How to Back Up iPhone Text Messages? 3 Ways Offered!

In this modern era of information and technology, iPhone is definitely an important mode of communication. Due to its prominent and beneficial features it is used for important  business and dealings. Text message is such an amazing service that gives us information and instant communication. All of us wants to keep these text messages for a longer period of time and don't want to lose them by mistake as they contain our personal data or important business talk. iPhone provides us 2 ways to back up all your precious messages using iTunes or iCloud. We will also introduce you an iPhone data exporter to help you export all your messages to computer.

1 Back Up Text Messages on iPhone with iCloud

Whenever you back up your iPhone using iCloud, all your messages will be backed up as well. Follow the few simple steps in order to back up your iPhone and all messages it contains.

Step 1: Open the Settings app. Roll down and tap on your iCloud account. Find iCloud Backup under iCloud option.

Step 2: Switch on to iCloud backup to enable the feature. A suggestion will appear on your phone that "Your iPhone will no longer back up to your computer automatically when you sync with iTunes". Tap "OK".

Step 3: Tap on backup now. Here you go, your messages will start to back up using iCloud.


2 Back Up Text Messages on iPhone with iTunes

Another method to back up text messages on iPhone is to use iTunes backup option. The method comes from Apple, also and it is free. Refer to the following insructions.

Step 1: Plug iOS device into computer and open iTunes. You will see a icon on the top left corner of the iTunes window that shows iPhone or iPad according to which device you have. Click that icon it will open the window which will show detailed information about your device.

type on icloud

Step 2: There you will see a backup section below the main information, select "Back Up Now" on right hand side.

type on icloud

Step 3: You can encrypt backup to save it from unauthorized access.

3 Back Up Text Messages Selectively Using iMyFone D-Port

iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter is the best data exporter software that is used to back up all your text messages on iOS devices. It can back up multiple types of data including text messages, photos, videos, notes and more. Within few easy steps, the progam can also view data from iTunes or iCloud backups. iMyFone D-Port is highly recommended program as it is hundred percent secure it is shielded with full encryption feature. And it provides equal quality for Mac and Windows.

Windows version Mac version

Follow these steps to back up all your text messages on iPhone.

Step 1: From iMyFone download center to download the program and launch it. From "Export from iOS Device" to choose the file(s) you want to export. You can choose Message or all data types.

Choose the files you need to export

Step 2: Connect your iPhone to the program. Once iPhone is detected, the program will prompt you to scan text messages and other data on the phone.

scan iOS device

Step 3: After scanning the interface will show you all the iPhone messages. Now preview the found data to choose the ones you need to back up. Then press the "Export" button to back up the messages onto your computer.

preview and extract text messages from iphone

Download and install iMyFone D-Port iPhone Data Exporter to back up text messages, contacts, notes, voice memos and much more file to your computer right now. And don't forget to use the free trial version first.

Windows version Mac version