"I deleted the photos from my Android device after noticing that my device had become vulnerable to a hacker attack. Can hackers recover deleted photos on Android"?

Regardless of how much effort you put into preventing the hackers from accessing your Android device, you might still end up giving access of your Android device.

Sometimes, people who fear that someone is hacking their Android device can quickly delete all the photos from the Android device. The question is, "can hackers recover deleted photos on Android?" We'll talk about this question in detail.

Part 1: Can Hackers Recover Deleted Photos on Android?

If some of the most dangerous hackers have hacked your Android device, they can easily access your deleted photos on your Android device.

Remember, hackers, tend to find clues about everything to cash in on the opportunity they get. So, if you log in with the backup account and forget to log out from them, hackers can access the lost data.

Here's how hackers can recover permanently deleted photos.

1. Google Photos

Retrieving lost photos through the Google Photos app is easy for hackers, especially when you log in with a Google account.

Here's how to recover the lost photos.

Step 1. Launch the Google Photos app and navigate to the " Trash or Bin" icon.

Step 2. Tap on " Preview" and select the photos you want to recover.

Step 3. Click on the " Restore" icon to start recovering the data.

2. Dropbox

If you backed up the Android photos on Dropbox and forgot to log out from this app, you're inviting someone to access the personal photos.

Here's how to get back the deleted photos from Dropbox.

Step 1. Launch the Dropbox app on your Android device and click on the "Files" icon.

Step 2. Tap on the "Deleted" icon and then choose the deleted photos you want. Next, tap on the Recovery icon to begin recovering the data.

Bonus Tip: Can I Recover Deleted Photos on Android?

If you've deleted the important photos unintentionally or your data got removed due to unforeseen reasons, iMyFone D-Back Hard for Android could come to the rescue.

It emerges as one of the best Android data recovery tools that keeps everything intact when retrieving lost data on an Android device.

The worth admiring thing about this tool is that it helps you get back every type of data without tinkering with the original data quality.

Main Features:

  • Recover lost Android data without root
  • Get the 11 types of data within a few clicks
  • Fast scanning speed
  • Preview the data before retrieving it
  • 100% safe to use
  • Breathtaking technical

How to recover data on Android using iMyFone D-Back?

Step 1. Install D-Back for Android on your PC and select the Recover Phone Data icon.

choose recover photo data

Step 2. Connect the Android device to the PC via a lightning cable and start scanning for your lost data. The scanning process can take time, depending on the amount of Android data you've lost.

Step 3. Once the scanning process gets completed, you'll need to preview the data and select the files you'd want to get back. Click on the " Recover" icon to begin retrieving the lost data. After recovering the data, you can access the retrieved data on your Android gallery.

press the recover icon

Part 3: FAQs

1 Can anyone see my deleted photos?

If someone has gotten access to your Android device and you didn't log out from the Google account, you used to back up the photos, and someone can easily access your deleted photos. So, you should log out from the application where you backup your data.

2 Can hackers recover deleted photos from factory reset phone?

You can only retrieve the data from Google Drive if you factory reset the Android. Hence, a hacker intending to access your deleted photos backed up on Google Drive can factory reset the Android. After factory resetting the phone, he can easily access and misuse your deleted photos.

3 Is it possible to recover permanently deleted photos from years ago?

If you're struggling to recover permanently deleted photos from an Android device, you can retrieve the deleted photos courtesy of the iMyFone D-Back. It is a sensational data recovery that makes permanently deleted photos effortless.


Those who ask "can hackers recover deleted photos on Android" can take notes from this post.

Various ways can help hackers to access your deleted data on an Android device. Thus, it would help if you took the necessary precautions to prevent hackers from accessing your personal information.

On the other hand, if you intend to retrieve lost photos, take the iMyFone D-Back on board.