Amazon Prime Not Working on Apple TV? Top 7 Solutions Here

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In a nutshell, Amazon Prime is a membership program of the renowned online market - Amazon.  As an Amazon Prime member, you will be able to receive discounted or even free shipping. Also, Prime will offer you the option of accessing streaming services for content like video, music, audio books, games etc. But what if Amazon Prime not working on Apple TV? Mentioned below are the top 7 solutions.

1. Fix Amazon Prime Not Working on Apple TV without Data Loss

If you are looking for a way to fix this issue simply without causing any data loss, you will have to use a special app like iMyFone Fixppo.

iMyFone Fixppo is considered to be one of the most efficient tools that can repair iOS devices with a couple of clicks. This tool allows you to recover your device from issues like white screen of death, black screen of death, frozen iOS device and many other cases. The best thing is that this software can resolve issues without causing any data loss. This tool has been trusted by many professional websites.

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Mentioned below are the steps to follow in order to fix your Apple TV using Fixppo. Before that, download Fixppo on your computer.

Windows version    Mac version

Step 1.Open iMyFone Fixppo and go to Standard Mode. Then, connect the faulty device into that computer. Click on Next. If you don’t see that the device isn’t connected yet, put it into DFU/Recovery mode.

choose Standard Mode

Step 2.Now, Fixppo will search for the appropriate firmware. Choose the correct version and click on Download button.

download firmware under Standard Mode

Step 3.Click on Start button to start fixing the issues and wait.

start to fix your device

Windows version    Mac version

2. Restart Apple TV

One of the simplest but effective solutions is simply to restart the Apple TV. Let’s see how to do it.

For Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD:

Go to Settings and select System. Then select Restart.

For Apple TV 3rd Generation or older:

Go to Settings, select General and hit Restart.

If not, you can simply unplug TV from power socket, wait for about 6 or more seconds and plug it back to have a check.


3. Update Apps on Apple TV

Here’s how to update the apps on your Apple TV and see if Amazon Prime is working.

Step 1: Open Settings app on the Apple TV and go to “Apps”.

Step 2: Go to “Automatically Update Apps”.

Step 3: Now, wait for the apps to be updated.


4. Restart Related App

If that doesn’t work, try restarting the related app.

Step 1: Turn on Apple TV device.

Step 2: Go to Home Screen and double click on the TV button (on the remote).

Step 3: Use the trackpad and swipe right to locate the related app.

Step 4: Then, swipe the app up and quit it.

Step 5: Hit the menu button on the remote and exit multitasking mode.

5. Restore Apple TV to Factory Settings

If you restore your Apple TV, this issue might be fixed. However, the catch here is that restoring causes data loss. Follow the steps mentioned below to restore the Apple TV to its original settings.

Step 1: Go to Settings app and then select General. Then select Reset.

Step 2: Then, go to the option labeled “Restore”. Please note that this method will also install the latest software update on the device.

You should know that restoring the Apple TV to its factory settings should be one of your last resorts. Because restoring the device will cause data loss. Meaning, you will have to configure the settings once again and that is a painstaking task. You will also have to enter all the passwords saved in your device (for instance, AirPlay, Remote etc.).


6. Contact Apple Support Center

If you are still searching for a fix after trying all of the above methods, you should probably contact Apple Support. They will either fix your device for free or even provide you with a replacement device if there is something wrong with the hardware.

7. Contact Amazon Support

Otherwise, you can also give it a try with Amazon Customer Support team. If they have an issue from their end, they will let you know what to do. So this will also help you.


Well, that’s how to fix “Amazon Prime video not working on Apple TV” issue. You don’t necessarily have to try all those methods mentioned in this article. Instead, try the simplest fixes first and if they don’t work, try the advanced methods. With that said, we kindly request you to leave a feedback below in the comments section. Your feedback is a vital aspect to the growth of our platform.