[2023 Update] 6 Ways to Fake iPhone Location without Jailbreak


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For one reason or another, you may want to fake your iPhone GPS location without jailbreak. And sometimes, simply changing your Apple ID country or region is not enough. So, what do you do?

Well, many people still think of it as a very technically-intensive procedure, but nothing could be further from the truth. Let's begin by looking at scenarios that may require you to change your iPhone's GPS location.

fake iPhone Location without jailbreak

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In this article:

Part 1: When Do You Want to Fake GPS Location?

At face value, the idea of wanting to change iPhone location without jailbreak may seem quite weird for a lot of people. This is because the general usage of the GPS comes in handy when looking for weather updates or directions to a new place. However, there are a number of scenarios that call for faking your iPhone’s GPS location.

1 Prevent Sharing of Location with Social Media Apps

Most social media apps such as Facebook or Twitter and dating apps such as Tinder, like to ask about your current GPS location. "Tricking" your iPhone's GPS may help you avoid targeted marketing campaigns, or in the case of dating, it can help you gain possible matches in a new area.

2 Get the Upper Hand in A Location-Based Game

One of the most popular location-based games of this century is Pokémon GO. The game requires you to travel to various places collecting different Pokémon types. Spoofing your iPhone's GPS location can help you trick the game that you have already made the trip to a particular location, thereby availing to you more Pokémon types.

3 Boost GPS Signals on Your Real Location

In case the GPS signals in an area are not strong enough, spoofing can help set your real location hence making it easier to find you.

Fake GPS Location without jailbreak

Part 2: How to Fake GPS Location on iPhone without Jailbreak?

We have already known the situations where people need to spoof GPS location. Next, we’re going to discuss 6 simple ways to change iPhone location without any hassles. Before introduction, below is a comparison table that summarizes all the 6 methods for faking your iPhone’s GPS location without jailbreak.

Methods AnyTo iSpoofer iTools iBackupBot Xcode A Plist File
Ratings 9 7.5 7 6.5 6 5
Ease of Use 4 Steps 5 Steps 6 Steps 10 Steps 8 Steps 9 Steps
Operating Time 3 mins 10 mins 10 mins 40 mins 35 mins 45 mins
Compatibility Up to iOS 16 Up to iOS 13 Up to iOS 12 Up to iOS 13 Up to iOS 13 iOS 10 and Older

01 Use iMyFone AnyTo to Fake GPS Location without Jailbreak

It’s difficult to fake GPS location on iPhone because of its high security and complexity of Apple system. However, using the third-party program - iMyFone AnyTo is the simplest and most straightforward way to change location without jailbreak.

No matter what your iOS version is, including the latest iOS 16, AnyTo will perfectly support your iPhone/iPad. What's more, AnyTo now is updated to support Android systems! Anyone can enjoy spoofing location on the phone without any hassles!

iMyFone AnyTo

Key Features:

  • Faking Location on iPhone without jailbreak: You don't have to worry about bricking your phone or installing questionable packages.
  • Simulating movement with customized speed: If you have a game that requires walking, like Pokémon Go, you can plan the route by setting the moving speed. That means you don’t have to go outside for walking to hatch Pokémon Go eggs.

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Watch Video Tutorial to Fake GPS Location on Your iPhone without Jailbreak in 2023



If you have installed iMyFone AnyTo on the computer, drag the video bar to 0:46 to skip the downloading and installation part.

Fake Location on iPhone without Jailbreak in 2023

A step-by-step guide to fake iPhone location without jailbreak by AnyTo:

Step 1: Connect iPhone to the PC/Mac

Launch iMyFone AnyTo on your Windows PC/Mac (you can click the Try It Free button above to download it free). Click the Get Start button.

download imyfone anyto

Step 2: Select Teleport Mode

Choose the third icon on the upper-right corner - Teleport Mode. Then you can input an address or zoom and drag the map to choose a fake location.

anyto load map

Step 3: Location Changed on Map

Now just click the Move button to change your location on the map to this new location!

Change GPS Location with 1 Click

See, this is the whole step of changing location on iPhone. Pretty easy, right? All you need is iMyFone AnyTo, that's all!

With this app, all you have to do is sitting in comfort as your avatar does the walking for you. Brave all sorts of climates and terrains all from the comfort of your home.

To verify that you successfully change GPS location on iPhone, open Apple Maps on your iOS device. You should see the familiar blue dot in the area that you selected in iMyFone AnyTo!

change location on iPhone successful

Modify Location with 1 click on Your iOS/Android Device

Similarly, iMyFone AnyTo has completed software upgrades to allow users to change locations with one click on mobile devices.



  • Step 1: After completing and installing iMyFone AnyTo on your device, open AnyTo.
  • Step 2: Enter the place you want to move in the search box at the top of the app.
  • Step 3: After selecting the location, click the Move button in the location pop-up window in the app to modify the location with one click.


Tricking your iPhone into thinking that you are somewhere else in the world is effortless with iMyFone AnyTo. What’s more, you can also share your virtual location with your friends on all location-based social applications like Instagram, WhatsApp, and games like Pokémon GO.. Is that so cool? Try it free right now!

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02 Use iSpoofer to Change iPhone Location without Jailbreak

iSpoofer is very simple to use third party tool designed specifically for spoofing iPhone's GPS locations. Let's go over how you can use it to fake GPS location on your iPhone without jailbreak.

These are steps to change GPS location on iPhone:



  • Step 1: Download and install iSpoofer on your computer (works with both Mac and Windows PC).
  • Step 2: Unlock your iPhone and connect your iPhone via USB to your computer.
  • Step 3: Launch the iSpoofer app on your computer. It will immediately detect your device.
  • Step 4: Select the “Spoof” option. This should redirect you to a map interface.
  • Step 5: You can now search for a specific location and select the "Move" button. Your iPhone's GPS location will be changed, and it will reflect across all installed apps.

select spoof on ispoof select move on ispoof


  • Map navigation has two modes: "Move" and "Pin".
    "Move" mode uses joystick control while the "Pin" mode allows you to track a path using pins.
  • You can reset the GPS location to its original by closing the map and selecting the "back to normal" option.


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03 Use iTools to Fake GPS Location on iPhone without Jailbreak

Another program that helps you spoof your iPhone’s GPS location is known as iTools – produced by ThinkSky. The beauty of this app is that it is free for the first 24 hours, and it works with iOS 12 and older versions.

Below are simple steps on how to fake GPS location iPhone without jailbreak:



  • Step 1: Download and install iTools on your computer (works with both Mac and Windows PC).
  • Step 2: Unlock your iPhone and connect your iPhone to computer.
  • Step 3: Launch the iTools app in your computer and select Free Trial.
  • Step 4: Go to the Toolbox screen and select the "Virtual Location" option.
  • Step 5: Input your desired fake location into the text box in the map interface and hit "Enter".
  • Step 6: Select “Move here” to teleport your iPhone to the new location.

select virtual location on itools


  • You can exit the iTools app but still keep your fake GPS simulation intact.
  • Select “Stop Simulation” to revert to your real location.

04 Use iBackupBot to Spoof iPhone GPS without Jailbreak

iBackupBot is a third party tool that backs up your data and allows you to make changes to the backed up files. It works with both Mac and Windows PC, and it's free.

Here’s how you can use it to spoof your iPhone GPS location:

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and launch iTunes.

Step 2: Click the iPhone icon to launch more options. Make sure the box for “Encrypt iPhone” is unchecked and click on the “Back Up Now” option.

make a back up on itunes

Step 3: Download and install iBackupBot.

Step 4: Once you have backed up all your data, close iTunes and launch iBackupBot. At this stage, you will notice that all your files have been backed up.

all you files have beeb backed up

Step 5: Locate the Apple Maps’ plist file by following any one of the following paths:

a.System Files > HomeDomain > Library > Preferences

b.User App Files > com.apple.Maps > Library > Preferences

Step 6: Now look for a block of data that starts with “dict” tag and under it, insert the following lines:

insert the line

Step 7: Save and exit from iBackupBot.

Step 8: Now, follow the path below from settings and disable the “Find My iPhone” feature.

Settings > Your Apple ID > iCloud > Find My Phone

disable Find My Phone

Step 9: Reconnect to iTunes and select "Restore Backup".

Step 10: Launch Apple Maps and navigate to your desired location to simulate, and your GPS will be teleported to that location.



This procedure may not necessarily work for all the other apps on your iPhone.

05 Use Xcode to Spoof GPS without Jailbreak

You can also spoof your iPhone's GPS using a third-party tool known as Xcode, which is also called location simulator. This new feature is developed by Apple in 2013 to test products without going outside. Compared to the other ones we’ve discussed above, this is a bit more in-depth process. You‘d better have some knowledge about iOS app developing when using this method.

Here’s how to fake GPS location on iPhone without jailbreak:

Step 1: Download and install the Xcode app on your Mac computer.

download and install the Xcode app

Step 2: Launch the Xcode app and select the "Create a new Xcode project > Single view app" scheme.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone via USB to your Mac.

Step 4: Choose “Next” after inputting “Product name”. Then select the place where the project should be created.

select the place where the project should be created

Step 5: Follow the path to log in your Apple ID account.

XCode > Preferences > Accounts > + > Apple ID > log in to your account

Step 6: Select “team” from the drop down list. Choose “>” to start the building process.

select team to start the building process

Step 7: You can switch to maps application after finishing the process of build.

Step 8: Select the place that you want to fake from the bottom. Then the location on your iOS device will be changed.

Select the place that you want to fake


This procedure is for the more tech-savvy. One disadvantage is that it has preset locations to which your iPhone's GPS may teleport. If you want to fake a location that is not on the list, you will have to use a GPX file. This is a more technical procedure.

06 Edit A Plist File to Change Location without Jailbreak

This is the last method that we talked about. You can edit a plist file to spoof your iPhone location. But it only works on the older versions. And it is also very complicated.

Here is a step-by-step guide to fake iPhone GPS location without jailbreak:

Step 1: Download and install 3utools in your Windows computer.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone via USB to your computer.

Step 3: Launch 3uTools. It should immediately detect your device.

Step 4: Go to “Backup/Restore” from “iDevice” to back up your data.

Step 5: Once this is done, launch the most recent backup in “Backup Management” option and navigate by following this path:

AppDocument > AppDomain-com.apple.Maps > Library > Preferences

Step 6: Double click on the file called “com.apple.Maps.plist”.

Double click com.apple.Maps.plist

Step 7: Insert the lines below before the “/dict” tag.

insert the line to edit plist

Step 8: Save the plist file and go back to “Backup Management” and disable the “Find My iPhone” feature and then restore the most recent backup.

Settings > Your Apple ID > iCloud > Find My Phone

disable Find My Phone

Step 9: Unplug your iPhone after restoring backup. Then go to “Apple Map” application, and simulate your desired location.

After that, not only the apple maps, but the other location-base app will use the faking location.



  • This works for iOS 10 and older versions.
  • To use 3uTools, you must have iTunes installed on your computer.

Part 3: Hot FAQs about iPhone GPS Location

1 How Do I Fake My Location on iOS 16?

With the help of location spoofing app, like iMyFone AnyTo, which is compatible with iOS 16, you can fake your location on iPhone easily.

2 What is the best fake GPS App for iPhone?

There are few Fake Apps which are available which works on GPS with some country restriction. If some apps are not available in our country, then we use Fake GPS on your smartphone. Let’s discuss Best Fake GPS:

Location Faker: One of the best apps for iOS users is Location Faker, which easily changes the GPS location. Also, a fake GPS location iPhone free app. Let’s find how to install Location Faker on iPhone:

  • Step 1 - Download GPS Snooping App
  • Step 2 - Enable Developer option
  • Step 3 - Select Mock location app
  • Step 4 - Spoof your location
  • Step 5 - Enjoy

3 How Accurate Is the iPhone Location?

According to the test, iPhone location accurate down to a few feet when GPS signal is available. But, it might be off by a few 100 meters when the location is inferred by cell phone signal.

4 How Can I Find the Last Location of My iPhone?

iPhone has a built-in app named Find My, which allows the user to find lost or stolen iPhone or iPad. You can use the map to get a full picture of where your iDevices are.

5 Can My iPhone Be Tracked If Location Services Is Off?

Actually, the answer to this qusetion is Yes. Even Location Services is turned off, your iPhone location still can be tracked by others. Studies have shown that utilizing and using a mix of phone sources and non-phone sources. This will certainly help in tracking the location of the device. They found that the device's location can be track even GPS and WiFi are turned off.

6 How can you tell a fake GPS location?

If we want to inform someone regarding Fake GPS location, we have to detect Mock location setting is on or not, which is most commonly used by GPS Faking Apps. After that, you have to do Lookup settings. Secure ALLOW_MOCK_LOCATION setting and further check if its enabled or not.

When we have enabled Fake locations, then we need to download the app that will allow us to be fake the GPS location. FAKE LOCATION SPOOFER FREE is one of the best apps for fake GPS location iPhone app. Spoofer is designed for specifically spoofing iPhone's GPS locations. It is a phony GPS location spoofer-free iPhone app.

7 Can you tell if someone is faking their location?

Yes, we can if the location is set Open/on. You can Tell on the phone where the call originated from, in the second test, which we use personally to ask the other person the time and place. When the question is put, suddenly, the person who is faking the location gets confused. Then, he yells out their site's time.

Let's share an example: - I received a call on messenger from someone he calls from Dubai. So as I checked the timeline, there needs to have slight Variation. But as I checked, the Variation was 10 hours. So, then I realized it's a bluff, so I disconnected the call.


If it is your first time faking your iPhone’s GPS location without jailbreak, it may seem very complicated, especially using iBackupBot, Xcode and editing a plist file. However, you may agree that the procedures described with AnyTo location changer make it extremely easily. Now download the free trial to get fun in changing iPhone location.

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