How Can I Save My WhatsApp Conversations on iPhone?

Anyone knows how can I save my WhatsApp conversations on iPhone? I have so many conversations with my friends on WhatsApp but my iPhone storage is almost full and I'm always worried that I will lose them for some unexpected reasons. Who know how do WhatsApp save conversation?


Are you wondering about how you might save your WhatsApp conversations on your iPhone, just like Jacklyn wants to do? Do you want to back up important conversations just in case something happens? If you want to keep your WhatsApp conversations safe, there are a few things that you can do:

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Save WhatsApp Conversation by Backing It Up to iCloud

The first way that you can backup chat history in WhatsApp is by just putting them on iCloud. Here is how to do it:

(1) Make sure you are signed into iCloud, then open up the WhatsApp app on your phone and go to WhatsApp Settings > Chats > Chat Backup.

(2) Tap where it says Back Up Now.

(3) You can also tap Auto Backup to set the app for periodic backups.

go to whatsapp settings and chats      go to chat backupchoose back up now

This method has some limitations, however. For one, you have to make sure it doesn't exceed your allotted iCloud storage limit, or else you may have to pay. More importantly, though, you can't view what data is in the backup until you restore it from iCloud to your phone, wiping the data on your phone. There's no way to view or extract the data without doing this.

Save WhatsApp Conversations by Emailing Them to Others

If you email the conversation to yourself, it will be stored in your inbox of course. Here is how to backup chat history in WhatsApp by emailing them:

(1) Open up WhatsApp on your phone and tap the conversation you want to save.

(2) Tap on the name of your contact, then go down to where it says Export Chat.

hit on the name of the conversation      get to Export Chat option

(3) Select whether you want to email the conversation with or without media.

(4) Choose the Mail app when you are given a choice of apps.

choose attach media      Tap the mail icon

(5) Put in the desired email address, then tap Send.

One major drawback to this method, though, is that if you have many conversations that you want to save, it can take a long time to send them all one at a time.

Transfer WhatsApp Conversations from iPhone to Computer

While you can save your WhatsApp conversations on iCloud and send your conversations to yourself or other via email, there is a better way to save them—you can use a tool called iMyFone iTransor to back them up onto your computer. This application helps you back up all kinds of data from your iPhone to your computer.

Why is iTransor better? There are many reasons:

Key Features:

  • You can back up all the WhatsApp data, not only WhatsApp messages, but attachments (photos and videos, stickers…) and audio messages.
  • You have the freedom to restore the backup back to your iPhone if you lose your WhatsApp data.
  • You can view the WhatsApp data in backup on your computer anytime you need.
  • You can save other data types, such as contacts, messages, WeChat and more on your iPhone.
  • You can save WhatsApp conversation totally for free with it.

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How to Save WhatsApp Conversions on Computer (from iPhone)

It's pretty easy to save your WhatsApp conversations on your computer using iMyFone iTransor. Here is how you do it:

(1) Download and install iTransor. Plug your device into your computer and launch iTransor.

(2) Click where it says Acquire Backup from Device & iCloud and click where it says Back Up Device.

choose back up WhatsApp

(3) Select WhatsApp and click Back Up if you are sure to start the process. Don't disconnect your device until it is done.

what you should know before backing up WhatsApp

(4) When it is done, you can view your backup and browse its contents.

back up WhatsApp successfully

What are the limitations of this method? Well, if there is a limitation, then it's the fact that you can't extract data from the backup if you're only using the free trial version. However, you can still back up your data and browse the contents of the backup with the free trial.

You can use a lot of different methods to let WhatsApp save conversation, but if you want the freedom to store your backups where you want, and you also want to be able to browse and extract specific data, then iMyFone iTransor is a great choice. Use it now!

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