code to six-digit, or the reverse. This can result from the data corruption, bugs of the apps, that someone changed your phone code, the security measure of Apple, or purely, an error of the phone itself.

One certain thing is that Apple won’t change our iPhone passcode as they don’t have it. When going to customer service we are likely to get the answer “It is impossible to happen!” However, we need to solve this issue. If you enter the wrong passcode too many times, you will see a message that your device is disabled. You’ll need use iTunes and erase your device which deletes all your data, unless you made a recent backup. Or you can also try the ultimate solution to unlock without limitations.

Part 2. Try These Tips If iPhone Passcode Changed Itself

#1. iPhone Passcode Changed Itself? Use iTunes

If iPhone passcode changed itself, you can factory reset your phone and restore it with iTunes. This can be useful if your computer has been synced with your iPhone before so you don’t need the passcode to enter iTunes. If you performed a recent backup of your iPhone, iPad, iPod before this operation, that would be so nice.

You can use the following procedure to rest the passcode with iTunes. Steps:

  • Open the iTunes of your Mac or PC.
  • Connect your iphone, iPad or iPod to your computer. When your device is connected, force restart it.
  • You’ll be see two options neither to Restore or to Update. Click on the option “ Restore iPhone ”.
  • When the downloading process finishes, you can set up and use the phone.


1. If you want to save the information on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, make a backup.
2. If the downloading process lasts more than 15 minutes, force restart again.
3. If you don’t have a synced commputer but you know the Apple ID, you can also go to " > Find My iPhone", and then erase your device.

#2. Ultimate Solution -- Unlock without Limitations

There seems rare ways to fix it either with iTunes or iCloud when you forgot the iPhone passcode or iPhone passcode changed itself. However, here comes the ultimate solution if you don’t have a synced computer or don’t have the Apple ID.

iMyFone LockWiper for Mac or PC helps to solve the issue that iPhone passcode changed itself. It is an effective tool in sidestepping the screen lock passcode. It is popular among the iOS users to bypass the screen lock without passcode, no matter if there is protection on the screen with a secret PIN code, their own face or fingerprint.

lockwiper unlock iPhone passcode

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Features of iMyFone LockWiper

  • 1. It helps remove the unknown screen lock password if iPhone passcode changed itself.

  • 2. Unlocks 4-digit, 6-digit, Face ID, or Touch ID screen-locked iPhone/iPad in a few clicks.

  • 3. Assists you get back into your locked, disabled, faulty button and broken screen iPhone/iPad.

  • 4. Helps to wipe the old iCloud account without any password.

  • 5. Helps you easily remove your forgotten Restrictions or Screen Time passcode without damaging any data.

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Steps To Remove iOS Screen Lock

The process of removing the screen unlock on an Android device using LockWiper is extremely simplified.

Step 1. Download, install and launch iPhone LockWiper on your Mac or Windows PC. Launch LockWiper and select " Unlock Screen Passcode " mode.

remove iphone screen lock

Step 2. Please keep your device connected to PC via USB cable during the unlocking process.

Step 3. The program will auto-detect your device model. Choose the firmware version provided and click " Download " and then extract it.

verify firmware package

Step 4. Click on “ Start Unlock ” to begin and input the code “ 000000 ” to show that you’ve read and confirmed the terms and conditions. Just in a few minutes, the lock will be removed from your device.

removing screen lock

It doesn’t matter what caused the reason of the screen lock, or if the phone was protected by a password, graphic key, fingerprint, face scanning system, what’s important is that iMyFone LockWiper can handle any such situation. The program interface is so simple that even a user who does not understand the technical side can use it.

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Part 3. How to Change back from 6-Digits to 4-Digits?

A 6-digit code is more secure, of course, with vastly more combinations to guess, and essentially prevents thieves from brute-forcing their way into your device. But it's also slightly annoying. If you can enter the home screen, you can use the following procedure to change a custom length numeric passcode.

Step 1: Go to “ Settings > Touch ID & Passcode ”.

Step 2: Enter Passcode that you have set.


Step 3: Then tap on “ Change Passcode ”.

Step 4: Enter your old passcode again.


Step 5: Tap “ Passcode Options ”, then choose “ 4-Digits Numeric Code ”.


Step 6: Enter your new passcode twice to verify it.


Here are millions of cases that iMyFone LockWiper unlocks the iOS devices if iPhone passcode changed itself. You can also use iTunes or iCloud to reset the passcode. But if these options don’t work for you, in order to unlock the screen of the device, we advise you to download the trial version and use the LockWiper program.

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